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The Best Way to Track & Monitor Viber Messages Remotely

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These days, people are not using the conventional text app available on the smartphones like they used to. An instant messaging app like WhatsApp, Viber,or Messengeris in trend and people are using them a lot. In terms of Viber, it is an app for online chats and it can also be used for calling. So, basically, free texts and free calls have made this app so popular.

But there are bad effects of this app just like any other instant messaging apps. For kids, constant chatting could lead to bad results. There is a certain risk of personal information leaks, cyber bullying, and online frauds etc. Adults can use it to cheat on their partners and use this app as a medium and this is where the concern for safety arises. So, if you suspect anything and need to track Viber messages of another device, your best option is to use a Viber monitoring app.

viber app for calls

Things to Know Before You Track Viber Messages

Usually, if you need to track the Viber messages of any other person, like your kid's account or even your partners, you can simply unlock their devices and read the messages. Obviously, after asking their permission.

But there are times when things are not to so easy going and a need may arise to secretly or even remotely track the Viber app. This happens if you are distant with your partner or your teenage kid is at a rebellious phase and refusing any guidance for you.

Therefore, a professional app to track Viber messages online could be of great use to you. These are all third-party apps with great monitoring and tracking potentials. Our preferred choice is KidsGuard Pro.

But just getting a good app is not always enough, there are some requirements that must be met in order to successfully track the target device's Viber messages:

1. You must know the target device phone passcode if it is locked. If you don't know it, then figure it out.

2. At least one time you have to access the device for a few minutes to install the app.

3. The target device must be equipped with a proper internet connection as the collected data will be uploaded to the app's online dashboard.

4. Keep in mind, it is not allowed to use this tracking app to do something illegal.

Step by Step Guide to Monitor Someone's Viber

As you may have realized, getting hold of a Viber tracker app has become a necessity due to the growing concern of safety against instant messaging apps. With a good monitoring app that is capable of monitoring instant messaging apps like Viber, it's easy to know how to track Viber calls and messages.

But without enough understanding, selecting a good monitoring app is a horrible task. You have to consider a few things like ease of use, monitoring capabilities and even the price before you target a specific app. Don't worry, we did this job for you. Ater a few consideration, we got sold on KidsGuard Pro. This app fulfills all our requirements, and comes with exceptional monitoring capabilities which can act not only as a potent Viber message tracker but you can also view photos, stickers and emojis shared on Viber. So next let's have a close look on how to track Viber messages via KidsGuard Pro.

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Step 1: First, register your account. You must use your valid email ID and fill up other spaces before continuing.

Step 2: Now, get hold of the target device and unlock it. Open a browser and download KidsGuard Pro assistant from

download the kidsguard pro

Step 3: Now, tap on the APK file in order to launch the setup. Sign-in via your account and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the procedure.

install the kidsguard pro

Upon finishing the installation, the APK file can be deleted from the download history. It is completely up to you to decide.

Step 4: Then, the app icon will disappear from the Home Screen automatically. To monitor the Viber messages of the target device, you just need to visit KidsGuard Pro web portal on any devices with internet connection.

monitoring viber

From here, the Viber account of the target device can easily be monitored.

Other Features Offered by KidsGuard Pro App

So, you have got an idea about the simplistic nature of the KidsGuard Pro app but has also proved to be very effective. But the thing about KidsGuard Pro is that it is not just used tomonitor Viber only.

The list of the feature of this program is long and it has everything from a tracking feature to snapping screenshots of the target device. Let's take a detailed view of the features;

  • Social media monitoring: This app is not only capable of monitoring Viber app, but there are also other instant messaging apps that can be monitored via KidsGuard Pro; these apps are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, QQ, WeChat, Line, and Kik.

  • Geofencing: Comes with Geofence that can help set a virtual boundary on a map.

  • Stays incognito: KidsGuard Pro stays hidden. It is designed such a way so that the owner of the target device never finds out about it.

  • Location tracking: Comes with a very accurate location tracking. It is equipped with both GPS and Wifi tracking.

  • Location history tracking: You can record the location history along with time and date stamps.

  • Usage monitoring: Monitoring stuff like browser history, audio, video, photos, calendars, etc. are very easy.

  • Keystroke tracking: The keylogger feature is also available to monitor everything that you are typing.

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Viber is an exceptional instant messaging app that connects people all around the world via chat. It is a very convenient and fun app to use. But in the hands of an under-age kid, the consequence of using this could be dangerous. Although, the internet is our necessity it still is dangerous, filled with vulgar content and indecent people. If your kid comes in contact then such material or people it will have an adverse on their minds. On the other way around, if you suspect something and want to keep an eye on your partner's messages and online activities, Viber monitoring is essential. So, if you use KidsGuard Pro to monitor such instant messaging apps like Viber, you will be able to protect your kids as well as track your partner easily. Go for the 3-day free trial to use it right now!


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