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Ultimate Guide for Parents in 2024: How Safe Is Gacha Life?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Aug 06, 2021 06:43 pm

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Research studies have established that gaming helps improve cognitive abilities and coordination. And while that is true, not all games are appropriate for kids, with concerns of gaming addiction and safety being major worries for parents. Speaking of safety, parents have severally taken to the internet to ravage some kids' games sighting internet bullying, addictions, uncontrolled ads, violent content, and adult content. One such incident was with Gacha Life, where parents wildly expressed safety concerns for kids playing the game.

Well, this article will feature a fair Gacha Life app review from which you can make an informed verdict. We shall also equip you with tips on how to keep your kids safe from online danger while gaming.

gacha life

What is Gacha Life?

Gacha Life is a mobile gaming application launched in 2018 for Android, iOS, and Samsung smartphones. Developed by Lunime Inc. in 2018, the role-playing game allows kids/ players to create anime characters and uniquely customize their appearances right from their outfits, facial appearances, hair, eyes, among other areas of interest. Gacha Life is a 9+ game, and one can select to play from 8 mini-games, create scenes, do skits in studio mode, and chat with another player (gaming community). The game app also features in-app purchases that for at least $1.99. The game is, however, more popular with girls than boys.

What Are Kids Doing with Gacha Life?

The Gacha Life app has so much to offer - it is the reason why the game remains a darling to many kids. It is a fun experience playing the game. Our Gacha Life review will familiarize you with some unique and classy features the app has to offer.

Character Creating:

Kids can create characters using the 8 available slots available on the home screen. The player is at liberty to use any slot with pre-made characters and make edits to suit their preferred appearance. There is also an additional slot feature that allows you to add more characters if necessary.

Studio Mode:

Using the studio modes, kids can create scenes where their edited characters can interact. Gacha Life kids can edit chat bubbles, insert backgrounds, add props, and much more.

what are kids doing with gacha life


Like many other kids' games, Gacha Life for kids has eight mini-games where players with good scores get rewarded with gems.

Character Creating:

Using this feature, kids can live chat with other players from across the world. They can share ideas; showcase the characters they have created and skits. It is only available for players on level 10 and above.

Skit Maker:

The skit maker is the story maker; it allows kids to create their own stories using different characters.

Is Gacha Life Safe for Kids?

At the moment, it is nearly impossible to convince anyone that Gacha Life for kids is safe for kids; I mean, the internet is padded with many negative reviews from parents. However, this Gacha Life review intends to show why Gacha Life for kids is not appropriate for kids. Let's look at some of the key reasons.

Easily Get Addicted to Gameplay:

The Gacha Life app is fun, and fun is addictive. Just like video games, this role-playing game is addictive. Kids playing Gacha Life are more likely to spend more time playing and charting with strangers than engaging in other active activities. It could discourage kids from engaging and discovering other spheres of "being" a kid.

Might Spend Too Much Money on It:

Out of addiction and the inquisitive nature in kids to explore, kids end up spending a lot of money on the app. Gacha Life has compelling in-app purchases that go for around $1.99 for each purchase. Eventually, your kid could use hundreds of dollars on the app, which is essentially unreasonable spending.

Illegal and Inappropriate Content:

Sex and adult content are exciting topics to kids. However, moral standards require that kids are protected from consuming adult content. Strangely, the Gacha Life app not only displays inappropriate content (videos with sexual undertones) but goes further to encourage them to create their own content. Thus, it is way below expectation.

inappropriate content gacha life


This problem lies most with the Gacha Life app community. Many players/users create videos that promote vices such as racism, homophobia and pedophilia, and rape. There is a lot of sexual content that communicates and encourages such harmful acts. This is an emotional and social risk to kids.

Gacha Kids Belittle Others:

Internet bullying is not only rampant on social media; it is also very present in the Gacha Life app community. With the chat feature, kids get to showcase and share their creations and idea. Unfortunately, this is where children attack and ridicule others for having "inferior" thoughts or viewpoints. This can emotionally destabilize your kids and affect their self-esteem. That's why parents need to pay attention to signs of cyberbullying.

