How To Remove Keylogger From Your Computer And Mobile Phone

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Electronic products have become an indispensable part of people in the new era, which can be seen everywhere in daily life. At the same time, there are also many potential risks. What is keylogger? It is a type of monitored software designed to record keystrokes made by a user. One of the oldest forms of cyber forms threat, these keystroke loggers record the information you type into a website or apps and send back to a third party. Whenever they want, the attacker can grab a text file with a log of all the user’s actions. There are basically two types of key loggers:Software keylogger and Hardware keylogger. This article will recommend best keylogger detector for your computer and mobile phone.

keylogger detecter

Why is A Keylogger Dangerous?

Keylogger are a popular form of malware because they allow criminals to stral credit card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive data. Keystroke-logging software may also be installed by someone close to you Keyloggers are one of the more dangerous forms of malware, as you won’t realize they’re running if they’re doing their job well. They hide in the background and don’t cause any trouble, capturing credit card numbers and passwords as long as they can evdade detection.

How Do Hackers Install a Keylogger?

Keylogger spread in much the same way that other malicious programs do. Keyloggers are often hidden inside what appears to be legitimate applications, graphics, music files, or downloaded pictures. Identity thieves and hackers get you to unwittingly download their malicious software through an e-mail or instant message that "makes sense." Listed below are just some of the creative ways in which Identity thieves have been known to distribute their keyloggers.

how hacker install keylogger

Method 1: Install a Keylogger on Your Device through Email Attachments

Mostly hackers send you a key logger via email by ending offers like click to this link and told you to watch certain video and you will earn 20$. They just want to trap you once you click on the link key logger will be install in your system automatically and start recording every information.

Method 2: Install a Keylogger on Your Computer through Fake Software

Sometimes hackers told you to install some fake software by telling you the features of software like its low Mb software that will protect your system from the entire virus and you can use it free. So, the users will download the software and a key logger will be transferred to the system.

Method 3: Install a Keylogger through Webpage Script

The process of creating and embedding scripts in a web page?is known as web-scripting. A script or a computer-script is a list of commands that are embedded in a web-page normally and are interpreted and executed by a certain program or scripting engine. So when a user visit the website and visit certain pages there are some commands that will automatically install a key logger in system.

How to Detect And Remove Keyloggers from Computer?

Want to know how to remove hacker/keylogger from phone There are few ways that enterprises can protect themselves. One way is to prevent employees from installing download software. Obviously, this isn’t always practical. Regardless, some level of employee training is a always helpful.Teaching employees about malware and keylogger may prevent some level of identity theft,espionage,or data breach, but it’s hardly fool prood. There’s a clicker in every crowd. Encryption has always have been considered as the most secure way to protect data, which is true here.The most successful way to protect your keystrokes is by installing anti-keylogging software to detectar keylogger in addition to your existing anti-virus software. Keystroke encryption secures everything you type,in real time, at the point of origin(when you type on the keyboard),making your keystrokes invisible to any undetected keyloggers that are hiding on your computer.

What Are the Warning Signs of Keylogging?

  • Slow Internet Performance
  • Key logger software can be very difficult to find. Common features when your device is installed may include slow computer browsing when you are browsing or starting programs, unusual delays at work, pop-ups, new icons on your desktop or program tray, or excessive hard drive or network activity.

    computer keylogger signs

  • Interrupted Keystrokes
  • It happens when a Software key logger is installed on the computer when the user downloads the infected program. Once installed, the key logger looks at the keys of the operating system you are using, looking at the paths for each keystroke. This way, the software key logger can keep track of your keys and record them individually.

  • Suspicious Software on your Computer
  • If your computer appears to be asleep when typing objects, which can be a key logger indicator, the check is there any suspicious software is on the computer that you didn’t download.

