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[2024 New] How to Spy on iPhone & Android Phone Gallery?

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Annie Brooks

Updated: Aug 11, 2022 02:29 pm

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When you give your kid a smartphone for education purposes, it is very important that you monitor his phone activities, especially the phone gallery. The photos and videos in the phone gallery could reveal if your kid is sending, receiving, or even downloading inappropriate photos and videos. That is why you should know how to spy on phone gallery secretly and remotely from your device.

Not just your kids, you can spy on your spouse's phone gallery to get an idea if your spouse is having any love affair online. Your spouse could be sending explicit adult photos as well as receiving them from his/her love interest through social media platforms.

But how to hack into someone's phone pictures? Keep reading!

How to Hack into Someone's Phone Pictures?

You do not need to be a trained hacker to hack into someone's phone and check out the phone gallery. You can easily spy on Android as well as iPhone phone gallery secretly by using a remote monitoring app directly from your device. Also, you do not have to root the target Android device or jailbreak the target iPhone.

Here is how to hack into someone's phone pics for both Android and iPhone.

1. Spy on Android Phone Gallery

The best way to spy on Android phone gallery is by using KidsGuard Pro for Android app. With it, you can monitor all the photos and previews of videos on the target phone directly from your device. Not just viewing, you can even download them to save on your device for future reference.

KidsGuard Pro app syncs the data on the target phone with their web server almost in real-time, and hence, you will get to get all the latest photos and videos conveniently from your Dashboard. There is no need for rooting the target device, and the app stays hidden on the target phone so that the person does not discover it easily. Most importantly, the app is highly secured in keeping the data private and safe from hackers.

kidsguard pro

How to Spy on Android Phone Gallery with KidsGuard Pro for Android?

Here are the steps to install KidsGuard Pro for Android app on the target phone and start spying on the phone gallery secretly.

Step 1. Create a KidsGuard Pro account

Click the "Monitor Now" button below to register an account for KidsGuard Pro for Android if the target person uses an Android phone. After successfully creating your account, you need to choose a plan as per your suitability.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2. Install KidsGuard Pro for Android on Target Phone

Get access to the target person's Android phone and visit Download and install KidsGuard Pro for Android app on the person's phone. Allow all the permissions and launch the app to set it up perfectly.

download and install kidsguard pro for android

Step 3. Spy on your loved one's phone gallery

Come back on your device and visit the web portal of KidsGuard Pro. Log into your account with your account credentials. Go to Dashboard and click on Photos option on the left panel to check out the target person's phone gallery.

spy on android phone gallery

More Features of KidsGuard Pro for Android

Apart from hacking into someone's phone pictures, here are all the different phone activities and data you can monitor remotely using KidsGuard Pro for Android.

Text Messages:

You can check all the text messages sent and received on the target person's phone. You can check all the details of every text message starting from the sender number to the date and time of the messages.

Remote Control:

KidsGuard Pro for Android allows you to capture screenshots of the target phone remotely from your device. You can even record the screen in video form. In fact, you can capture photo of the surrounding using the target person's phone camera from your Dashboard. Moreover, you can listen to the surrounding conversation by remotely accessing the phone microphone.

Browsing History:

You can monitor the online activities of the target person by checking the browser history. Starting from the websites visited to the searches made, you can get to see everything from your Dashboard.

Social Media App:

KidsGuard Pro for Android allows you to monitor all the social media accounts of the target person that he accesses from his phone. You can track all popular social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc and find out what the target person has been texting and sharing with social media friends.

Call Logs:

You can even check the call history on the target phone with complete details. The call logs are available on your Dashboard, and you can check the call number, call type, call duration, and much more. In fact, you can even record phone conversations and listen to them when you have time.


You can even track the target person's location in real time on the map. Besides, you can also check the places the person has visited in the recent past. You can also set Geofence to get alerts when the person crosses the virtual fence you set for monitoring purposes.

