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How to Clear YouTube Search History on Phones and Computers?

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Jul 19, 2022 02:46 pm

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YouTube is a video-sharing platform where you can find movies, dramas, music, games, tutorials and Vlogs, but it keeps the history of what you search for and watch on YouTube. This history feature is helpful because you can easily rewatch content by finding it from history. But it could be dangerous if any other person gets access to your history. So what should YouTube users do? The answer is to delete the YouTube History.

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This article aims to guide you on how to clear YouTube Search History in mobile application and website.

Part 1: Why Should You Clear YouTube Search History?

Everyone must delete YouTube search history because YouTube saves all data which users search on YouTube. It is worse when someone sees your search history because it's a private matter. 

Imagine if any family member or friend has access to your YouTube account, he or she can easily see what you search on YouTube. For example, parents want to see what kids watch on YouTube to keep an eye on them. But of course, many of us including kids, don't want anyone to see our search history. That's why you should clear your search history often.

Additionally, what we search on YouTube gives an idea to google about our choices, habits and needs, so it starts recommending products via ads. These ads use our data and waste time too. So to stop Google, clear your search history.

To avoid such situations, delete your YouTube search history.

why should you clear youtube search history

Part 2: How to Clear YouTube Search History on Mobile Phones and PC?

YouTube is available in-app and website form. The mobile users download the YouTube application and use it. PC users use the YouTube website to watch and download content. But most of them don't know how to clear their YouTube search history.

So both versions (App and desktop) have different methods for deleting YouTube search history.

Here are two methods for deleting YouTube history:

Delete YouTube Search History on Mobile Phones

If you have a smart mobile phone and watch videos on it but want to delete your YouTubehistory, here is an easy method for deleting YouTube history quickly.

  • First of all, open your YouTube application on your mobile phone.
  • Now tap on the Profile icon, which is present in the top right corner. Here, you will see different options.
  • Click on Settings options here you will see multiple options.
  • Click on History and privacy.
  • Tap on Clear search history.
  • delete youtube search history on mobile

  • Now your History is cleared.

Clear YouTube Search History on Computers

The people who use YouTube on the computer can clear their watch history by following these easy steps.

  • Go to your computer, and search on google.
  • Open the website, and sign in to your YouTube account.
  • On the left side, you will see a menu panel; select History.
  • After clicking on History, you will see different options. Select the watch and search history option.
  • You will see the Delete option; it will give three options.
  • Click on all-time History.
  • Your all-time History will disappear permanently.

you can also delete a specific search and watch history, even a specific date YouTube history.

Part 3: [Bonus]How to See Someone's Deleted Search History on YouTube? - KidsGuard Pro for Android

Do you want to see your kid or partner's YouTube deleted search and Watched History? If yes, you are at the right place. KidsGuard Pro for Android is the best choice for monitoring YouTube activities and viewing YouTube history.

YouTube Monitoring Feature

KidsGuard Pro for Android made it possible to see all deleted YouTube search history and watch history. This application allows the parents to see what their kids had searched on YouTube and what type of content they watched. This monitoring application has a special feature of keeping an eye on YouTube activities. Users can see search history and watch History separately.

It shows search and watch history with exact timing, date and channel name. You can also see what kind of YouTube shorts your kid is watching and how much time they spend on these YouTube videos and shorts.

You can export this report as proof of their YouTube activity.

Setup Guide of the YouTube Monitoring App

How to see deleted search history on YouTube via KidsGuard Pro for Android? The KidsGuard Pro for Android is easy to install on the targeted phone, here are quick steps for installing the application on the targeted Android device.

Step 1: Sign up for KidsGuard Pro for Android

First of all, visit the official website, use a verified email account to sign up, purchase any play and pay via card or online banking.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2: Download and install the application

After purchaing for a suitable plan, open and install the application on the targeted device.

download kidsguard pro

Step 3: Start monitoring YouTube activities

After successful installation, do some settings, now go to the dashboard and click on the option video apps, next tap on the YouTube, here you will see all search history and watch history. You can check complete history that visted on YouTube.

download kidsguard pro

Other Distinguish Features of KidsGuard Pro for Android

YouTube has a lot of helpful features, such as:

  • Record phone screen: The KidsGuard Pro for Android is the best spy screen recorder that helps you to remotely do a screen recording of the targeted phone screen. You can secretly check what they are doing on their mobile phone.
  • Take photos: It helps you to capture real-time pictures of your surroundings. You can easily capture what is going on around your kid or partner.
  • Capture screenshots: This application makes it possible to capture real-time screenshots of the targeted device. Users can capture a screenshot while the targeted person is chatting with someone or watching a video or photo on it.
  • Record all calls: The KidsGuard Pro for Android has this amazing feature to record all incoming and outgoing calls. You can keep a record of all calls saved on your device.
  • Track location: It helps you to see the location history of the targeted person, like where he went and when. It provides an exact time for visiting any place.
  • Check Browser history: KidsGuard Pro for Android users can see a person's browsing History all day or month without letting them know. Additionally, they can download browser history too.

Part 4: How to Pause YouTube Search History?

YouTube offers the option to Pause and Unpause your watch history so that you can watch all kinds of videos without affecting your YouTube recommendations. It is a handy feature.

Pause YouTube Search History on Mobile app

  • From the Homepage of the YouTube app, select Library from the toolbar across the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the Search History option now.
  • Select that stacked dots icon on the history page in the upper-right part and then select history controls.
  • Now press PauseWatch History.

pause watch history on mobile

Pause YouTube Search History on Desktop

  • On the browser version of the YouTube Homepage, select History from the menu on the left.
  • You will find different options on the right side of the screen.
  • Now click on the option Pause watch history.

FAQs about Clearing YouTube History

1. Can anyone see your search history on YouTube?

Yes, anyone who has access to your mobile phone or YouTube account can easily see your YouTube history. If they have no access to your phone, they can still see your YouTube history if they have a monitoring application like KidsGuard Pro for Android.

2. Why is my YouTube search history not showing up?

There could be different reasons, such as:

  1. If your search history is turned off.
  2. If you clear your search history.
  3. If your search history is on Pause.
  4. Maybe your app is not working properly.
  5. My internet connection is not stable.

You can resolve all these issues easily.

3. How to clear search history on iPhone?

Do you have an iPhone? Do you know how to clear the search history on an iPhone?

  • Open the YouTube application on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the icon at the top-right of the screen.
  • Now click on the setting option.
  • Scroll down and tap on the search history button.
  • Tap the Clear Search History button to confirm.

4. How to clear YouTube watch history?

Do you know how to delete YouTube watch history on PC?Here is a simple method for you:

  • Go to the menu present in the left corner here; you will see different options.
  • Tap on Library, then click on History.
  • After clicking on History, you will see multiple options; click on Clear all watch history.

5. How to hide YouTube watch history using incognito mode?

You can turn on the incognito mode by following the way

  • Install the YouTube app on your mobile.
  • Click on the Profile icon shown at the top.
  • The YouTube menu will open. Click on Turn on incognito. A confirmation screen will appear.
  • Click on Got it.


It is good to keep YouTube search history saved in the history section. If you love to rewatch the content you already watched, such as online classes, lectures etc., but if you think your content history should be private, then you have to clear your YouTube history of all time. Most kids do the same, but it's not good for them. That's why parents should keep an eye on them and use KidsGuard Pro for Android to look at all deleted YouTube history. They will never know that you are checking their YouTube deleted History.


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