    Keylogger detector on Mac/PC

  • Malware Bytes
  • Malware Byte is primarily a scanner that scans and removes malicious software, including powerful software, adware, and spyware. Malware byte tests batch mode instead of scanning all open files, reducing the inconvenience when other anti-malware software also runs on a computer. Malware byte is available in a free and paid version of premium. The free version can be manually operated by the user on-demand, and the paid version can perform scheduled scanning, automatically scan the files when it opens, block IP addresses of malicious sites, and only scan those device resources, programs, and drives currently in use.

    malwarebytes antikeylogger

  • Sophos Home
  • Sophos Group plc. is a British security company and hardware company. Sophos develops end-to-end communications products, encryption, network security, email security, mobile security, and integrated risk management. Sophos focuses on providing security software to organizations with a population of 100- to 5,000 people. While not the main focus, Sophos also protects home users, using free and paid antivirus solutions (Sophos Home / Home Premium) target at, explaining product performance. This product runs on Windows and macros-based systems. It can easily detect keyloggers on your computer.

    sophos home

    Do Mobile Devices Get Keyloggers?

    Both Android and iPhones are vulnerable to software keyloggers - Spyware. Spyware is malicious software that aims to collect information about a person or organization and send it to the third party in a way that harms the user. For example, by violating their privacy or endangering the security of their device. Spyware is a very dangerous program. Spyware keylogger can collect many types of personal information such as user’s name and passwords. So, how to tell if your phone is tapped, it is imperative to install a anti keylogger software when you find your phone already got the invasion as below.

    5 Signs your Android phone is infected with a keylogger

  • Rapid data loss
  • Very common and one of the first signs is a rapid loss of data. Spyware often run many activities in the phone background, therefore stealing most of your personal information or making them damaged.

  • Pop-ups
  • Never click any pop up or display advertising ,it's always good practise for android user.In Android operating system users get many ads /pop up ads may be attractive but users should be more cautious before click or open and pop up.

  • Draining battery
  • It's not a very common issue but if your phone drains out and you think it's not as usual then be careful about spyware. Because sometimes phone virus run many programs in your phone background that drain your phone power.

  • Unknown apps
  • When you will notice any unknown app are automatically download on your phone but you didn’t download this app, it’s likely you have a new threat on your device. Sometimes many people use unreliable phone virus cleaner apps but they don’t know this unreliable source can be more dangerous for you phone security.

  • Apps Crash
  • Apps crash on occasions but not frequently but if you start noticing that your apps are crashing over and over again, it is undoubtedly a sign that there can be new hazard on your device.

    How to Detect keylogger on Android?

    A well-organized list of keyloggers usually works flawlessly, it doesn't affect the performance of the program at all. When a key logger sends messages to a remote operator, it disguises itself as normal files or traffic. So user need to find a professional app to detect and anti keylogger.

    Best Android anti-keylogger software - ClevGuard

    Of course, the best way to protect yourself and your equipment from falling victim to spyware keyloggers is to install ClevGuard anti-spy app in your system regularly with a quality cyber security program.

    How to Remove A Keylogger on My Mobile Phone With ClevGuard

    Step 1. Download and Install ClevGuard

    Go to Google Play to download and install ClevGuard on your phone. After downloading the application it will ask you for certain approvals to access all yours files and data.

     download clevguard

    Step 2. Start scanning and Detect Spyware

    Open ClevGuard Anti-Spyware, click "Scan" button to detect spyware or any keylogger app that has been installed on your device. It will scan all your files and data and found any spyware or unusual activity will notify you and remove that file from your system.


    Step 3. Remove Spyware with ClevGuard

    After Scanning, you can check the results and remove spyware in few seconds. It will keep running in the background and will checking your mobile constantly.

     scan results


    It will add your applications in two different categories whitelist and blacklist so you can see which application is not safe for your system.

    Final Thought

    To protect our private information, we need to pay more attention to the protection of equipment. Not only our computer, mobile phone accompany us every day, it storages all our important information. ClevGuard is an anti-spy app which can offer 24 hours real-time protection to your Android phone. Don't miss it !


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