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What to Do If Your Husband/Wife is Addicted to Phone?

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Mar 22, 2022 06:40 pm

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Does your spouse spend more time on phone than with you? What are the odds that your spouse is actually a phone addict? Is phone addiction slowly becoming a factor that is ruining your relationship?

Spouse addiction to phone is a common complaint in every relationship these days. Unless you take steps to help your spouse get over phone addiction, the happiness in your relationship can soon disappear. You should be aware of the signs that your husband or wife is addicted to phone so that you can detect the addiction at an early stage.

In this article, you will find out the signs of phone addiction, how to find out why your spouse is addicted to phone as well as how to stop phone addiction for a better digital lifestyle and healthy relationship.

10 Signs of Your Husband/Wife is Addicted to Phone

Here are the signs that will answer your question if my husband is addicted to his phone.

1. More Time on Phone – The first sign of phone addiction is when your spouse spends more time on the phone rather than interacting with people sitting nearby. If this happens with your spouse on a regular basis, you can be more certain.

2. Bedtime Phone Usage – If your spouse is sacrificing his/her sleeping time regularly so that he/she could use the phone for some more time, the person is undoubtedly a phone addict.

3. Weird Phone Habits – If your spouse is using the phone in bathroom, while brushing teeth, while getting dressed, and even while driving, it is a clear sign of phone addiction.

4. Constantly Online – If your spouse stays online almost all the time on social media platforms, he/she is addicted to social media as well as phone.

5. Check Every Notification – If your spouse leaves all tasks to check every notification whenever they come on the phone, phone addiction is gripping your spouse.

spouse addict to phone

6. Use Phone While Eating – If your spouse cannot eat food on the table without constantly checking the phone, he/she is not far away from phone addiction.

7. Never Leaves Phone – When a person gets addicted to something, he/she cannot leave without its presence. If your spouse never leaves the phone no matter where he/she is, phone addiction is the likely cause.

8. Struggling with Phone Usage – If your spouse is trying to cut down phone usage time but failing to reach the screen time goal intentionally, extreme phone addiction is the reason.

9. Concentration Issue – If your spouse cannot concentrate on any work no matter how important it is and his/her mind always crave for phone for solace, you can be sure that your spouse has turned into a phone addict.

10. Fights With You – Finally, if your spouse fights with you whenever you take away his/her phone so that you can spend quality time, the person has reached the extreme level of phone addiction.

Why Is Your Husband/Wife Addicted to the Phone?

There are various reasons that can explain your question why is my husband addicted to his phone.

  • Boredom
  • If a person is bored, he looks for some instant entertainment. A smartphone is the best source of instant entertainment in today's world. Starting from video games and social media to short videos and mature content, anyone can get any category of entertainment instantly. With the constant flow of entertainment to get rid of boredom in life, people get dependent and addicted to phone eventually.

  • Relationship Issue
  • If your partner has lost interest in you and has found a new interest in someone else online, he/she is likely to stay glued to the phone. Thanks to social media platforms and dating apps, meeting people of the opposite gender, growing interest in one another, and eventually, cheating in a relationship are very common.

    If your partner is addicted to social media apps and hence, addicted to phone, there could be some relationship issues that your partner is overcoming by interacting with others in the virtual world. Sometimes, due to lack of pleasure in a relationship, partners tend to watch adult videos and indulge in dirty talks online to derive self-satisfaction.

  • Personal Issue
  • Your phone lets you lose yourself in the virtual world. If you have any personal issues such as a bad day at work, fighting with colleagues, failing to meet life goals, you can play games on your phone to forget about all the worries in the world. Similarly, you can watch videos endlessly that can provide your mental solace and empathize with your situation.

    Therefore, if your partner is facing some personal issues and he/she cannot share them with you or family members, he/she is likely to forget about it momentarily by getting engaged in various phone activities.

husband addict to phone

Can Phone Addiction Ruin Relationships?

If your husband is constantly on the cell phone when he should be talking to you and spending quality time together, it is naturally going to ruin the relationship if this keeps on happening regularly. Your husband will eventually lose interest in you, and this reduces the scope of intimacy and emotional connection.

A relationship cannot sustain until there is a strong bond, and bonding can only get stronger when the couple spends time and grow intimacy regularly. If both the persons in the relationship are engaged in their phone activities, the relationship will only be going to get ruined eventually due to lack of effort and attention.

In fact, the phone addiction of partners is a common cause of conflicts arguments in married couples. There is always a chance of suspicion and secrecy growing in a relationship along with a feeling of getting ignored. Naturally, the ignored partner starts to look for someone who can make him/her feel special and eventually, leading to infidelity, breakup, and divorce in relationships.

spouse phone addiction

How to Help Your Addicted Spouse?

Here are the steps you can take if your husband is always on phone in order to help him get out of his phone addiction.

1. Use A Screen Time Limit App to Break Your Partner's Phone Addiction

If you find out that your husband is addicted to phone to an extreme level, you have to use a screen time limit app that you can control. Otherwise, he cannot break away from his phone addiction willingly or if he has control over the screen time limit app. We recommend KidsGuard app through which you can limit the screen time for different apps on your partner's phone and help him break free of phone addiction gradually.

