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How You Can Hack Someone’s Phone With Just Their Number

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Feb 21, 2020 05:23 pm tips_icon Phone Hacking

Have you ever wonder if it is possible to hack someone's phone with just their mobile number? Cell phone hacking isn't that easy as shown in movies because you would need access to the system level components also. For a novice user, hacking a phone by number is almost impossible, but there is a chance to know about the activities on the target cell phone, that is by using the cell phone hacking apps like KidsGuard Pro. Know more about this by reading on!

Seemingly Feasible Ways to Hack Someone's Phone With Just Their Number

If you want to know how to hack someone's cell phone with just their number, there are certain feasible ways. However, these methods are pretty hard and can be attempted with success only by people who have advanced technical knowledge. Also, these methods are pretty risky and you may either end up losing the data on your system or the target cell phone user may catch you while you are attempting to hack into their phone.

Way 1: Call for Hacker

You can call and hire a professional hacker who has years of experience in hacking devices and systems. Professional hackers would have a thorough understanding and knowledge of all the technicalities which are involved in hacking a phone. Since they have been successful in carrying out a lot of similar projects, there are high chances that they would be able to hack into someone's phone by using their number.

hire a hacker

A major disadvantage of this method is that even if you find a professional hacker for this purpose who claims that he/she knows how to hack a cell phone with just the number, there is no way to determine how reliable they are. Also, there is no guarantee that they would be 100% successful in hacking into a phone for you. If by any chance the hacker gets caught, you may face the danger of being liable to face the consequences of supporting illegal activity like hacking.

Way 2: Wireless Sniffer Phone Hack

While the wireless sniffers act as valuable tools for the maintenance of wireless networks, their advanced capabilities make them popular for malicious activities like hacking. With the help of such a tool, a hacker can steal the data on your phone, spy on the activity of the network and even gather the crucial information used for attacking the network.

Such a tool can be used mainly for two purposes,

  • One for monitoring the data in the device.

  • The other for monitoring the data which is flowing in and out of the device.

A wireless sniffer can detect the incoming data and give access to all the content without being detected by the user. When it is in promiscuous mode, even the outgoing data can be sniffed. Hackers generally prefer using the wireless sniffer in promiscuous mode since it allows them to intercept the entire range of data which is flowing in and out of a system.

wireless sniffer  phone hack

A major risk involved in such a process is that wireless sniffer can be detected easily by the phone user and they may take the necessary measures to avoid the interception of data by you.

Way 3: Exploit SS7 Vulnerabilities

Are you wondering can someone hack my phone from my number using any other way? Well, yes it is possible! SS7 or Signalling System No 7 is a system which is being used worldwide to connect one cell phone network to the other. It is basically a set of protocols which can be used to exchange all the necessary information required for sharing messages and calls between two mobile networks. It is also used for ensuring that correct mobile bills are generated and that the network is accessible when in a foreign region.

To exploit the SS7 vulnerabilities to hack into a phone, the hackers first need to have access to the SS7 system. This would give them the same amount of snooping and information capabilities as that of the security services. This would allow hackers to forward the calls and record and listen to them. This way the hackers would also be able to read all the messages exchanged between numbers. Also, the location of a particular device can also be found out the same way.

ss7 hacking

However, to hack a phone with just the number by using this method, you would require a very high level of technical knowledge and if you are caught, you may be charged as a criminal for hacking and abusing the signalling system.

Best Way to Hack Someone's Cell Phone Without Their Number

After reading the above parts of the article which describes how to hack a phone with a phone number, you would have got an idea that for most of us, it's pretty much impossible to hack a phone with just a number. Also, the described methods are quite risky and the chances of getting the desired outcome are pretty less. So, if you want to hack into someone's phone just to check the related data and activities, it doesn't have to be that complicated. There is a safer, faster, and more effective way available for daily use, which is by using cell phone spy apps.

When it comes to selecting a reliable phone spy app, you may get confused as there are a lot of options to choose from. After our careful test, the best app to spy on someone's cell phone is KidsGuard Pro. It is a powerful app which can be used by you to sneak into other people's devices and view their activities on it. You just need to access the target device once for installing the app after which you can access all the data remotely by signing in to the app dashboard from any other device.

Every target phone activity gets recorded and displayed on the web-based dashboard, which includes the locatios, SMS, call logs, contacts, social media apps(WhatsApp, Facebook, Insyagram, Snapchat, etc), keystrokes and almost everything else. This data is synced in real-time and is 100% accurate.

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Steps to use KidsGuard Pro for Cell Phone Monitoring

Step 1: First of all, register a KidsGuard Pro account and finish the purchasing. Then get the target device you want to track, visit and download the app.

kidsguard pro app download

Step 2: Install the KidsGuard Pro app on the target device and follow the on-screen instructions to make any necessary configuration settings changes.

app setup

Step 3: After that, the app will enter stealth mode. Now use any device's browser to sign in to the online dashboard and click on the options from the left to view the details of a particular activity on the target cell phone.

app dashboard

The entire setup of the app hardly takes five minutes and after being set up the target phone can be monitored remotely with ease.


You may want to know how to hack into someone's phone with just their number due to several reasons. While hacking into a phone using just the phone number may not be a feasible option, there sure are other ways to monitor someone else's cell phone activities. Phone spying apps offer a more secure and efficient for users who are not tech-savvy keep track of the target device. Out of all the available apps, the most efficient one is KidsGuard Pro and it is highly recommended. You can try its free demo first to have more clear idea of how does it work.

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