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Best 8 Free Spy Apps for Android Undetectable in 2024

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Feb 18, 2022 10:47 am

6 min read

Technology is growing fast, and almost everyone has access to a smartphone. Kids to adults use applications and other mobile services to transact day-to-day activities. To keep your kids safe from cyberbullying, gather evidence from your cheating spouse's mobile phone, or improve the productivity of your employees, these are the needs to spy on an Android device of a particular individual automatically and discretely.

The great news is that you can secretly monitor all activities of a targeted mobile device using an undetectable spy app. To assist you make the right decision when purchasing, we have narrowed down this review to cover the 8 best undetectable spy apps for Android. Follow through to get the best deal.

the best Android undetectable spy app

A List of Best 8 Undetectable Spy Apps for Android

1. KidsGuard Pro for Android

Secrecy: 100% undetectable

Time needed: 3 minutes

KidsGuard Pro for Android is the best spy app for Android that is used by countless people around the world every day. It is capable of recording everything happening on the target Android phone and then sharing the information to an online panel, which means you can access it from anywhere.

The app guarantees a quick installation process and runs in the background in stealth mode. Besides, the app icon can be hidden from the home screen. This helps you spy on the target Android without being found.

It offers groundbreaking features for an unbeatable price. You can stay informed of where what and who your target interacts with on their smartphones. A closer look at its features below or a free demo is offered once interest is developed to showcase the options offered by the app. Moreover, KidsGuard Pro is on sale now, there is a 30% off discount ready for you.

Features provided

  • Call recordings & call logs: Records all incoming and outgoing calls made to and from the target Android along with contact information, call duration, time, and date.

  • Messages: You'll be able to read each sent, received, even deleted text message on the target device. You will also access contact names.

  • Social media: It is one of the few spy applications that can spy on all the popular social media apps – like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Line, Instagram and more – without root. You can see private chats, contacts, and exchanged media files.

  • Location: KidsGuard Pro for Android tracks locations in real-time and holds a list of location history. You can get street addresses, geographical coordinates, timestamps, and other location-related information. You can set up a Geofence too.

  • Browser history: It can record each site visited by the target even in incognito mode. You can view the site URL, view visit frequency, and last visit time.

  • Remote control: You are allowed to take a live screenshot of the target Android and take photos with the target's rear camera to get an idea of what's going on.

Monitor NowView Demo


  • KidsGuard Pro can update data in real-time with 100% accuracy.

  • No need to root the target device to access all advanced features.

  • You can set it up with a few clicks without any technical skills.

  • This app is virtually undetectable and runs without notice on target Android.

  • It offers an affordable price, while its competitors cost at least four to five times as much.

  • It has an intuitive interface and you can spy on the target devices remotely like a pro.


  • No free version.

  • One license can only monitor one device.

KidsGuard Pro android dashboard

User's Review

"I love the app. It assists me to be up to date about my family's information. And most importantly, it's running invisibly in the background so they will not be bothered. Perfect, simple and reliable."

2. mSpy

Secrecy: 85%

Time needed: 10 minutes

mSpy is also one of the best free undetectable spy apps for Android. It seeks to satisfy the user's needs of convenience, safety, and security. Navigating through this app is easy and straightforward. As a concerned parent, you will be able to save impending dangers regarding your kid as the information streams in 24/7. You need to buy the app, install and set up, then start monitoring.

Features provided

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing messages.

  • View the call log and call details.

  • Track current locations on a map view.

  • Access social media activities.

  • Monitor web browsing history as well as bookmarks, times, dates, and durations.

mspy app dashboard


  • It offers a variety of features.

  • This app is compatible with most Android devices.

  • You can check data online with any browser.

  • This app can be used to monitor a number of devices.


  • You have to root Android for all instant messenger monitoring features.

  • The price is higher and not budget-friendly.

3. Spyic

Secrecy: 88%

Time needed: 6 minutes

The third spot on our list goes to Spyic. It is another top-rated undetectable spy app for Android on the market. It comes with advanced features that make tracking and monitoring an easy task for everybody. You can simply install the app on most Android models and then remotely track any Android device from your browser.

Features provided

  • Check calls logs along with call duration and time stamps.

  • It gives you the details of the sites your target device visits.

  • Monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media apps.

  • Track the sim of your target device and also notify you of any change in SIM.

spyic app message interface


  • There is an online demo that helps in using the app.

  • It has a stealth mode option so that the target person cannot come to know.

