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What is Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger and How to Use It?

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Megan Evans

Updated: Aug 31, 2022 09:49 am

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The “Vanish Mode” feature in Messenger enables its users to send disappearing messages to their friends and family members. Facebook has introduced this amazing feature to help users involuntarily delete all the chat messages. With the help of this feature, one can easily send messages or pictures using the Messenger app without worrying about anything.

Here, in this article, you will get a complete guide about “How to turn on and off the Vanish Mode on Messenger”. Read the article below for a detailed insight.

Part 1: What is Vanish Mode on Messenger?

As mentioned earlier, vanish mode is a feature present in Messenger app that allows you to send disappearing messages to your family members or friends. Once the recipient checks your Vanish Mode message, it will automatically delete when he closes the chat. One can easily send temporary messages to anyone on Messenger they have an active chat with by using Vanish Mode. It is a great way to send quick messages to others without clogging up your chat. And it’s difficult to recover deleted messages on Facebook Messenger. Moreover, the best part is when someone takes a screenshot of the Vanish Mode chat; both users will receive an alert about it. This will increase the security of the app.

Part 2: How Does the Vanish Mode Work?

Traditionally, all the messages that are sent through Messenger app are kept in the users’ chats until erased by the user. Most people wonder what is vanish mode on Facebook? Well, as mentioned earlier, it is an optional mode present in the Messenger application helps in disappearing messages automatically from the users’ chats once the recipient check the message and closes the chat. The Vanish Mode is a bi-directional chat feature of Messenger. It means the feature must be enabled by both sender and the receiver; otherwise, it will not work. Moreover, this amazing feature is an opt-in feature. When someone initiates a chat in the vanish mode it will start only if the other user accept it. One can easily send text messages, voice notes, photos, videos, emojis, stickers, GIFs, etc through Vanish Mode.

Part 3: How to Enable Vanish Mode on Messenger Work?

If you want to send temporary messages to anyone on Messenger, then turn the Vanish Mode on. It is a great way of sending quick messages to one another. Enabling Vanish mode on Messenger is not a difficult job. One can easily do is by following the below-listed steps one by one.

Step 1: Start the Chat

Open your Messenger app on your smartphone and start a chat with someone. It must be a one-on-one conversation. Keep note that the Vanish Mode doesn't work in group messages or group chats.

Step 2: Fill the Circle Icon

The next step is to swipe up from the bottom of your phone’s screen. There you will see a message “Swipe for Vanish Mode”. Keep on dragging your finger for some time until the circle icon is filled completely as shown in the figure below.

enable vanish mode on messenger-1


Once the circle is entirely filled, your current chat will disappear completely from your device and replaced by a blank Vanish Mode screen. The people who turn the Vanish mode for the first time, they will receive a pop-up that contain some information about the vanish mode. Read it thoroughly so that you cannot miss anything.

enable vanish mode on messenger-2

Step 3: The Vanish Mode is “on”

Now the Vanish Mode is on. Send all your messages or pictures like a normal conversation and everything will delete automatically once the receipt reads the messages and closes the chat. This will improve the overall security of your application.

Part 4: How to Turn Vanish Mode Off on Messenger?

Here in this section, you will learn about how to turn off vanish mode on your Messenger app without any difficulty.

1. Turn off Vanish Mode on Messenger by Swiping up

One can easily turn off the Vanish Mode on Messenger app by swiping up. To perform this job, one needs to follow the below-listed steps one by one.

Step 1: Open the App

First of all, open the Messenger app on your laptop or smartphone.

Step 2: Open the Chatbox

After this, open the chatbox that is in the Vanish mode.

Step 3: Swipe Up from the Bottom

The next step is to swipe up from the bottom and turn the Vanish Mode off as shown in the figure below.

turn off vanish mode on messenger

2. Turn off Vanish Mode on Messenger By Chatting via Different Platforms

One can easily chat with someone from another platform. For example if you are an Instagram user and want to chat with someone via their Facebook profile then you can do it. Similarly, if you are on Facebook Messenger and want to chat with someone via their Instagram profile then it’s possible. However, keep note that once you follow this approach, the Vanish mode will automatically switched off.

3. Use An Old Version of Messenger

The Vanish Mode of Messenger application works on the latest versions of the app. However, it might even work on some of the older versions that were offered before Vanish Mode was released by means of a server-side update. But normally most of the older versions will remove Vanish Mode capabilities on the system. This feature only works if you install the latest Messenger application version on your smartphone.