Fetishization of LGBT + People:

There have been legitimate concerns that the Gacha Life app, or rather the Gacha community, is overly obsessed with the LGBT+ people. The creators have literally created labels for LGBT+ people. For example, every lady who dresses like a boy is some lesbian lady fetching for ladies. Introducing kids to these sexual orientation ideologies could be devastating.

Parents Reviews for Gacha Life

Deriving from reviews on parents' forums, there have been a lot of mixed feelings concerning the safety of kids while play Gacha Life. Unfortunately, a significant number of parents have expressed concern about the user-friendliness of the app to kids. Below are the real reviews that make up this Gacha Life review.

parents review gacha life

Amanda J: "My 12-year-old girl has been playing on Gacha Life app for a while now. Out of nowhere, she has now developed a passion for graphic design. I think it's a good influence. She also made a few friends from the community- she cannot stop talking about them."

Samantha Jack: "I am now searching for an alternative kids' game for my little guy. After a few days of playing Gacha Life, I noticed the creators and "Gachatubers" are exposing kids to a lot of inappropriate content- adult content, homophobia, and racism."

Alonso Pedro: "The sexual and social vice innuendos are worrying. It is bad and troublesome to expose kids to such subliminal messages."

Hamad: "My 10-year-old princess will not do homework or join us for dinner; she is always playing and chatting with friends on the Gacha Life app. I am seriously considering taking away her phone."

What Should Parents Do to Protect Kids from Online Danger?

The internet is a chaotic virtual world which a lot of good and harmful content. It is a breeding ground for cyberbullies, scammers and is stuffed with a lot of inappropriate content. It is your duty as a parent to protect your kids from internet dangers. Below are some tips you can use.

1. Use KidsGuard Pro to Keep an Eye on Kids' Online Activity

The use of parental control applications has proven to be very effective in protecting kids from online dangers. The KidsGuard Pro is one such application that provides parents with absolute and undatable control over their kid's phones. The app runs in undetectable mode and works to check kids' online activities, such as tracking browsing history secretly. If kids viewed inappropriate content, parents can take the action right away.

Besides that, KidsGuard Pro has other additional features such as location monitoring and geo-fencing that allow parents to monitor the real-time location. It is also possible to spy on their contact persons, text messages, contact lists, call logs, media files, and social media accounts. This way, you can easily find whether your kid is the target or a victim of online scammer and other dangers.

KidsGuard Pro comes with an affordable package and is available for Android - KidsGuard Pro for Android and iOS - KidsGuard Pro for iOS devices.

Monitor NowView Demo

kidsguard pro

2. Establish Family Rules

Rules! Rules! Create family rules for your kids and make sure they are well enforced. This way, your kids clearly understand what is and is not allowed in the house. Of course, the rules should be set with an account of the maturity levels of your kids, age, character, needs, and development. Otherwise, the rule might do more harm than good. Formulate rules that make it easy for kids to use their phones responsibly. For instance, you can lay out the purpose of use, when and where to use their phone. It will help eliminate any emerging addiction or irresponsible phone use behaviors.

3. Place Their Mobile Device in Open Place

As mentioned earlier, the internet is an unruly and chaotic virtual world dominated by criminals, scammers, internet bullies, hackers, sexual predators and is also hot to a lot of inappropriate and harmful content and information. In that case, it is essential that parents take a step to supervise their kids while they play online games or use the internet. Train your kids not to entertain strangers; they are often scammers and sexual predators. Make sure they use their phone in an open place- where you can see them. Also, regularly check their internet browsing history and emails to see what they consume and who they communicate with.

4. Teach Kids to Turn off GPS on Phone

Most recent smartphones come with a geotagging feature which, if enabled, can be used by anyone with ill intention to locate your real-time location without your knowledge quickly. Digital media such as photos may also carry metadata such as GPS location, time, and date. They can be used to locate you. Therefore, it is important that you show your kids how to turn off the geotagging feature on their phones. Also, emphasize the importance of turning off their GPS while sharing photos on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It makes them an easy target for hackers and internet criminals.

Bottom line

That's it! This is a comprehensive Gacha Life review and if you have been wondering, is Gacha Life for kids? You by now have the answer. Gacha Life is unsafe for kids. Even with a few upcoming app updates, the internet is loose cannon. That said, the above-provided tips could come in handy as far as protecting kids from online dangers is concerned.


By Megan Evans

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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