Top 6 Facebook Hacker Apps You Should Know in 2021

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Cody Walsh

Updated: May 17, 2021 11:06 am

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Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media apps to stay connected with our friends, family and loved ones, but there are several dangers lurking in this online portal which can be pretty concerning for parents, employer or even a suspicious spouse. To enjoy peace of mind, Facebook hacker apps can be of great help. These apps can monitor every activity on Facebook, including chat history, posts, comments and more.

However, it can be very confusing for a novice user to pick the right Facebook hacker app. We are here to ease the decision-making process to some extent by introducing the top 6 Facebook hacker apps.

1. KidsGuard Pro

kidsguard pro facebook monitoring

Pricing: 1-month plan at $29.95; 3-month plan at $49.95; 1-year plan at $99.95

Compatibility: Android

Overall Rating:

If you are looking for the best Facebook hacker app, KidsGuard Pro undoubtedly tops the charts. This app has all the right features built-in for Facebook monitoring. Once installed on the target device, all the activities on Facebook can be kept a check on easily.

With the help of this app, you can spy on the outgoing as well as incoming messages on Facebook and Messenger app. If you want to find out what the target phone user is doing on their Facebook account instantly, you can even take a remote screenshot of the target device. All the media files which have been shared and saved from Facebook can also be checked. This app features a web-based interactive dashboard which can be accessed from any device to view someone's Facebook account activity remotely.

    What We Like

  • You do not need the Facebook account username and password.

  • This hacker app stays 100% hidden on the target device.

  • It can be installed and setup easily within 5 minutes.

  • No need to to root the target cell phone in order to spy on Facebook.

  • All the Facebook activity data gets synced in real-time.

    What We Don't Like

  • When you subscribe to one plan, it can be used to monitor only a single device.

  • Doesn't work on iOS devices.

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2. Spyzie

spyzie facebook monitoring

Pricing: Basic version at $29.99/month; Pro version at $39.99/month; Ultimate version at $49.99/month

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Overall Rating:

With the help of this Facebook hack tool, you can keep a check on all the Facebook activities of your child, partner or loved one effortlessly. You can either keep it visible or invisible as per your wish. For installing this app on the target device, you do not have to even root or jailbreak the Android or iOS device.

Apart from Facebook activity monitoring, this app has several other features which make you aware of all the cell phone activities of the target cell phone user.

    What We Like

  • The Facebook hacking feature is very stable.

  • It can block the usage of the Facebook messenger app.

  • You can also get a lot of other cell phone monitoring features.

    What We Don't Like

  • Facebook monitoring is not available for the basic version of this app.

  • This app doesn't work for iOS devices running iOS 12 or higher, nor for Android 8 later.

  • The technical support was completely unresponsive.

3. Cocospy

cocospy facebook monitoring

Pricing: Basic version at $39.99/month; Premium version at $49.99/month; Family version at $69.99/month

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Overall Rating:

Cocospy app is one of the most powerful Facebook account hacker apps in the online market. It features a pretty easy-to-use user-interface which makes it a crowd favourite. All the private messages, as well as the messages, exchanged on the Facebook group chats can be viewed. Whichever Facebook user the target device owner is in contact with, their details can also be accessed.

    What We Like

  • The app is very easy to download and setup.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • It works in stealth mode to prevent the target knowing you are hacking their Facebok.

    What We Don't Like

  • The basic version does not include Facebook monitoring feature.

  • Advanced features like Facebook monitoring need rooting the Android device.

  • Its Facebook monitoring doesn't work on iOS devices.

4. FlexiSPY

flexispy app

Pricing: Premium version at $68/month; Extreme version at $199/3 months

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Overall Rating:

With this Facebook hacking software, you can keep a tab on the Facebook messenger app on the target cell phone. Its Facebook messenger spying feature allows you to discreetly check and read the incoming as well as outgoing messages on the target cell phone.

Once the app gets installed on the target device, all the Facebook messages get uploaded on the online dashboard which you can access and spy on the Facebook messages remotely.

    What We Like

  • All the calls made on Facebook messenger can be recorded and the call log can also be accessed.

  • A live demo makes it easier to install.

  • It has a large user base

    What We Don't Like

  • The Android devices need to be rooted and jailbreaking is required for the iOS devices.

  • The latest Android devices with Oreo OS cannot be monitored using this app. Sames goes to iOS 9.1 and higher devices.

  • The price is quite high.

5. Hoverwatch

hoverwatch app

Pricing: Personal version at $24.95/month; Professional version at $49.95/month; Business version at $149.95/month

Compatibility: Android

Overall Rating:

All the activities on the Facebook messenger app on the target device can be monitored with the help of this Facebook account hacking software. All the messages exchanged would be saved as a chat by the app and these incoming and outgoing messages can then be viewed by you remotely through the online dashboard. Even the audio, video and other media files which are exchanged through the Facebook messenger app also gets saved.

    What We Like

  • Up to 5 devices can be monitored at one time with this app.

  • It features a free trial version.

    What We Don't Like

  • Android devices need to be rooted for monitoring through this app.

  • It does not have a demo or a guide which makes the installation and use of this app pretty complicated.

  • Does not give a money-back guarantee.

6. XNspy

xnspy app

Pricing: Basic version at $29.99/month; Premium version at $35.99/month

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Overall Rating:

With the help of this free Facebook hacking app, you can remotely monitor all the incoming as well as outgoing text messages on the target cell phone. Even other details relevant to the messages like the time and date of the exchange of the messages will be displayed for you to view. The multimedia files which gets exchanged on the target device through Facebook messenger can be checked by you through this app.

    What We Like

  • It features an interactive online dashboard for Facebook monitoring.

  • Even the deleted messages from the Facebook messenger can be read.

    What We Don't Like

  • Other activity data on Facebook cannot be viewed.

  • It has limited features for non-rooted Android device. And for Facebook spying, you need to root the device.

  • Facebook messenger monitoring is not in real-time.


If you ever feel the need to hack someone's Facebook account and monitor their activities, the above mentioned Facebook hacking apps can help you a great deal. Out of them, the winner for Facebook hacking is KidsGuard Pro. This is one of the most efficient Facebook hacking app for Android which has powerful phone monitoring features and hence is highly recommended. Althougt it currently doesn't support iPhone/iPad, you can expect the features of KidsGuard Pro for iOS version soon enough!

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