Parental Control

Learn about how to protect your kids safe online using parental control apps.

[Parents' Guide] Is NetFlix Party Safe for Your Kids?

What is NetFlix Party and how to use it? This article provides a completely guide to use Netflix party chrome extension and safety tips for kids to use it.

user By Megan Evans|Dec 14, 2021

Best 5 Internet Filter Apps: Website Blockers to Protect Your Family

This article introduces best 5 internet filter software for you, website blocker apps protect your family, especially safeguard your kids online activity. Let's read!

user By Megan Evans|Dec 14, 2021

Best 5 Website Blocker Apps for Android Review

Website blocking app is a good tool for parents who are suspected that their kids are involved in bad habits and watching adult content on internet. let's read and get it!

user By Cody Walsh|Dec 14, 2021

How to Block YouTube Channels? [Parents Guide]

If you are finding the methods to block YouTube channels on desktop or mobile phone, this article will help you in this field.

user By Cody Walsh|Dec 09, 2021

6 Best Parental Spy Apps to Keep an Eye on Child's Phone

This article includes 6 best parental spy apps for Android and iPhone. These apps can help you remotely monitor child’s device and know their whereabouts as well as online activities.

user By Cody Walsh|Dec 08, 2021

[Guide] How to Use Guided Access On iPhone And iPad?

This article introduces how to enable and disable guided access on iPhone and iPad, furthermore, we provides a more useful tips to manage kids' device than guided access.

user By Annie Brooks|Dec 07, 2021

[Parents’ Guide] What Is Sharenting & How Dangerous Is It?

What is sharenting? Do you know the dangers of sharenting for kids? This article will answer these questions and providing some safety tips for you.

user By Megan Evans|Dec 06, 2021

[2021 Update] Best 5 Games to Play at School Online that are not Blocked

In this article, we discuss the 5 best games to play at school that are not blocked, and also introduce which is the best game website for kids.

user By Megan Evans|Dec 01, 2021

[Parents Guide] Everything You Need to Know about OMAD

Does OMAD work? Do you know what does science say about OMAD’s benefits and risks? Read this blog to know all the informations about OMAD.

user By Cody Walsh|Nov 30, 2021

[Easy & Effective] How to Enable Snapchat Parental Controls

There are 2 ways to enable Snapchat parental controls, between which is with KidsGuard Pro for Android. Click and get the detailed information!

user By Cody Walsh|Nov 26, 2021