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[Latest News] How to Check the Screen Time on a Child's Phone?

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Nov 17, 2022 08:29 pm

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"Investigation shows that most American children spend about 5-7 hours on digital equipment, mostly the phone. However, this statistic is far more than the expectation of all parents. Commonly, playing phone no more than two to three hours per day is proper for young people aged 5- 17 years."

You may have raised the awareness of controlling your child's screen time. Too much screen time can make it hard for your child to sleep at night, increase your child's risk for attention problems, depression, and anxiety, and also raise your child's risk of obtaining lousy information, which impacts their mental health.

In this article, you can find ways to protect your child from phone obsession and check how long the screen time on your child's phone is. And the most important – how to control your child's screen time on the phone.

Part 1. How to Check the Screen Time on A Child's Phone?


"What if my child didn't listen to my words? "

1. Check Your Child's Screen Time on Their Phone

1.1 View Screen Time Report on iOS Setting

After you turn on Screen Time, you can view a report of your device use with information including how much time you spend using certain kinds of apps, how often you pick up your iPhone and other devices, what apps send you the most notifications, and more.

  • Go to Settings. > Screen Time.
  • Tap See All Activity, then you can see the screen time

1.2 See Screen Time by Android Well-being Tool

  • To access your child's digital well-being report, visit Settings > Digital Well-being>You Digital Wellbeing tools. From there, you'll be able to see how much time your child spends on the phone overall and how much time they spend on specific apps.

2. Monitor Your Child's Screen Time Without the Phone by KidsGuard

What parents should know first before monitoring a child's phone

It is essential to know how long your child has used the phone. You need to regulate proper screen time with your child or control their screen time on the phone with parental control tools.

To prevent your kids from instantly plotting to get rid of whatever app you install or coming up with some ingenious workarounds, make sure to have regular, open conversations with them about the value of responsible gadget usage.

2.1 How to Check a Child's Screen Time [Step by Step]

Step 1. Set up KidsGuard to see the screen time on your child's phone

  • Install KidsGuard App.
  • Remember to install the KidsGuard application on both devices of parents and children.

    KidsGuard app download

  • Register/Sign in KidsGuard Account.
  • After installation, you should register a KidsGuard account and complete the information.

    sign in KidsGuard account

  • Connect Your Child's Devices.

    Then connect and manage all devices from the KidsGuard dashboard.

    connect child's devices

Step 2. View screen time and activity on your child's phone

  • With KidsGuard, you can see your child's browser history, check each app's use time, and track any phone call in your child's phone. Find the phone number and how long they've talked—detailed duration and date. You can export and save this data for future use. Moreover, you can block inappropriate social or game apps to prevent unnecessary distribution or restrict the use of compulsive apps.
  • Connect child's devices

Step 3. Receive daily/weekly/monthly activity report

  • Check the dashboard's detailed daily, weekly, and monthly activity report of your child's online activity. You can accurately find the total screen time of each social media, for example, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc. These statistics would help educate your child.

Step 4. Monitor real-time screen time on your child's phone

  • Do you worry about your child playing on the phone for a long time when you're working? KidsGuard can help you monitor your child's phone real-time screen for you only to click one button to get the newest statistics of your child's phone. Check it on the dashboard.
  • Connect child's devices

2.2 Can I Check More Than Screen Time if I Use KidsGuard?

Yes, you can do more:

  • Prevent explicit content on Your Child's Phone: You can select web block, then tick and block harmful content like drugs, violence, phishing, pornography, and some adult content to prevent them from viewing potentially harmful ones.
  • Keep Track of Real-time Location: You can maintain tabs on kids in real-time, view their history, and get an immediate warning when they enter or leave a geofence using KidsGuard.
  • Call Filter: Keep your children safe from intrusive phone calls from strangers to prevent them from being harassed by scams or other unpleasant phone calls.

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Part 2. Should Parents Monitor Child's Screen Time?

Every coin has two sides. The best way of controlling your child's screen time should depend on your child's attitude and personality. Think carefully if your child needs to treat like this. Will the parental control tool make your child more rebellious? Be sure to have an open and ongoing conversation with your children.

If you still want to find a powerful parental control tool, you can use KidsGuard. It is an easy-to-manage tool for keeping track of your child's activity, but it doesn't work on Macs, and its iOS app relies on Apple's free Screen Time feature to do the blocking and tracking.

2.1 The Dangers of Too Much Screen Time for the Child

Lack of Sleep and Obesity

Children are more likely to have problems falling asleep or have an irregular sleep routine the more time they spend watching on a screen. Losing sleep can make you tired and eat more snacks. Children may also become attracted to junk food advertising in advertisements and overeat when using electronics.

Bad school performance

Elementary school pupils who play too much with their phones in their beds typically do worse on exams than students who don't.

Ignore Real-world Relationship

There is less time for active, imaginative play when screen use is excessive.

2.2 Excellent Ways to Control Your Child's Screen Time

Way#1 Go outside

If you want to reduce your child’s screen time, why not try to spend time with your child outside? Going outside with your child can not only reduce their time on digital equipment, but also you and your child will be closer than before.

Childrens are playing

Way#2 Start to set tiny targets with your child

You can set expectations with your kids and set goals to reduce screen time intentionally. If your child is spending a lot of leisure time on screens, talk to your child and start by setting smaller, more attainable goals.

Way#3 The proper monitor is necessary

Sometimes, the proper monitor is also good for your child. It is legal for you to monitor your child's phone to control screen time. Hence, you should know the method of monitoring your child's phone.

  • Get your child's permission to check their phone: At their most fundamental level, parental control applications are all about spying. You are monitoring someone else by getting over a platform's security precautions. If your child isn't obsessed with the phone and can listen to your words, you can ask their permission to check their phone screen time and app activity history.

  • Supervise the way you want with KidsGuard: Although there may be moral and even legal ambiguities, knowing what you're getting into is crucial. However, we're not suggesting you shouldn't do it if you believe it will help protect your children. This is to say if your child is too obsessed with the phone. You can use parental control tools like KidsGuard.

Part 3. FAQ about Monitoring a Child's Phone

Does KidsGuard invisible when monitor kid’s screen time?

Technically, KidsGuard is 100% invisible. The app icon for the Android version instantly vanishes when the app has been successfully installed on a user's phone. In addition, there is no method to look up the name of the software. Because no applications must be installed on the target phone for the iOS version, the usage procedure is completely undetectable. Unless you admit it, the other person is unaware that you are seeing their phone data.

Are kids able to uninstall KidsGuard on their own?

It would be meaningless if kids could freely uninstall KidsGuard Jr and disable all functions of KidsGuard, Wouldn't it? So, KidsGuard Jr protects itself from being uninstalled once the kid's device gets bound to your own. Under most circumstances, KidsGuard Jr cannot uninstall before unbinding.

What is KidsGuard Jr?

KidsGuard Jr is a companion app of KidsGuard. To let KidsGuard work properly, KidsGuard Jr must be installed on your kid's device and given the necessary permissions.

Part 4. Wrapping Up

It's challenging to raise kids in the digital age. The Internet allows kids to be anybody they want and find anything they need, which keeps them addicted to smartphones. Parents should keep an eye on their children online to prevent them from getting into trouble.

You are correct if you believe tracking someone's phone is against the law. However, it is legal to monitor a child's phone without knowledge by downloading a parental control program like KidsGuard. Parents can only watch over their minor children, though.

You can constantly keep tabs on what your kids are doing online, including where they go and who they call, if you use the KidsGuard. Additionally, the program may record keyboard strokes and notify you when children use forbidden terms. Why not try it now!

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By Cody Walsh

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