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Intro to ChatArt

ChatArt is an AI chatbot and writing application that provides a variety of features including AI chat, communication scripts, generating articles/essays/copy, generating advertising or SEO copy, dream analysis, generating weekly or daily reports, etc. to reduce the work stress of workers and the academic stress of students.

Part 1: Download and Install ChatArt

Click the button below to download and install ChatArt on your Android or iOS device.

Part 2: How to Chat with AI

Step 1: Launch the APP and enter the chat interface

The first time you launch the app, you will see our guide page where you can learn about the features of our product. After skipping the guide page, you will be taken to the AI chat interface.

chatart interface

You can ask the AI any question, click send and the AI will output the answer word by word to answer your question. There may be a delay in answering, so please be patient.

Step 2: Chat with AI

chat with ai

Part 3. How to Generate Content Based on Scenes

Step 1: Enter the creation interface

We have built in a large number of commonly used creation scenarios, and users choose scenarios for content creation according to their situation.

chatart enter the creation interface

Step 2: Select a scene and fill in the content

Here is an example of writing an article, fill in the content, click submit, and let AI help you create it.

how to use chatart

Part 4. How to Share Content

Step 1: Go to the chat interface or creation results interface

We provide share buttons under each result, you can click on the share button to share the interesting content.

chatart share

Step 2: Copy the content and share it manually

In addition to sharing via the Share button in Step 1, you can also copy the content manually and paste it elsewhere.

chatart copy

Part 5. How to Collect Useful Content

Step 1: Go to the chat interface or creation results interface

We provide a favorite button under each result, you can click on the favorite button to bookmark valuable content for your next viewing.

chatart clooect useful content

Step 2: Go to Collection Management

The Favorites Management button is located in the upper right corner of the creation page. Click the button to go to the Favorites page and see the contents of your favorites.

We have separated the favorites content by chat and creation so that you can find the content more easily.

chatart favourites management

Feature of ChatArt:

  • Ask anything: Have a real-time conversation with AI to solve any of your queries.
  • Generate anything: articles, reports, ad copy, blogs, research, novels, dream analysis, etc. to meet different writing needs.
  • Constantly upgraded scenes: various interesting scenes are preset, and you can quickly generate content based on them.
  • Bookmarking: You can bookmark what you think is interesting and valuable and review it when necessary.



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