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[Guide] What is Tumbler and How Is It used?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Jun 27, 2023 05:14 pm

3 min read

Question: What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social networking and blogging platform that enables users to create "tumblelogs," or short blog postings. Tumbler's main distinguishing feature is its free-form nature and users' ability to fully modify their own sites.

In this article, we will discuss some detailed information about this platform, Let’s read!

Part 1. What Is Tumblr Being Used For?

Tumblr enables users to submit text, chat messages, quotations, links, images, video files, and audio files, among other things. For certain shops, the opportunity to add a lot of rich material has proven quite beneficial.

Tumblr is a blogging and social networking service where users may establish an online journal or blog. By following their favorite hobbies, other Tumblrs and brand promoters, users can post material to and from them.

You may "reblog" content, photographs, or videos that you enjoy and share them with your blog's readers. At its peak, around 2013, Tumblr was quite popular among tweens and adolescents. Newer applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, and have tempted some youngsters away from traditional games.

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Part 2. Is Tumblr a Safe Site?

Most of the time people asks is tumblr a safe site? The answer to this question is that Tumblr is a secure platform. You may make your content private if you don't want it to be seen by anyone. You may block other user if you have an issue with them.

You may report something which you believe should not be on Tumblr. It would be a better result if you do these things.

Everything has an advantages and disadvantages, and Tumblr is no exception. As you are well aware, social networking is not ever safe for your children. This is due to the fact that kids are exposed to a variety of materials without your permission.

Teens use Tumblr because they don't have to know the individuals they follow in real life. Nevertheless, this has been a source of anxiety for parents, who want their children to be protected.

Parents are concerned about their children's privacy since it is a forum where whatever their adolescent posts is exposed to anybody who searches for it. People will be fascinated about your adolescents' personal lives if their blog page is famous in the app.


  • Tumblr will not install malware or other malicious programs on your system unless a website's fundamental code is hacked in some way. As a typical user, surfing with Tumblr's default safe mode offers relatively minimal risk to your machine.
  • Tumblr's programmers work hard to make the site safe from hackers and consequently safe for its users. Expect an official notice from the Tumblr crew if the primary website is ever hacked.
  • Tumblr does accept blogs containing adult content, but they've taken steps to make sure that individuals who don't want to view that kind of thing can avoid it. They've also taken steps to block and address blogs that discuss suicide, disordered eating, and other types of self-harm. Tumblr also doesn't allow everyone under the age of 13 to use it.
  • Tumblr's threat comes from the websites it connects to, not from the service itself. Clicking links in Tumblr poses a significant security risk since users may link to whatever site they choose in any particular post. Links included in videos or shared using Tumblr's Web address post template are no more secure than just about any other link on the Internet.
  • To put it another way, it is your obligation to carefully follow links because there is no assurance, they will lead you to a secure or harmless website.


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    Part 3. Why Should Parents Care?

    Tumblr has been adopted by people interested in displaying their artistic side, as it is seen as more creative than other types of social networking. There are certain disadvantages to having so much creative output.

    Tumblr dangers as it is a completely open and unfiltered website, so it's really simple to come across hardcore pornography.

    Tumblr blogs are not reviewed or monitored in any way by Tumblr HQ, meaning that anybody using the site might come across objectionable information such as pornography as well as other adult content.

    With 5.3 million users, Tumblr is predictably most popular among young Millennials because of its quick communication style, many mediums, and strong use of sometimes particular images, pop-culture allusions, and slang".

    While this site primarily draws and caters to the creative, off-the-beaten-path customer, there is an astonishing quantity of pornography within easy reach.

    Tumblr's major profiles are all open to the public. A profile or an entire primary blog cannot be made private. Teens on tumblr can create a secondary blog in order to build a password-protected personal blog.

    As a result, even if your child opens a separate private blog, their main account will remain public.

    Adult material may be found on Tumblr. Users can upload sexual information on their blogs on the service. Although they ask that users designate their blogs as "adult-oriented" when they contain adult-themed material, they cannot ensure that this has always been done correctly. Adult-themed material can find its way into your child's stream.

    how to use tumbler

  • There aren't many privacy options. On the mobile app, posts are public by default, and there is no option to make them private.
  • Tumblr used to be a haven for explicit material, but they're beginning to clean it up now.
  • Some Tumblr material encourages harmful and risky habits.
  • Because bad content is so common on Tumblr, kids may believe that publishing improper stuff would have no repercussions.
  • There are a lot of apparently safe terms that create explicit content when put into Tumblr.
  • Part 4. Safety Settings on Tumblr

    Safe Mode is available on both the desktop and mobile variants of Tumblr. Go to the settings and scroll to the bottom to Filtering to enable Safe Mode. In Android's Basic Settings, you'll find filtering.

    On iOS, go to the main Settings app and scroll down to Tumblr. When you're using an Android smartphone or the internet, follow these steps: In your settings menu, activate the Safe Mode switch.

    Follow these instructions when you're using iOS: Go through the Options app on your phone, choose "Tumblr," and then scroll to the bottom to the Safe Mode options.

    Part 5. What KidsGuard Pro Can Help?

    Mostly parents asks is tumblr safe for their kids? How can they keep an eye on their child’s activities?

    So the answer is that Kidsguard Pro for Android is an app that helps track a smartphone by observing your kid's Android phone. It can monitor social networking applications, instant messenger apps, time on screen data, GPS location information, phone call records, text messages, images, videos, and dangerous programs, among other things.

    Parents can simply use Kidsguard Pro since it has a simple user interface. Following the installation of the application on the targeted system, you may use the following features:

  • Keep records of your kid’s messages, chats, and contacts with access to their phone files, browsing history, calendars. photos, movies, and other media may be accessed.
  • Keep an eye on all social networking sites. KidsGuard Pro is interoperable with popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, Tinder and Viber. You may also use a keylogger to monitor what they type.
  • Know where your children are by using GPS and Wi-Fi to track their positions. It's not been easier to monitor of your favorite websites. With the Geo-fence function, you may create safe zones.

  • kidsguard pro

    KidsGuard Pro for Android Features

    • Track cell phone location in real time and view location history
    • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS
    • Spy on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WeChat and more
    • Remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, call logs, etc.

    Part 6. Conclusion

    Tumblr is a relatively brief, social blogging platform that allows rich material such as videos and images, is versatile in terms of design and usage, and is gaining popularity.

    To summarize, no social networking platform is completely secure for your adolescent. Tumblr is, too; we can't guarantee it's completely safe for your adolescent. To keep your children safe from online predators and danger, it's essential to ask them to obey the guidelines you've established for them.

    Teach your kid about the dangers that utilizing this app might pose. You should tell your children that once they publish something on social media, it will remain there indefinitely, even if they erase it.


    By Megan Evans

    A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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