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[2023 Update] iTouch Smart Watch Reviews

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Annie Brooks

Updated: Jun 27, 2023 05:01 pm

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iTouch Smart Watch is gaining the attention of every fashion lover with some elegant look. If you want elegance with simplicity at the same time then iTouch Smart Watch is the best choice for you.

This watch will also keep a record of your health cycle by controlling your sleep cycle and calories burn per day.

In addition, it has many attractions. This review will help you know more about the iTouch Smart Watch.

What Can the iTouch Smart Watch Do

This Smart Watch is compatible with phone android and iPhone. One can use this watch for multiple purposes because of its specifications.

Some of these features are as follows that make this watch an excellent choice for every user. The best feature of this watch is that every user finds its operation easy.

Built-in GPS

GPS is present in this Smart Watch that will keep a record of your pat and record it on your map this feature is helpful in connection with your family without a cell phone and also help in monitoring the track during some gameplays.


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Unique design

This iTouch Smart Watch is a fashionable choice with a rectangular screen with a flat-screen. The strap of this watch is breathable and is made up of stainless steel.

Its construction includes a waterproof feature that will protect it from sweat and splashes of water.

Its sleek and trendy look protects it from dust and keeps it clean. iTouch Smart Watch is available in different colors of rose and god.

Heart rate and sleep monitoring

Heart and sleep cycle are also available in this watch to keep you healthy and active the whole day. For a healthy life, you must burn bad fat and complete your sleep duration.

This watch has features that will count your sleep hours and tell you about your requirements. You can also check your calories burnt and heart rate during running and wrestling.

Best 3 iTouch Smart Watches

iTouch Smart Watch is a portable gadget with all features that help keep you healthy and medically fit.

iTouch Air Special Edition

This iTouch special edition is reliable and easy to use by all users. This watch comes with a square face screen with a single-touch display.

The full-color screen of 1.3 inches is available with 240x240 resolutions. This watch has easy connectivity with your mobile phone and keeps a record of all your daily activities.

Different applications can be used in this watch; you can solve simple math problems in it. Step counter counts your steps and the weather record app will keep you updated about the weather.

Its revolutionary power save mode will keep this watch active in continuous 7 days usage and 30 days standby mode.

itouch air


  • Control music to keep your mind fresh.
  • Bluetooth notification is also present in this watch.
  • You may synchronize your phone contact.
  • Pros:

  • long-lasting battery life for extra life.
  • The weather update application will keep you updated about the weather forecast.
  • Cons:

  • A GPS feature is not updated in this Smart Watch.
  • iTouch Sport Round

    Take your health to another level of priority with this sports Smart Watch. 8 sports modes are present in this watch that will keep your complete record of calories burnt, step counter, and heart rate.

    All these features are enabled with a one-touch feature on-screen. This is a perfect watch for different games with a breathable golden strap.

    Silicon band of 41 mm with bright LED screen keeps it safe from water and dust. An application that is required for its proper functioning is easy to install with super easy usage even for new users.

    This watch has compatibility with any version of android and iPhone allowing you to receive phone calls and text messages on your watch.

    itouch sport round


  • Customization of this watch is easy with easy operation.
  • This watch is equally fit both for men and women.
  • Its health control feature will keep you healthy while making your connection with other people in the same way even during your excessive workout.
  • Pros:

  • This watch will keep you fit by counting your every footstep and heat rate.
  • iTouch sport round is much cheaper than other touch screen watches.
  • Cons:

  • This watch is much larger for some women.
  • iTouch Curve Smart Watch

    If you are in search of a watch that will present classy and elegant looking at the same time, you can easily rely on the iTouch curve Smart Watch.

    This watch can easily use in daily routine as well as on some occasions. Its elegant and modern look will give you a premium look. This watch is unisex compatible with both men and women.

    Thus the watch is lightweight and you can use it anywhere where you want. You can use this watch to answer your incoming calls, set reminders as well as can control your hose devices with his watch through a single touch.

    itouch curve


  • This watch is a modern functional device more than a watch.
  • Its sleek and lightweight design is compatible with both android and iPhone.
  • This is a multi-purpose watch and can be used for various cycles to monitor.
  • Pros:

  • It can be personalized and used for various things to set according to your needs.
  • Superior quality mode with sleek and beautiful design.
  • Cons:

  • Battery life is shorter as compared to other Smart Watches.
  • What is the Difference between Apple Watch and iTouch?

    Both apple and I touch watches have some features in common. Both of these watches have heart rate and sleep cycle monitoring features.

    Both come in a variety of colors with different sleek and stylish designs. In terms of design iTouch Smart Watch for kids is very common because of its easy customization features.

    Apple Smart watch has different construction depending on models, while iTouch Smart Watch has leather construction.

    iTouch Smart Watch is compatible with both android and iPhone while the apple watch is only compatible with iPhone. Apple watch is much more expensive than iTouch Smart Watches.

    Can You Text on iTouch Wearable?

    iTouch Smart Watches are compatible with different social media applications. After installing the application on the iTouch Smart Watch you can allow notifications enabled for a certain application.

    For allowing access go to the app setting and enable the notification for apps you want. You can disable them and hide them according to your choice.

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    How is the Battery Life of iTouch Smart Watches?

    The battery life of the iTouch Smart Watch depends on your usage and for what purpose you use it. This watch has battery life o 30 days if you keep it in standby mode.

    But if you use this watch continuously battery life is only 12 hours.

    Customer’s Reviews of iTouch Smart Watch

    Different users have different reviews on the iTouch Smart Watch. iTouch Smart Watch reviews are mixed some people find it all in one but some are uncomfortable with some features.

    One of the users finds this watch easy to use and synchronization with a phone can be done in seconds with few touches.

    One of the users said that this watch is perfect during work time. You can use a mobile phone on your watch and use it to receive different notifications.

    Few users "complain" about the speaker that is okay but it can be better. Few user complaints about its text back feature that is missing in iTouch Smart Watch.


    If you are looking for watches that will manage your activities with efficiency without disturbing your routine, then this is the best choice for everyone.

    These watches with their elegant design not only keep you in touch with the outside world but also engage you in healthy activities.

    It is the best option for you if you want to get a Smart notification on your device without getting disturbed. The price of these watches is very small compared to other smart Watches.


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