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What are the Different Types of Odds?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Jan 25, 2022 08:16 pm

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Are you looking for a way to improve your multiple betting skills? Well, double betting is a great place to start this skill improvement journey. In this article, we will go through the notion of double betting in depth, as well as show you some of the most vivid examples of double betting. So, if you're interested in learning more about double bet, keep reading.

What is Double Bet?

The double bet is the most basic and easiest of all the multiple bets. A double bet is a gamble on two options, as the name suggests. If a bettor makes two winning picks, he or she wins and receives a larger payoff than if they made two separate single bets.

To be classified as a double bet, these two bets must be different occurrences. As a result, your two wagers will have to be on two different events.

Furthermore, because the probabilities of two occurrences are combined into one, you will earn more but also take a higher risk than single bets.

How are the Odds for a Double Bet Calculated?

To calculate the chances for a double bet, multiply the odds of every single bet by two. Another method for calculating double bet chances is to use the winnings from the first bet to stake on the second. To help you get a better understanding of double bet, we have included the example below.

Double Bet Example

Here's an example of how a Double Bet works in practice. Let's check it out!

You've put a double bet on Leicester City to defeat Liverpool at 2/1 and Leicester City to beat Manchester United at 4/1. For this double bet, the odds would be:

4/1 x 2/1 = 14/1

The multiplication may appear strange at first, but keep in mind that your stake is increased to each portion of the wager.

So £5 @ 4/1 = £20 winnings + £5 stake = £25;

£25 @ 2/1 = £50 winnings + £25 stake = £75

You will have a double bet winner if both Leicester and Manchester City win their matches in 90 minutes. If one or both of your picks draw or lose, your double bet will be a loser.

Successful double bet winnings: £5 stake x 4/1 x 2/1 = £70 profit + £5 stake

FAQ about Double Bet

Q1. What Are the Biggest Benefits of a Double Bet?

At first, you can afford two low-cost favorites. More significantly, they have the potential to bring you the  significant returns.

Q2. What Are the Major Risks of a Double Bet?

The bettors take more risk of placing double bet. Because bettors must pick the winner of two matches, there is a twofold risk that one of the teams will lose. As a result, as usual, bettors need to make well-informed decisions, as your wagers will be dependent on one

Q3. Can I Place a Double Bet on Which Sports?

A Double Bet can be placed on almost any sports betting market. This betting type is broad and straightforward, allowing you to employ it on both athletic and non-sporting events. Football, basketball, tennis, and horse racing are just a few of the major sports where you may put a double bet.

Q4. Which Bookmakers Provide This Type of Wager?

Because double bets are such a popular sort of wager, you'll find them at practically every online sportsbook.


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