Key Features of KidsGuard

Here are the useful features of KidsGuard app that can help your spouse addicted to phone to break free.

Limit Screen Time:

You can limit the access time for the individual installed appa on your partner's phone. Beyond that access time, your partner cannot use the apps he/she is addicted to. Naturally but painfully, the phone addiction is likely to get lowered.

Block Apps:

You can even block those apps which your partner is addicted to. For example, you can block social media apps for a few days, video gaming apps for some days so that your partner cannot install them back and use them.

Block Websites:

KidsGuard app lets you block websites that your partner is addicted to. It could be websites related to adult video content, video streaming platforms like YouTube, social media platforms, and likewise. The idea is to not give him/her any scope to use them behind your back.

Lock Screen:

You can lock the screen of your partner's phone when he/she is continuously using it. In fact, you can capture real-time screenshots of his/her phone when you are away and take decision on locking the screen remotely based on what he/she is doing on phone.

Get Real-time Location:

You can also find out your partner's phone location and, thereby, your partner's location in real-time. You can also check location history and set Geofence to get instant alerts when he/she crosses the safe zone.

Activity Report:

Most importantly, KidsGuard app generates activity reports daily, weekly, and monthly. These reports contain app usage and phone activities, and you can clearly see if your partner is improving or not as far as getting rid of phone addiction is concerned.

2. Have Open Communication

Instead of giving up saying my wife is addicted to her phone and she is ruining the relationship, you should be communicating with her and finding out the solution to the problem. Generally, a person is not aware of his/her addiction unless someone else talks about it.

You have to explain how phone addiction is affecting your relationship, how it is affecting the person's lifestyle, and what could be done to help improve the situation. Instead of blaming, address the situation, make your partner understand the problem, and show a willingness to solve the problem together.

3. Chalk Out A Road Map

You should design a proper plan if your partner understands the problem of phone addiction and ready to reduce the phone usage. The plan should include using a screen time limiter app initially to break the habit of excessive phone usage and how to use the free time for better relationship, couple activities and better lifestyle as a whole.

You should plan fun activities so that your partner can distract his/her mind from phone and pay attention as well as enjoy the activities instead. For example, practising mediation and yoga, cooking new dishes together, and going out on weekends will automatically help your partner spend less time on phone.

Can I See What Content My Partner is Addicted to on His/Her Phone?

The answer to your question why my husband pays more attention to his phone rather than you lies in the content he is watching on his phone. If you want to find out what content is making your partner addicted to his phone, we recommend you opt for KidsGuard Pro. You have to install the app on your partner's phone and you can check on all his/her phone activities remotely from your device.

What Phone Activities Can You Check with KidsGuard Pro?

Here are all the phone activities of your partner that you can monitor remotely from your device with KidsGuard Pro.

  • Read Phone Text Messages
  • You get to see all the incoming and outgoing text messages as well as the deleted ones with complete information.

  • View Browsing History
  • You can check what your partner is checking out online and what he is searching for. You can understand his/her mindset and confront accordingly.

  • Check Social Media Apps
  • KidsGuard Pro lets you check your partner's social media messages with media files. You can find out if your partner's phone addiction is due to someone else or not.

  • Track Phone Location
  • You can track your partner's whereabouts in real-time as well as check the location history to find out where your partner has been recently.

  • Check Call Logs & Record Phone Conversation
  • You can also check your partner's phone call logs to find out whom he/she is keeping in contact with. Besides, you can even record the phone conversations to listen to them whenever you have time.

  • View Contacts and App Activities
  • You can check all the contacts saved on your partner's phone to find out about his/her new friends and acquaintances. Besides, you can check the screen time for individual installed apps to understand which apps he is frequently using for a longer period of time.

  • Capture Phone Screenshots and Take Secret Photos
  • Most importantly, you can take screenshots of your partner's phone activities in real-time to find out what your partner is doing when you are away. Similarly, you can take secret photos with your partner's phone camera to find out his surroundings and who he/she is with.

2. How to Check Your Partner's Phone Activities?

Here are the steps on how to use KidsGuard Pro to check your partner's phone activities secretly.

Step 1. Create KidsGuard Account

Register an account on KidsGuard Pro with your valid email address. Thereafter, you need to purchase a suitable plan.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2. Deploy KidsGuard Pro App

Get your loved one's phone and visit from his phone's web browser. Download the APK file and install KidsGuard Pro app and follow the onscreen instruction to set up.

download and install kidsguard pro for android

Step 3. Monitor Your Partner's Phone Activities

On your device, visit KidsGuard Pro web portal. Sign into your account and you must see your loved one's phone name. Go to Dashboard and start monitoring all his phone activities and take needful actions.

check partner's phone activities


Phone addiction is becoming a serious issue of concern among married couples. It is slowly and steadily ruining relationships and if you have detected signs of phone addiction in your partner, you have to take steps to help his/her get out of the addiction instantly. You can use KidsGuard app for controlling the screen time of different apps. For remote monitoring of your partner's phone activities, we recommend KidsGuard Pro, and you can find out why exactly your partner is getting phone addicted.


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