  • You can monitor device remotely from its web portal.


  • Deleted records cannot be monitored.

  • It is prone to lagging.

4. Flexispy

Secrecy: 80%

Time needed: 12 minutes

Flexispy is a full-featured Android undetectable spy app. It does a solid job of tracking someone's Android phone. As a parent, this app gives you peace of mind when you realize your kid's phone is safe. It gives you updates to be alert in case you notice something suspicious from your kid's phone. Employers have also benefited from this spy app to know what employees access at work.

Features provided

  • Monitor messages and social media activity.

  • Check call logs, locations, and calendar events.

  • Record calls and its surrounding.

  • Keep track of each keystroke on Android phone.

flexispy online dashboard


  • Real-time monitoring is supported.

  • It provides installation service but with an extra fee.

  • It comes up with filtering functions.


  • Requires rooting and jailbreaking for operation.

  • Subscription is expensive for each device.

  • It is difficult to install for someone without tech experience.


Secrecy: 78%

Time needed: 10 minutes

The next spy app for Android goes to XNSPY. It records most activities made by the device and saves a record of all events carried out by the device being monitored. You can therefore access the information anytime you need as it's always available online. It allows you to know what your target is talking about and with who. This app is easy to install and comes with a friendly interface, and as a user, you will find it enjoyable.

Features provided

  • Get a review of the most frequently visited websites.

  • Read all incoming and outgoing text messages without a heckle.

  • Monitor instant messenger chats.

  • Block unwanted apps on Android phones.

xnspy app dashboard


  • Features a friendly operating face.

  • Access to deleted data.

  • Affordable subscription.


  • The root is required in order to install this app.

  • In order to get smooth performance, you have to disable Google Play.

  • It drains target Android battery.

6. Hoverwatch

Secrecy: 78%

Time needed: 8 minutes

This undetectable spy app helps you track while you remain invisible. You will access locations, messages, and any information you want from the target. It is a complete mobile phone spying app with charming highlights that are powerful and easy to utilize. The best thing is that it stays hidden and your target will not know of its existence in their phone.

Features provided

  • Monitor your target's phone calls and texts and even record them.

  • Tracks the browser history of your target

  • View the location of the target device user from your account.

  • Check Facebook, Instagram, and other messengers.

Hoverwatch dashboard


  • Stays hidden on the target device.

  • You can easily access it through a control panel.

  • Support multiple languages.


  • The app is unresponsive at times.

  • It does not have a free trial or live demo.

  • Lack of clear user guide or customer support.

7. Highster Mobile

Secrecy: 73%

Time needed: 12 minutes

If you want a free spy app for Android undetectable, Highster Mobile can be also a good option. It's compatible with all Android phones, including the latest OS 10. This makes it easy for you to spy on any phone with ease. With this app, there are no monthly charges. This means that once you install, you will gain access to all the information you need while you save yourself.

Features provided

  • Log every sent and received the text message.

  • View photos & videos taken and received by phone.

  • Take pictures of the surroundings. 

  • Restrict the target phone users from accessing certain types of websites.

highster mobile


  • No monthly bills.

  • Features are pretty basic but they work effectively.

  • Support Live Control Panel.


  • Slow in getting communication through.

  • Some advanced features are not present, like call recording.

  • The GPS positions are uploaded in periodic.

8. Guestspy

Secrecy: 70%

Time needed: 15 minutes

You can watch what your child or employee is doing on his or her mobile with the best undetectable spy app for Android. You will get a lot of information with Guestspy which gives you messages, locations, and media details whenever you want. You can log into your web account and continue with the monitoring uninterrupted. This keeps you informed about the activities that you would have missed. Here are the features that make this best free undetectable spy app for Android a typical deal with users.

Features provided

  • View the contact list of the target user.

  • Know the phone owner's real-time browsing history.

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing calls of the target device.

  • Record all the calls made by the target device.

guestspy spy app


  • Stays hidden on the target device.

  • You can easily access it through a control panel.

  • Support multiple languages.


  • The data uploading sometimes delays.

  • App glitches are very common.

  • Features supported with rooted Android devices could take a few days before they are made available.

Final Thoughts

When you have the right information about your target's activities on their phone, then you stop worrying. It also helps you to make informed decisions and take the necessary steps in time. We have shared the best free undetectable spy app for Android for the purposes of giving you the information in various ways. And we would vote KidsGuard Pro for Android for the best spy app undetectable on the target device and provide you with the most accurate information.

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