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How to View Telegram Messages without Being Seen

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Megan Evans

Updated: Jun 24, 2022 03:56 pm

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Sometimes when we receive multiple Telegram messages from friends but we don't want to reply to them, so we don't open their messages. But we remain curious about what they are saying.  In addition to it, when we get Telegram messages from boss late night, we ignore it purposely to avoid replying on that time, but want to know what is in messages at same. In this case, the Telegram application allows the users to read Telegram messages directly without showing read.

read telegram without seen

In this article we will guide you "how to view Telegram messages without being seen".

The Features of Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular social media apps that full of advanced features such as:

Military grand to end encrypted chats

"Military-grade encrypted chats" is a fantastic feature of Telegram application. This feature keeps your chat secure; only you and your chat partner can read the conversation.

Self-destruct chat on-screen chat

The Telegram app gives power to you to set a timer for a chat; the chat will automatically disappear after that time, and you don't need to delete each message manually. This self-destructive feature will clean all conversation and will not leave any clue of chat. There are many social media apps that has such feature like WhatsApp, Snapchat. And parents consider them as dangerous social media apps for kids because they could talk about anything on these apps and aren't afraid of getting caught.

Message schedule

You can set a schedule for delivering the message on the Telegram application. You can set a specific delivery time.

Silent messages

The unique feature of Telegram is silent messages. If you think the receiver is busy or in a meeting and you don't want to disturb him, you can set silent messages.


The most interesting feature of Telegram is editing. Before sharing any pictures or videos, the users can edit them.

Cloud storage

This is an awesome feature of the Telegram application. The Telegram users can save their important messages, pictures, and videos in cloud storage.

4 Ways of Reading Telegram Messages Without Being Seen

There are different ways to view Telegram messages without opening directly.


If you want to do more than just reading Telegram messages of your own but also other's, you could check here and skip to the next part and have KidsGuard Pro for Android to solve your problem.

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1. Read Telegram Messages without Being Seen Using Lock Screen

There are different methods for both Android and iPhone users.

Read Telegram Messages on Android Device

  • First of all, enable the notification display on the lock screen to use it on Android.
  • Go to the app and open the app's configurations.
  • Tap on the gear icon that is present on the home screen.
  • Tap on Notifications and Sounds
  • Choose "show all notifications" open and tap on the ok option.
  • turn on the message preview option.

message preview on telegram

Now when this device receives a new message, you can see it by expanding this message from the lock screen.

Read Telegram Messages on iOS Devices

You can also do the same procedure on iOS/iPad. You can get the notifications on the lock screen, and the sender will never be able to know whether you have read their messages or not.

You will have to follow these steps to get the notifications on the lock screen.

  • First of all, launch the app configuration.
  • On the home screen, you will see the Gear icon; tap on it.
  • Tap on Notifications.
  • Turn on the switch located on enable notifications.
  • Select the Preview option.
  • Tap on Always.

2. Read Telegram Messages without Being Seen Using Notification Center

If you want to read the Telegram messages from the notification bar, then you will have to turn on the notifications of Telegram.

Read Telegram Messages on Android Device

  • To turn on the Telegram notification, go to settings.
  • Then tap on audio and notification, click on the application, and tap on Telegram.
  • Turn on the notification to read the messages from the Notification Center.

This procedure can slightly vary from one phone to another. This is because of the difference in model and version after doing this, and you can easily read the messages from the notification center without opening the app. The sender will not be able to know whether you have read their messages or not.

Read Telegram Messages on iOS Devices

  • On iOS/iPad you can read the messages from the notification center. First of all, turn on the notification.
  • Now get started with the app configuration.
  • On the home screen, you will see the Setting icon. Click on it.
  • Now tap on the Notification.
  • Turn on the Enable Notification switch.
  • Tap on Show Preview and tap on the always option.
  • Now you can see Telegram messages without being seen using the notification center.

3. Read Telegram Messages without Being Seen Using Snoop and Look

This is one of the best methods for seeing Telegram messages. With this method, you will be able to read the message without the sender knowing that you have read it. But this method can be used only for recent chats. So you are unable to read the entire chat.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to read the message without getting noticed.

