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How to Hack Android Pattern Lock without Any Software?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Aug 26, 2022 02:35 pm

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There are different ways by which people lock their phones. They can use PIN, password, face ID, fingerprint, and even voice recognition. Even today, pattern lock is the most common way to lock phone for Android users. If you want to check someone's phone, you have to bypass their phone pattern. But is it possible?

You will be surprised that cracking a pattern lock is not a big deal. That is why the biometric lock has been introduced for tighter security. There are several legitimate ways and we will illustrate all about how to hack android pattern lock without any software.

Why You Might Want to Hack Android Pattern Lock?

There are several reasons why you might want to hack someone's Android pattern lock.

  • Spy on Someone's Phone – The foremost reason to hack someone's Android pattern lock is to view the Android phone content. You want to go for Android screen lock bypass and check the call logs, messages, photos, videos, social media accounts, and much more.
  • Forgot The Pattern – If an owner has not used his phone for some time, he may forget the pattern lock. Similarly, if a person has set a new pattern lock, he might forget it by mistake. That is when you need to follow the steps on how to crack a pattern lock to get access to the phone's content.
  • View A Lost Phone Content – If you have found someone's lost phone, you have to unlock it to go to the call logs and call someone from the contacts which could be the phone owner's friends.

1. Best Way to Hack Android Pattern Lock to See Someone's Phone

If your intention is to check out someone's Android phone content, you can use KidsGuard Pro for Android to bypass any screen lock on the phone. It is the best way to see someone's phone secretly and remotely from your own device. Even if the person changes his screen lock, you can still see his phone content from your device without any issue.

Why KidsGuard Pro for Android is the Best Way?

KidsGuard Pro for Android is the best way to see someone's phone because you can see every data on the target Android phone remotely from your device. Here are all the parameters you can check from your Dashboard as well as remotely control the phone as per your requirements.

Monitor Now View Demo

View Text Messages

You can read all the text messages sent and received on the target phone directly by visiting your KidsGuard Pro Dashboard from your device. You can see the senders or the recipients as well as the timings of the text messages.

Listen to Phone Surroundings

You can hack the target Android phone's microphone using KidsGuard Pro for Android. You do not need to root the target phone, and you can listen to the phone surroundings such as the conversations of the target person easily.

Capture Screenshots and Take Photos

You can even take screenshots of the target phone directly from your KidsGuard Pro Dashboard. In fact, you can hack the phone's camera and take photos of the surroundings to find out where the person is and with whom he is at any given point in time.

Check & Record Phone Calls

KidsGuard Pro for Android allows you to check the target phone's call logs with complete details directly from Dashboard. In fact, you can even record the phone conversations and listen to them from Dashboard anytime you want.

kidsguard pro live recording

Record Phone Screens

Instead of taking screenshots, you can even record the entire screen activity of the target phone in video form. Therefore, you will not miss out any moment, and you can even check secret activities such as deleted messages.

Track Locations

You can find out the target phone's location in real-time on the map. Moreover, you can track the location history of the phone to understand the whereabouts of the phone owner. Besides, you can set a virtual fence to get alerts when the owner crosses you set Geofence.

Monitor Social Medias

The most popular feature of KidsGuard Pro for Android is to monitor the social media conversation of the target person. Starting from WhatsApp and Facebook to Instagram and Tinder, you can read all the conversations on social media accounts from your Dashboard.

View Browsing History

Last but not least, you can get to monitor the target phone's web browser activities. You can find the websites visited and the queries searched by the target person instantly.

Steps to Hack Android Pattern Lock with KidsGuard Pro for Android

Here is how you can deploy KidsGuard Pro for Android and hack Android pattern lock to check out the phone content remotely.

Step 1. Register An Account

Create an account for KidsGuard Pro with your email address. Purchase a suitable plan to proceed.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2. Download the KidsGuard Pro App

Get the unlocked phone from the target person under some pretext. Visit "" and download the APK file of KidsGuard Pro for Android app. Install the app from APK file and follow the on-screen instructions.

download kidsguard pro

Step 3. Start Monitoring their Android Phones

From your own device, visit KidsGuard Pro web portal. Log into your account and go to Dashboard. From the left panel, you can click on any parameter to check the content on the target phone.

android dashboard

2. Bypass Pattern Lock on Android with Google Account

If you want to go for Android password crack and bypass screen lock, you can do it easily if you have the linked Google account credentials. Therefore, you should somehow get the target person's email and password. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Enter the wrong pattern multiple times until Forgot Password option appears on the screen.

Step 2: Type in the linked Google account's username and password.

Step 3: You will be asked to set a new pattern for locking the screen from the next time onwards.

unlock android with google account

3. Unlock Pattern Lock on Android Using Backup PIN

If you are using an older Android phone having Android 4.4 or earlier version, you can unlock pattern lock using Backup PIN. But you should setup the backup PIN beforehand so that when you forget the pattern lock, you can enter the backup PIN to unlock. Here are the steps on how to bypass pattern lock.

Step 1: Keep entering wrong pattern on our phone until the backup PIN option comes on the screen.

Step 2: Tap on the option and enter the backup PIN which you have set beforehand.

Step 3: The phone will unlock, and you can change the pattern lock as per your preference.

android backup pin

4. Bypass Pattern Lock on Android with Find My Mobile

If your Android phone is of Samsung brand, you can use Find My Mobile platform for Android bypass screen lock. The web platform is useful when you forget your password or pattern lock and you can unlock in a few simple steps. If you want to hack someone's Samsung Android phone, you should get the registered Samsung account credentials. Here are the steps to unlock screen lock using Find My Mobile for Samsung phones only.

Step 1: On any device, open web browser and visit ‘". Log into the linked Samsung account of the target phone.

Step 2: Go to Unlock My Device option from the left panel. Thereafter, click on Unlock button.

find my mobile

Thereafter, you can check the target phone, and you will find the phone unlocked.

5. Crack Pattern Lock on Android via Factory Reset

If nothing works out for you, the last option you have is to factory reset your phone. You will end up losing all the phone data, and the phone will be restored to its original state when you first bought it. Here are the steps to crack pattern lock using factory reset.

Step 1: Switch off your phone. Press Power and Volume Down buttons together for some time.

Step 2: You will see some options on the screen. Use Volume Up or Down button to navigate and reach "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" option.

Step 3: You will be asked to confirm your choice and follow the on-screen instructions accordingly.

Once done, reboot your device, and you can set up lock again as per your preference.

factory reset


We have illustrated how to hack android pin lock without any software. You can use the backup PIN for an old Android phone if you know it. If you have the linked Google account credential, you can instant hack the screen lock. You can always factory reset the phone to remove any screen lock. However, if your intention is to check the phone content, you should use KidsGuard Pro for Android app to monitor the phone activities remotely.


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