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8 Tips about iPhone Calendar You Should Know

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Megan Evans

Updated: Aug 19, 2022 11:13 am

3 min read

A calendar is one of the simplest apps that help you organize your day. It allows you to set reminders, upcoming birthdays of your loved ones, and even keep track of the latest events.

No doubt, lots of people rely on their powerful tool to plan their daily or weekly activities. Lucky enough, all iPhone devices come with a calendar app making it easier to organize your day.

If you are an iPhone user, then you must have gotten used to the app's features. However, there have been recent improvements and added features you would not want to miss!

Here, we provide you with 8 tips about iPhone calendar you should know.

Tip 1. How to Add an Event to the iPhone Calendar?

There are two ways to add an event to an iPhone calendar.

1.How to Add Events Manually

iphone calendar

  • Open the calendar app on your iPhone device

    This is usually an in-built feature, and you only need to locate it at the top of your screen.

  • Click on the plus sign seen just above the right side of the screen.

    This feature is solely designed to allow you to add and edit the iPhone calendar.

  • Fill in the details of the event

    Here, you are required to input the event title first before proceeding to other options. Next, set the date and time to your preferred choice.

  • Perhaps, your event will involve the whole day. Simply move the day option to the right side.
  • If the event is likely to take more than two days, simply select the Repeat option for a regular occurrence.
  • The "invite" option allows you to invite as many people as you want to the upcoming event. By clicking on “Invite” the iPhone will automatically send out emails to the invitees indicating your invite. Also, the Alert button sets up alarms in form of notifications to keep you updated about the event so you do not miss it.
  • Click on the Add button to add your event to your iPhone calendar

2.How to Add Events Automatically

add calendar event iphone

  • Navigate through your messages or email app, and select any message you received that has time as part of it. A close look at the time listed will show that it is underlined while the other words in the message are not.
  • Click on the underlined time. Next, a menu pops up with several options available. Select the Create event option.
  • A New event option is displayed on the screen. Simply, input all important details involving the upcoming event just like you need earlier with the manual method. Most times, you will likely find the time and date section filled up.
  • Click on the Add option, and your event is added to the calendar.

Tip 2.How to Edit an Event on iPhone Calendar?

edit iphone calendar event

If you decide to edit the content of your calendar, then here is the best way to go about it:

  • Open the calendar app on your iPhone device
  • Select the event you intend to edit and this displays more information about the event.
  • Click on the edit option found on the upper side of the screen.
  • Edit through saved events
  • Click on Done and this automatically saves the edited copy of your calendar to your device.

Tip 3.How to Delete Calendar Events on iPhone?

delete iphone calendar event

  • Open up the iPhone calendar
  • Choose the event you want to delete
  • Select the edit option at the upper part of the screen
  • Select the delete event option which is usually found at the bottom
  • Re-confirm by tapping on the delete event option if it pops up again

Tip 4.How to Hack Someone's iPhone Calendar?

hack iphone calendar event

Hacking through someone's calender is a sure way of gaining access to personal information. It shows all upcoming events, saved activities, and other confidential details you would not have loved anyone else to know.

If you are looking to hack through someone's details, you might as well start with their iPhone calendar. Here, you get access to lots of details about their personal lives and update with a effective tool.

Best iPhone Hacker - KidsGuard Pro for iOS

With KidsGuard Pro, you can easily hack through your kid's device, and know what their activities for the week are like. Also, it helps you keep an eye on your spouse, and get updated on their life.

Now, you do not have to worry about your partner finding you out, because KidsGuard Pro works remotely. This way, whoever you are spying on will not suspect a thing.

kidsguard pro for ios

Here are the simple steps to get started with KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

Step 1: Create an account

Open "Monitor Now" and sign up for a free account on KidsGuard Pro.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2: Download on the target device

Enter the URL to get it downloaded on your target device

download kidsguard pro for ios

Step 3: See someone's events on the iPhone calendar

At this point, you are ready to start spying on someone's calendar

see someones calendar event on iphone

Tip 5.How to Share Google Calendar on iPhone?

share google calendar on iphone

  • Open up your google account and log in.
  • Click on the Google app option and select calendar
  • Navigate through the My Calender option and select the " " button close to the calendar you intend to share
  • Select the setting button and select sharing.
  • Share your iPhone calendar with your friends and family
  • Select the send option and your calendar will be automatically shared with your friends and loved ones.

Tip 6.How to sync outlook calendar on iPhone

  • Firstly, add an event to your calendar
  • Open the settings
  • Click on the calendar and choose the account you intend to add it to
  • All events in your calendar will get synced into your iCloud mail.

Tip 7.How to clear calendar on iPhone

  • Open the calendar app
  • Select Calendar
  • Select the info icon of the calendar you want to clear
  • Navigate to the end of the page and select delete calendar
  • How to view the weekly calendar
  • Simply open the calendar on your iPhone
  • Select the month you intend to see
  • Next, tap on the exact week to start viewing all saved events.

Tip 8.How to choose the default calendar

To change from home setting to family;

  • Open your phone settings
  • Click on calendar
  • Select default calendar
  • Click on family


The iPhone calendars allow you to plan your daily and weekly activities. With a calendar on your iPhone device, you can easily organize all upcoming events within a space of time.

Since calendars contain day-to-day activities and personal events, then you can leverage that to spy on anyone. The KidsGuard Pro for iOS is specially designed for iPhone users to spy on anyone's calendar.

If your spouse is beginning to get suspicious, spying through their calendar helps you know what they plan next. The best part of the KidsGuard Pro is that it operates remotely.

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By Megan Evans

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