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Print Monitoring Software: Which One Should You Use?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Dec 08, 2023 10:58 am

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When we switch to paperless mode, printer management and monitoring are vital parts of any organization's IT strategy. Whether it’s for employee monitoring or printer management, comprehensive print monitoring software can significantly enhance efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness. What software is used to monitor printer usage? This article will explore how print monitoring software works, its capabilities, and some of the top mentions in the industry.

Can Printers Be Monitored?

As monitoring printers has become a necessity for businesses, the question arises: Can printers be monitored? The answer is a resounding yes.

Advanced printer monitoring software allows you to track all printing activities, providing you with detailed insight into who is printing, what is being printed, from which device, page number, and when. This information is crucial for streamlining printing resources, enhancing document security, and reducing costs.


Three Recommended Print Monitoring Software

In this post, we’ve sifted through and selected four print activity monitoring software for your reference. Some of them are employee monitoring tools, while others are professional printer managers. Let's delve into some prominent print monitoring solutions and their key features.

MoniVisor for Windows: Printer monitoring

MoniVisor for Windows proves to be a robust solution for employee monitoring. One of the outstanding hallmarks is that it provides real-time insights into printer activities, enabling you to track what’s going on with the printers. Using MoniVisor, businesses can enhance information security by monitoring and controlling print activities effectively.


Key Features of MoniVisor

  • Printer activity monitoring: MoniVisor displays the printed file name, total page numbers, date, and printer name to provide document tracking and real-time visibility.

  • Print history tracking: Once MoniVisor is installed on the target Windows computers, all the printed documents and detailed statistics will be recorded.

  • File activity monitoring: This software is capable of monitoring file activities. So every alteration to the original file will be detected and logged for future review.

  • App usage monitoring: this printer activity tracker can track the software usage on your PC.

To sum up, this is a good-to-use printing activity tracker, but this tool is more of a computer activity monitoring solution, which focuses less on the printer status, ink and toner usage, and paper consumption. If you are searching for a printer manager to track the printer status or workload of local, network, and virtual printers, continue reading.

ezeep Blue: Real-time print monitoring and control

ezeep is recognized for its cloud-based print management solution. And ezeep Blue is an excellent print monitoring software that provides a complete view of all printer usage in your organization. With ezeep Blue, you can track print tasks in real time, manage print servers, and optimize your print environment.


Key Features of ezeep Blue

  • Customized analysis reports: ezeep Blue’s tailored reports allow you to monitor your print environment based on your exact needs.

  • Print history tracking: Once MoniVisor is installed on the target Windows computers, all the printed documents and detailed statistics will be recorded.

  • Record printing habits: Examining the print behavior can help identify the frequently-used printers, the sections that consume the most resources, and the changes in printing activities over time.

  • Synced printer monitoring: You can monitor printing activity in real time, knowing who is using the printers, which documents are being printed, and how many pages have been printed.

Compared to MoniVisor for Windiws, ezeep Blue includes features for print monitoring, control, and reporting, which provide direct insights into print activities. Aside from these, the ability to integrate with other cloud services and business applications makes ezeepBlue stand out from the crowd.

PrintVisor: Dedicated printer monitoring software

Here comes the last player: PrintVisor. This software is possibly the most professional print monitoring software on the list. You can track the availability, status, and workload of local, virtual, and network printers. In addition to tracking printer activities, PrintVisor enables you to check cartridge utilization, unused printers, and the waiting time. To offer the ultimate user experience, it has an online dashboard where all the related data is recorded. Now check out how this print monitoring software makes print auditing simple in the office:


Key Features of PrintVisor

  • Paper consumption analysis: Access data on the quantity of documents or pages printed from a designated printer or computer daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Email notification for print errors: Configure notifications in the Admin Panel to receive alerts in emails for events like printing outside of working hours, ink levels, excessive print time or print queue, and printer errors.

  • Check print history: View the printing data of all documents for a specific time frame, including details such as the number of pages, file types, and filenames. Monitor print processes and be aware of who, what, and when printing occurs in your organization.

  • Track ink and toner usage: Keep an eye on the ink and toner usage of each printer.

By incorporating these highly related features, PrintVisor is definitely one of the most reliable print monitoring software solutions. Another highlight of this program is print security. You can customize the setting to ensure what should be printed. This way, confidential documents cannot be printed out or require permission to access them.

Wrap It Up

We hope the three abovementioned print monitoring software can be of great assistance to you. Comparably, MoniVisor is suitable for those who need to monitor their employees, and the focus is on the file printed (instead of the printer itself). However, the remaining two printer managers help monitor the printer status. Therefore, your actual needs define everything.

FAQs About Print Monitoring Software

Q. What is print monitoring software?

A: Print monitoring software enables organizations to monitor and manage printer activities in real time across their network. By providing detailed data on printer usage, ink levels, and print job status, this vital IT solution helps maintain document security and operational control while reducing waste.


By Megan Evans

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