7 Best SMS Trackers without Installing on Target Phone

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Cody Walsh

Updated: May 20, 2021 04:35 pm

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"Is there any free SMS tracker without installing on target phone? Does it really work?"

Actually, it is possible to track someone's text messages without their phone or installing the software. For iOS users, as long as they have signed in the same iCloud account, they can take advantages of the iCloud syncing feature to read other's messages. For Android users, an effective SMS tracker app is necessary in most of cases. Strictly speaking, such apps require one-time access to the target phone at the first beginning, but after the installation, you don't need to touch the target phone again to track text messages, this is because all the information can be checked via an online platform.

Top 7 Free SMS Tracker without Target Phone

So, as discussed above, to make free SMS  spy online without target phone possible, you will need a handy text message  tracker. We have searched for some apps on the market and also set some reference  points. Each of our editors will rate he apps based on the following criteria. According  to the final score, we have come up with the top 7 text trackers that are good  to use.

AppsKidsGuard ProPanspyCopy9mSpyFonemonitorHighster MobileiKeyMonitor

Some criteria to determine the most  effective SMS tracker are listed below:

  • Is the app easy to use?

  • Are the messages updated in real-time?

  • Can the app track messages deleted in the target device?

  • Is the app cost-effective?

  • Does this app provide rich features?  

  • Is the app available in different languages?

1. KidsGuard Pro

Compatibility: Android devices

KidsGuard Pro is by far the best text message tracker of recent generation with extensive capabilities. It can effectively track all the incoming, outgoing and even deleted text messages on the target device. Except for this, instant messages from 10 popular social apps can also be monitored. This include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LINE, Wechat and more. KidsGuard Pro works in stealth mode so the owner of the target device will never know about its existence. Available on Android, this app is really easy to use and also comes with some other effective monitoring features.

kidsguard pro sms tracking

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  • Remotely track all sent, received and deleted messages without knowing.

  • It is capable of tracking messsages from popular social media apps.

  • The contact name, data and time stamps are displayed.

  • Messages are uploaded to its online dashboard in real-time.

  • This app has a very clear user guide and intuitive interface.


  • There is no free trial.

  • This app is currently not suitable for iOS users.


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2. PanSpy

Compatibility: Android devices

PanSpy is another text message tracker without target phone. Its specialty is tracking Android smartphones. So, you will be able to monitor SMS, calls, track the location, and check the instant messaging apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Line and many more. Equipped with numerous features this is a great solution if you need to track incoming and outgoing texts, or view the sender's information.



  • A free trial is available.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • You can download the attachments from text messages.

  • Supports with multiple social media messages tracking.


  • Supports Android devices only.

  • The app doesn't work well in Android 9.0 and higher versions.

3. Copy9

Compatibility: Android devices

Copy9 is a parental control application with the capability to track texts without the presence of the target device. It has been launched for decades and many users are familiar with it. The method of monitoring is completely cloud-based. The captured data by Copy9 gets sent to its server and then it is transmitted to your device. Besides this, the app is packed with other essential features as well.



  • An efficient SMS tracker, you will be able to easily track the incoming the outgoing texts.

  • You can view the call log with incredible details.

  • You can also check the location history of the target device.

  • Instant messaging app monitoring and alerts or notifications are also available.


  • No customer support can be found.

  • This app has not been updated for years.

4. mSpy

Compatibility: Android and iOS devices

mSpy is the next app on this SMS tracker without target phone list and it is quite powerful. mSpy is packed with a lot of features, dedicated to tracking and monitoring mobile devices. This is a fine SMS tracker that uses an advanced algorithm to track all the send and received texts. You can also track instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook messenger etc. as well.



  • The messages are synced very timely.

  • The app is easy to install and setup.

  • You can also spy on MMS (only for Android).

  • The customer support is available in multi-language.


  • The app is quite expensive compared with others.

  • To use instant message monitoring feature, the Android phone must be rooted.

5. FoneMonitor

Compatibility: Android and iOS devices

FoneMonitor is a very useful tracking and monitoring app. Primarily, this app was designed as a parental control app but its versatile features made it capable of completing other tasks too. This app will make you capable of tracking texts remotely on several platforms. Its numerous features have made it one of the best SMS trackers which can work on the target phone without showing any results on it.



  • It allows users to track SMS inconspicuously.

  • It is packed with several tracking and monitoring features.

  • Accessing the web history is very simple and easy.

  • It provides multiple cell phone monitoring and tracking features.


  • This app is not allowed in some countries.

  • It takes a long time to synce the messsage data.

  • The technical support somehow is unresponsive.

6. Highster Mobile App

Compatibility: Android and iOS devices

Highster Mobile is another monitoring app known for its exceptional tracking capabilities. This is also one of the best SMS tracker without target phone, and this app uses its very advanced algorithms to monitor the sent and received messages easily on the target device. Also, you can check who the target user is texting.

highster mobile


  • This app allows tracking deleted text messages.

  • This app only requires one-time payment.

  • This app is very engaging that even comes with stealth camera feature.

  • It can extract files from any Android and iPhone devices.


  • There is no proper customer support.

  • Some text messsages on the target device are missing.

7. iKeyMonitor

Compatibility: Android and iOS devices

iKeyMonitor is another significantly well-known parental control app. This can be an ideal option for tracking SMS on a target phone remotely. It is packed with advanced features which makes the cell phone tracking much easier. It comes with a very easy to use interface and overall a good app which is slightly priced at a premium.



  • It has a beautiful UI design.

  • Sent and received texts are monitored effectively.

  • The app supports multiple languages.

  • There is a free plan available for a specific time.


  • The price is on the expensive side.

  • Android devices must be rooted in order to access all the features.


If you are looking for free SMS tracker without installing on target phone, we are sorry to say that but this is only possible in certain situations. In this article, we have listed 7 most capable SMS tracker apps that does require one-time installation but does not require the target device further for tracking results. These apps are all very effective and do a good job in tracking text messages on the target phone. Even though, all of them has impeccable features we think, KidsGuard Pro will do a much better job in terms of performance and usability after careful consideration. Go for it if you are interested.

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