2. Spy on iPhone Gallery

Users consider their iPhones highly secured, and hence, they are ready to pay any price for iPhone. Even then, you can spy on someone's iPhone gallery without unlocking the iPhone. KidsGuard Pro for iOS lets you monitor the target person's iPhone gallery without jailbreaking the iPhone.

All you need to do is connect the iPhone to your computer and extract data from the iPhone using KidsGuard Pro for iOS app. You can fetch the data from iTunes as well as iCloud as per your suitability, and you can connect the iPhone to your computer wired as well as wirelessly.

How to Spy on iPhone Gallery?

Here are the steps you need to follow to spy on someone's iPhone gallery using KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

Step 1. Create An Account

Tap on "Monitor Now" button to register an account for KidsGuard Pro for iOS with your valid email address. Purchase a suitable plan to go ahead.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2. Scan iPhone Data

Download KidsGuard Pro for iOS app on your computer from Connect the target person's iPhone to the computer through cable for the first time to scan and extract data.

Click on View iTunes Data or View iCloud Data and follow the on-screen instructions to sync the data and bring them to the app. From the second time onwards, you can connect iPhone to the computer wireless when they are using the same Wi-Fi.

spy on iphone gallery

Step 3. Check iPhone Gallery

After syncing and extracting data is done, go to Dashboard. Click on Photos option from the left panel to check all the photos on the target iPhone. You will also find the deleted photos as well. You can also click on Videos option to check the videos on the iPhone.

instagram vanish mode monitor

More Features of KidsGuard Pro for iOS

Apart from checking and monitoring iPhone gallery, here are the other iPhone data you can check on KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

Text Messages:

You can read all the text messages sent and received on the target iPhone directly from Dashboard. You will also find the deleted text messages as they get backed up on iCloud or iTunes. The text messages come with the date and time as well as the sender's name or number.

Call Logs:

You can even check out the call logs on the target iPhone to find out the outgoing and incoming calls with all the details. You can find out the caller number, call type, call duration, and much more. Even if the person has deleted the call logs, you can check it out from your Dashboard.

Browsing History & Bookmarks:

KidsGuard Pro for iOS allows you to track the browsing history on the target iPhone starting from the websites visited to the queries searched. You can also check out the bookmarks saved on the web browser.

Social Media App:

Starting from WhatsApp and LINE to Viber, QQ, and WeChat, you can check all the conversations the target person has had from his social media accounts. Even if he has deleted any message or media files exchanged, you can check them out secretly from your Dashboard.

Phone Files:

Apart from photos and videos, you can find out notes, voice memos, reminders, and calendars saved on the target phone to understand the person's future intention and mindset.


Last but not least, you can check out the location history of the target iPhone to understand the recent whereabouts of the target person.  You will get all the details of the locations and check them out on the map.

What You Can Benefit from Phone Gallery Tracking?

There are different reasons why phone gallery tracking can be beneficial.

  • Photos and Videos Taken By The Person
  • You can check if the person is taking any adult photos and videos with the phone camera. This implies that the person could be sharing them with someone else on social media platforms or instant message apps.

  • Photos and Videos Sent By Others
  • You can monitor all the photos and videos the person is receiving on the phone through social media apps and instant message apps. This means that the person could be developing a love affair online or some frauds could be trying to trick the person into sharing similar adult photos or videos of himself.

  • Photos and Videos Downloaded
  • You can find out if the person is downloading adult photos or videos from the internet. This means the person could be misusing the phone and getting addicted to such explicit videos.


    There are scenarios when you may want to spy on your kid's or your wife's phone gallery to ensure that they are not misusing the phone behind your back. Hacking into someone's phone pictures is super easy with KidsGuard Pro app. You can use KidsGuard Pro for Android or iOS app to view the target person's Android phone gallery or iPhone gallery. There is no need to root or jailbreak the target phone, and you can follow our guide to view someone's phone gallery in simple steps.

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