  • Open the app and locate the chat which you want to read out.
  • Long press on the Profile Picture of that chat.
  • Thus recent messages will appear, and you will be able to read them.
  • These messages will not be marked as reading.

snnop and look


You should be aware of it that when you release the long-press, the message will automatically disappear.

4. Read Telegram Messages Without Being Seen by Enabling Airplane Mode.

  • If you want to read the message silently, then turn on airplane mode.
  • Launch Telegram and read the message.
  • After you have completely read the message. Shut down the app and also remove it from recent tabs.
  • Turn off the airplane mode and turn on your mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • The sender will not know that you have read the message.

airplane mode on android

Bonus: How to Read Others Telegram Messages Secretly? - KidsGuard Pro for Android

KidsGuard Pro for Android is a reliable parental control application that helps parents monitor 30 plus different social media apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram; parents can remotely track kids' phone.

This advanced application allows the parents to get access secretly to chat history, call history, shared media files etc. parents can capture the screen to see the live activity of their kids; additionally you can view deleted Telegram messages via this app.

This application also provides the location history and shares the live location of kids with parents.

Steps of Using KidsGuard Pro for Android to Read Telegram Messages Secretly

You must follow these steps if you want to monitor your kid's or partner's Telegram activity.

Step 1: Create an account for KidsGuard Pro.

First, sign up for KidsGuard Pro for Android and create your account with an active email address. Purchase a plan you desire.

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Step 2: Download and install KidsGuard Pro app.

After creating account, My Products and Orders Management page will be visible, click on "Setup Guide" and install KidsGuard Pro for Android.

my products and orders

Step 3: Start monitoring Telegram activity.

After installation, Go to official website dashboard, sign in and monitor Telegram activity.

kidsguard pro android telegram

Advantages of Using KidsGuard Pro for Android

There are different advantages of KidsGuard Pro for Android apps, such as:

  • It is easy to install and use.
  • Allow the user to capture the live screen  of the targeted phone.
  • Not detectable application, so you can monitor Telegram activity without being noticed.
  • Track  and monitor multiple devices.
  • Not visible on the targeted phone.
  • Users can download weekly or monthly monitoring or tracking report.

Part 4: How to see if Your Telegram Messages are Successfully Sent?

It is so easy to know if your Telegram message is successfully sent or delivered to the targeted Telegram user. When you type a message and send it to that person, a Clock icon will appear on the message. If you see that the clock icon disappears and a single check mark is visible on messages that means your message has been successfully delivered to the person.

But in this case, if your network is slow, the single tick mark icon will not appear on the chat, which means your message is not delivered.

FAQs about Viewing Telegram Messages

Q1. Can you see who viewed your message on Telegram?

Yes, you can see who viewed your messages on Telegram when you send messages to your friend or colleague and when after a few seconds, a black or grey colour tick will appears on messages when he or she read received your message, it shows you double tick when that person read your messages, the tick becomes blue. So in this way, the message sender can know that the receiver viewed messages.

Q2. Can someone read my Telegram messages?

According to the Telegram app, no one can read your conversation other than your chat partner. This application claims that the end-to-end encrypted feature keeps your chat secure. But few monitoring or spying applications help users read the Telegram chat of the targeted person.

Q3. What does "last seen recently'' mean on Telegram?

The last seen recently means that the user was online two seconds or three days ago. If your friend was a minute online before you sent him a message or call, it would show you last seen recently. If he was online two days ago, it will show you last seen recently.


Telegram is the finest application that people are using all over the world. Most teenagers are addicted to Telegram because it offers amazing features, but this application has some negative points like anybody can contact your teen, send videos, pictures, messages, calls etc; that is why it is important to monitor kids' Telegram activity. There are different ways to check kids' chats, but the most reliable way is to use KidsGuard Pro for Android app. This application allows you to view deleted messages Telegram of the targeted person secretly.


By Megan Evans

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