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How to Free Spy Phones Without the Phone you Spying on

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Jan 03, 2020 05:53 pm tips_icon Mobile Spy

Are you wondering if you can spy phone without the phone you are spying on? Well, you can definitely do this. With the technological developments, some amazing spy apps have been introduced which are designed to let the users spy on a phone without needing access to the phone.

Earlier, we would have to get the target phone and quickly browse through the contents before anyone else knows about it. But thanks to these apps, you can now easily spy on a phone remotely via your Windows PC, Mac computer or even another cell phone. In the following part, we will dive deeper into the possible ways in which you can free spy phones without the phone you spying on.

spy on phone  without the target phone

Is it Possible to Free Spy Phones without the Phone You Are Spying on

As explained above, it is absolutely possible to spy phones without the phone you spying on. If you have an iPhone or any other iOS device, it is very easy to do this, simply because all the information and files on any iOS device are generally backed up in iCloud. Apple recommends users to make a frequent backup to prevent any sort of data loss. So, the best way to access or spy on the iPhone would be to get into the target user's iCloud account. This way doesn't require you to touch the target device. All you need to provide is the iCloud credentials and the rest will be taken care of by the third-party phone spying app.

Since there are multiple choices available online, and it would sure be confusing for you. So we did some researches and found out of all the apps, the most recommended one is Monimaster for iOS. This app has been specially designed to monitor the activities on any iOS devices.

You can use Monimaster to spy without target phone. After downloading this app, you can choose to monitor via iCloud account and enter the iCloud ID and password that is logged in to the target device. The app will automatically do the rest of work for you. After analyzing, you will be able to access the data stored on the iCloud backup. This is the most secure and safe way to spy phones without the phone you spying on.

monitor iPhone using monimaster

However, if in case you want to monitor an Android phone, the above spying method will not work. For the Android phones, to download free spyware without touching target phone is not entirely possible as the apps require at least one-time access to the target device in order to be installed and give out the activity details. The good news is that this access is required once. After these spy applications are successfully installed, you can thereafter remotely access all the phone information through its online dashboard accordingly to your convenience.

If you want an app for spying on an Android phone, KidsGuard Pro would be the perfect choice. There are some good reasons and they are listed below:

What Makes KidsGuard Pro Successful in Cell Phone Spying

  • Very easy to install and use. You can spy on an Android phone at home like a pro.

  • Once installed, it goes incognito in the target device and stays hidden. So the target will never know they are being spied on.

  • You do not need to root the Android device like other spy apps required.

  • This app offers 100% data and privacy protection.

  • The budget is very friendly. You cannot find an app with powerful features but at a competitive price like it on the market.

How to Use KidsGuard Pro to Spy on A Cell Phone

With just three simple steps, you can easily monitor an Android phone with the help of KidsGuard Pro. Here's we will show you how to spy on Android phone without having the phone.

Step 1. Register an Account

First of all, you need to sign up an account with KidsGuard Pro. Then you need to buy a license in order to use this advanced app.

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Step 2. Download and Install KidsGuard Pro App

After that, head to the target device and visit to download the assistant app. Tap the APK file to initialize installation and then log in to your account. For the first time to use this app, you will need to grant some permissions. But don't worry, you will get clear instruction from the app interface and most of them can be enabled automatically. So even if you not tech-savvy, you can set it up correctly within 3 minutes.

download app

Step 3. Remotely Spying without the Target Phone

To prevent the target know you are tracking his/her phone, the app icon will disappear from the home screen after installation. So don't feel weird about it. To check the data on the target phone, you can go back to KidsGuard Pro official website and log in the online dashboard. Therefore you can remotely spy on the target phone without the need to access it anymore.

app dashboard

This is how easy it is to spy on a cell phone without having it using KidsGuard Pro. Some useful features provided by this app include:

  • SMS and call tracking

  • Popular social media monitoring

  • Real-time location tracking

  • Geo-fencing

  • Keystroke recording

  • Instant screenshots

  • Videos and photos access

  • Check browser history

  • Remote access to files

  • Check app activities

  • Export data

  • Keywords searching

  • Free updates

  • 30-day money back guarantee

Closing Words

As you can see, it is quite possible to spy phones without the phone you spying on. You just need to know the right method to do it and the apps will get the job perfectly done for you. As for iPhone or iOS devices, it is comparatively easier as everything is synced with iCloud. Thus a good spy iOS app can be helpful. It is recommended that you go for Monimaster for iOS as it is easy to use and quite effective. For Android users, it is inevitable that you will need the target device at least once to get the spy app installed. Without this step, it is quite frankly not possible! Nevertheless, if you can make it happen, we highly recommend using KidsGuard Pro for the same. It comes with a live demo if you want to check out how it actually works. Go for it!

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