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How to Hack Other's Viber Messages on iPhone Free?

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Annie Brooks

Updated: Jun 15, 2022 04:40 pm

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Viber allows users to communicate a variety of information with one other. If you are worried about who your child or spouse is communicating with on Viber, you might also may wonder whether it is possible to intercept Viber conversations and how to hack Viber messages on iPhone free? If yes, this guide will answer your query.

Can Viber Messages be Hacked Remotely

Yes, Viber accounts can be hacked; and it is no longer an impossible challenge to do. Experienced users may even breach a Viber profile remotely from a computer or mobile device. Installing third-party apps is a simple and trouble-free way to enter someone's account and monitor their messages. It is important to have access to the target phone for at least a few minutes.

How to Check Someone's Messages Without Seen - 100% Work

kg ios

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is a third-party software that can be used to access someone's Viber account. It has more than 20 powerful iOS monitoring tools for parents and employers, allowing you to monitor practically every action on the target iPhone or iPad.

With the help of KidsGuard pro for iOS, you can easily check someone's Viber messages without seen. Besides that, KidsGuard Pro for iOS has some other interesting features. Some of them are listed below.

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Monitor Social Apps

In order to keep tabs on someone's social media activity, you can use KidsGuard Pro for iOS. It enables you to keep an eye on their photos and videos and read their messages on social media platforms, like Viber, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, without them knowing.

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Track Location

KidsGuard Pro for iOS provides you with the exact location of a device with pinpoint accuracy. You can not only know about the postal code or proximity, but also see the exact location information of a user with real-time access.

Read Text Messages and Call Logs

You will be able to keep tabs on the phone calls and Viber messages of your kids, staff, or partner with KidsGuard Pro for iOS. Instead of just one app, you are able to read somone's text messages without their phone, allowing you to make better choices.

View Photos and Videos

KidsGuard Pro for iOS enables you to view photos and videos on the targeted iPhone. Secretly watching their videos and photos puts you in a dominating position to know what is happening in real-time. In this way, you will be able to monitor the engagements of your partner, spouse any other individual on Viber.

See Safari History

When you are skeptical of your kids, staff, or partner's browsing history, you can view someone's browsing history with the help of KidsGuard Pro for iOS. As a result, you will be in a position to know what they are searching for and watching at any particular time.

safari ios

Track Voice Memos, Notes, Reminders

Recording voice memos is another important which keeps you in a commanding position. By using KidsGuard Pro for iOS, you can listen to the targeted user's voice memos without knowing.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS enables you to access iPhone files on PC without iTunes; you can track the reminders and notes of the targeted user with just a few simple steps. You will be able to know their schedule and to-do list to adjust accordingly.


  • No need to jailbreak
  • Top-notch privacy & security
  • Undetectable
  • Effortless installation
  • Automatically record iPhone data
  • View deleted files and Viber messages on the target device


  • You need to download the app on your computer(Win/Mac)

How to Install KidsGuard Pro for iOS

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. In just a few simple steps, you can start monitoring the Viber activities of the targeted person.

Step 1: Create your account for KidsGuard Pro for iOS

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Step 2: Download and install the KidsGuard Pro for iOS app on your computer and set it up

kidsguard pro for ios download choice

Step 3: Two ways to scan the target device and get data

Way1: Connect the device to computer with USB

view itunes

Way2: Connect the device and get data over Wi-Fi


Step 4: You can now access the dashboard to monitor Viber of the target device

ios viber

Other Ways to Spy Viber Messages without Target Phone - Less Effective

There are also some other simple hacks that are free, but they are less effective. Those hacks are discussed below.

1. Via QR Code

Just like Web WhatsApp, you will need to download Web Viber on your PC or laptop before using this approach. After that, you will need to connect the person's Viber account. Open Viber and tap on the QR Code option to get the QR Codes.

The scanner on the phone will be opened and scan the QR code displayed on the scanner's screen. The same Viber app will now launch on your PC when the process is complete. Viber's chats and texts may be hacked with this tool.

qr code


  • Simple & straightforward
  • Fast & quick
  • Hassle-free


  • Physical access needed to the targeted phone and their Viber account
  • The targeted person can find out that in which device their account is active

2. Via Backup

You may use this approach to back up the chat history to the cloud. All Google account users have access to Google Disk, a cloud storage service. Messages may be seen on your computer if you have access to the target smartphone's backup.


  • Open Viber App
  • Open the menu and select "Settings."
  • Then select "Backup."
  • Click "Create A Copy."

There may be times when you will need to select one of your several Google accounts. Select your own account, not that of the target. After then, a copy of everything was made. It is time for you to make your own replica.

Google Disk's secret files make this a little difficult. Thus, you will have to go elsewhere. Go to Settings – Application Management and look for it. Make use of the PC program and recover conversations from a backup.


  • This process is easy and quite simple
  • It takes just a few minutes to access someone's messages
  • It is undetectable


  • You need access to their Viber account for a few moments
  • Google Disk's secret files make this difficult

Reasons to Know How to Hack Viber Messages on iPhone

In a relationship, you anticipate that both individuals would put their faith in one other. In addition, when you have kids, you want to ensure they are secure and that you can put your faith in them to make the right decisions for themselves.

viber image

However, things do not always turn out the way we want them to. As a result, there may come a time when you need to monitor another person's Viber communications.

1. If you are doubtful about the Viber activities of your spouse or partner, this could be the main reason to monitor their messages. Besides, if you know your partner is cheating on you and you need solid proof, that could also lead to opting for tracking their conversations.

2. You want to keep an eye on your lover since they have cheated on you in the past.

3. You have not yet given your children complete access to their own smartphones.


Viber may be tracked and hacked on any Android or iOS smartphone, much like other social media apps. There is a lot of information on both ways here. However, KidsGuard Pro for iOS is the best software to hack Viber communications on iPhone. This app's tracking efficiency is 100%, and it is impossible to detect.

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FAQ about Viber Messages

Can I hack other's deleted messages on Viber?

Just like normal messages, you can certainly find the deleted messages of the targeted person by using KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

How to hack other's Viber messages on Android?

Installing third-party apps is one way to enter someone's account and monitor their messages. With plenty of powerful features, KidsGuard Pro for Android is third-party software that may be used to hack someone's Viber messages on Android devices.

How to know if someone is chatting on Viber?

You can see if someone is chatting on Viber by just simply checking their online status. Or you can monitor the person’s activity on Viber with KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

How to protect my Viber from dangers?

1. Install the most recent Viber version on all your devices and keep an eye out for updates.

2. Delete any texts you get from an unknown sender.

3. Do not open any files or texts that seem doubtful.

4. When you need to keep a chat private, turn to Hidden Chats.

5. Use Secret Chats to communicate confidential information.


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