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Is It Possible to Find Hidden Messages on an Android Mobile?

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Megan Evans

Updated: May 17, 2021 12:26 pm

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All the chatting apps are equipped with privacy and secret messaging feature. If you are looking for a way to find hidden text messages on phone without the help of some monitoring tools, it won't be easy. Well, you cannot take the target device and look through it throughout the day. It is just impossible.

But this impossible task can be made possible by using a professional spy app. The spy apps are easily available, and they come with advanced features to sweep out all the hidden messages on a device.

how to find hidden messages

Part 1: Can Text Messages be Hidden?

'Can text messages be hidden?'

Yes, text messages can be hidden.

Most of the popular chatting platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messengers are equipped with private messaging features. These features will stop you from taking a peek into the user's conversations. Even the default messaging apps also have modified functions to hide chats.

Part 2:  How to Find Hidden Text Messages on Android? 3 Mins Only

The hidden functions on these modern devices are very effective and secured with an advanced algorithm. So, without the help of a professional tool, it will be an impossible task. But not all the spy app can be regarded as an effective tool. Some tools are just scams; some are not as effective.

As it is an essential tool, we need to choose very carefully. So, after due research, we have got KidsGuard Pro.

KidsGuard Pro is a mature android spy tool which has gained millions of uses around the world. It is a perfect hidden text message spy app you were looking for.

2.1 About KidsGuard Pro: The Best Hidden Text Message Spy App

KidsGuard Pro is one of the best spy apps on the market to locate and read hidden texts. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Not only find hidden messages, it also can track the real-time phone location or spy on the social medias, like the super popular WhatsApp and Snapchat. For more features, we will not illustrate them one by one,  but you can go to its free online demo to experience by youself.

The price is also cheap. KidsGuard works in stealth mode after completing its easy installation procedure. The operation is simple, then you will have access to all the sent and received texts, of course including the hidden messages. Its work theory is to record every keystrokes to get all the messages, this can make sure the data accuracy. 

2.2 How to Use KidsGuard Pro to Find

Although it is a well-known fact that KidsGuard Pro offers the simplest installation and monitoring procedure. But if you want an insight into the operation of KidsGuard Pro, you should check out the following steps. Here's how to find hidden text messages on Android with the most phone monitoring app.

Step 1:  Sign Up for an Valid Account and Buy a Plan

The first step of using KidsGuard Pro is signing up. You have to create an account. Your email address is required. You can just click the Monitoring Now button below to get access to the procedure.

Then, make the purchase to enjoy all the premium features. We recommend the 1-year plan to enjoy the biggest  discount.

Monitor NowView Demo

Step 2:  Download and Install the App onto Target Device

Now, access the target device to download the KidsGuard Pro APK file on the mobile and complete the installation.

The app is about 2MB and it will not send any notification to the target phone. It can running in a 100% secret way.

You should be noted that all the messages monitoring in a remote way, then you must install a third-party app to finish that. So don't e fooled by any online advertise that claims they can realize the aim without installing software.

After the installation, you need to complete the necessary configuration. If you don't want the user to know about this app, remove the APK from the download list.

Now, go to the ClevGuard official website to log in your licensed accounts for verification.

download the tool to find hidden texts

Step 3: Get into The Online Dashboard to Check Hidden Messages Remotely

For Someone who Want To Find Hidden Text Messages on Default SMS App

Access the online portal of KidsGuard Pro from your mobile. On the Dashboard, tap on the 'Phone Files' on the left side of the panel. Then, tap on 'Messages' to locate and read hidden messages.

check hidden messages on android phone

For Someone who Want To Find Hidden Text Messages on Facebook  

If you are interested in locating the hidden text messages on Facebook, then you also have to follow a similar procedure.

Just open the web-portal of KidsGuard Pro. Then, on the left panel, click on 'Social Apps'. Under Social Apps, you will find Facebook. Click on it and read all Facebook messages.

check hidden facebook messages with kidguard pro

2.3 Why Must be KidsGuard Pro?

Now, the question remains: why KidsGuard Pro?

Well, KidsGuard Pro has several qualities that are very convenient for reading hidden messages, and it is easy to use.

The app is capable of locating all hidden conversations. It can go through the default messaging apps and also the 3rd party messaging applications. Its work in stealth mode will help you stay undetected. Also, KidsGuard Pro works remotely.

Once you have installed the app on the target device, you do not need to touch it. You will be able to access all the data remotely. And real-time data sync will help you to stay on top.

Another attractive feature is that you will have continuous updates for technology and new features updating, without any extra fees.


So, how to find hidden text messages on phone? The simplest answer is professionl Android phone monitoring and data intercepting tool - KidsGuard Pro. Obviously, it is not possible to locate hidden messages with all the privacy settings applied by the modern chatting platforms. Thus, a professional spy app is necessary. But we found that there is nothing better available compared to KidsGuard Pro. So, it is the best-recommended option.


By Megan Evans

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