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Part 5: How to See Someone's Self-deleting Messages on Messenger?

There are different ways by using which one can easily check the self-deleting messages on Messenger without any difficulty. Nowadays a large number of third party apps available to people in the market. All such apps are completely safe to use. They contain a simple and easy interface that makes things a lot simpler and easier for everyone. By using such apps, one can easily check all the messages on Messenger.

1. How to Use KidsGuard Pro for Android to See Vanish-Mode Messages on Facebook Messenger?

KidsGuard Pro for Android is one of the best monitoring apps that are available in the market today. The app contains some amazing features and is simple to install and use. If you are looking for some reliable application that helps you in monitoring the Vanish-mode messages on Facebook Messenger then get this amazing application today. To install the app successfully, one needs to perform the below-listed steps.

Step 1. Complete the Registration Process

Click on the "Monitor Now" option  to register yourself on the KidsGuard Pro official website by using the valid email ID. After this, select the monitoring plan of your choice to monitor the Vanish-mode messages on Messenger of the target user without notifying him.

Monitor Now View Demo

Step 2. Download and Install the App on the Target Device

Once you make the purchase, you will be guided to the "My Products and Orders Management" page. Click the Setup Guide button.

Following the on-screen instruction, you need to open the website and download and install the app on the target phone. Then log in your account and do some settings to finish the process.

my products and orders

Step 3. Open the App’s Dashboard from Your Device

To monitor the target phone, go back to our website and open the dashboard on your phone, you will see a list of different features. Find Social Media Apps > Messenger. Here you can check all the vanish-mode messages of the target user without notifying him.

kidsguard pro dashboard messenger

2. What Else Can KidsGuard Pro for Android Do?

This amazing application is rich in features. Some of the prominent ones are as follows.

1.) Monitor Social App

Besides Facebok Messenger, The application also allows its users to monitor all social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder on someone else’s phone without bringing anything to their notice. One can easily access all the social media accounts of the target user without entering the login credentials.

2.) Record Calls and Screen

By using this application, one can easily record phone screen and calls of the target individual without notifying him. Once you record the screen, it will save automatically in the gallery.

3.) Monitor YouTube/ TikTok Search History and Watch History

The application allows its users to monitor all browsing history and TikTok watch on someone else’s phone without bringing anything to their notice. One can easily access all these apps of the target user without entering the login credentials.

4.) Capture a Screenshot

With the help of KidsGuard Pro for Android, taking live screenshots of videos and pictures from someone else's phone is not a problem anymore. One can easily do is by making some few clicks.

5.) Listen to Phone Surroundings

This app enables its users to track the movement of other people around them with the help of attached microphone. Once can also easily monitor the live location of their loved ones with ease.

6.) View Phone Files (photos, calls & messages, videos, and more)

If you want to monitor someone’s’ Messenger videos, calls, phones and vanish-mode message data, use KidsGuard Pro for Android. One can easily check everything on the target phone without any difficulty.

Part 6: Why Vanish Mode Are Popular in These Days?

Nowadays, people are very much concerned about their privacy. Once a Vanish mode is on, the Messenger chats become completely secure. No one from the chat is able to take a screenshot. In case someone tries to do it, an alert will be shown to both the users. All this will result in improving the security of the application and make Messenger a secure place to chat with others.

facebook message privacy

FAQs about Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger

1. Is it possible to tell if someone is using Vanish mode on the Messenger app?

If you receive a message from someone on Vanish mode, you will get an option to reply them using Vanish Mode or in a regular chat.

2. Does Vanish Mode on Messenger application disappears on both sides?

Yes, once the Vanish Mode is off it will disappear on both the sender and receiver side.

3. Can you recover vanished messages on Messenger?

Yes, there are different software’s and third party applications by using which one can easily recover the vanished messages on Messenger. One of the most reliable applications is KidsGuard Pro for Android.

4. Why do we use Vanish Mode on Messenger?

All the messages that are send through Vanish mode disappears once the receipt reads them. People normally enable this feature on Messenger app to increase their app’s security.


Here you will get a complete guide about Vanish mode on Facebook Messenger and how one can switch it on and off with ease. There are many ways of checking the disappearing messages on Messenger, but the best is through KidsGuard Pro for Android. This application is simple and easy to install and setup. Check the article above for an in-depth guide about using this amazing application.

Monitor Now View Demo


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