Monitor Social Media Conversations

Monitor Social Media Conversations

What can it do:

  • Get all the chat messages from web WhatsApp, Facebook (Messenger), Twitter, Skype and Instagram
  • Check the profile, chat media files like images, videos, emojis, documents, shared contatcs, etc.
  • View all the incoming and outgoing call histories, even the missed calls.

Why it's good:

  • It can monitor the contents without having the target's account info.
  • The data will sync to you in real time.
  • Remotely checking the data without the target knowing.
Monitor Social Media Conversations

Track Internet Activity & Download History in Workplace

What can it do:

  • Record all the created internet browsing history.
  • Check the specific visted page in your own computer.
  • Know the exact visiting time.
  • Check all the created download history, even know the file storage path.

Why it's good:

  • It support the 5 main browsers in the world: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explore.
  • You can remotely open the visited page without physically access to the target computer.
Monitor Social Media Conversations

Read Sent & Received Emails of Your Employees

What can it do:

  • Read all the emails sent or received via web-based email platform.
  • Get into someone's email account without them getting a notification.
  • Know the full attached file path of each email.

Why it's good:

  • It can monitor the contents without having the target's account info.
  • Remotely check the data synced in real-time.
  • keep an eye on employee's email to prevent the leaking of confidential documents.
Monitor Social Media Conversations

Capture Screen Automatically and Silently

What can it do:

  • Take automatic screenshots of the target computer screen at specified intervals.
  • Sync the captured pictures to your dashboard in real time.
  • Can download or delete the screenshots as you like.

Why it's good:

  • Start and stop the capturing automatically.
  • The stable data syncing brings good experience.
  • Know if the employee is working at the moment.
Monitor Social Media Conversations

Record Every Keystrokes from Employee's Computer

What can it do:

  • See everything that is typed on the keyboard.
  • View even the deleted keystrokes or those typed in incognito browsing mode.
  • Check all the keylogging activities with timestamps.

Why it's good:

  • Use the advanced technology to track the keystrokes with 100% accuracy.
  • Exactly distinguish the contents of specific app.

More Features

Track App Activity

Track App Activity

File Activity

File Activity

Login Activity

Login Activity

Print Activity

Print Activity

USB Connection

USB Connection

Track App Activity

What can it do:

  • Record the total usage time of each app on target computer.
  • Exactly know the last use time of a specific app.
Track App Activity

What can it do:

  • Track all the files activity on target's computer, like deleting or copy.
  • Know the exact file storage path on target computer.
  • Record the operation time of each records.
Track App Activity

What can it do:

  • Record the computer log on and log off activity everytime.
  • Remotely check if the target is online or offline.
  • Check the administrator name with ease.
Track App Activity

What can it do:

  • View the printed document name,page and even the file path without hasstle.
  • Know that if your employee printed some confidential files or not.
  • Check the accurate printing date and time to help you discover the truth, if you have the need.
Track App Activity

What can it do:

  • Record all the USB connecting activity in target computer.
  • Exactly know whether an unknown iPhone or Android had ever been connected to the computer or not.
  • Judge from the time interval between insertion and extraction to know the phone may have done something on this computer.

4 Steps to Start Monitoring Employee

You can start monitoring employees about what they do on their computers in these simple steps. The whole process may take 5 minutes.

Sign Up and Purchase a Plan
Download & install the Software
Install the Chrome Extension (Optional)
Start Monitoring on Dashboard

1. Sign Up and Purchase a Plan

Register for a valid account and purchase a suitable plan to get the product.


2. Download & Install the Software

Download and install our software on the target computer. Then, complete configuration by following the on-screen instructions.


3. Install the Chrome Extension

Install the browser extension in order to unlock the software's ability to monitor employee's email and social media chats.


4. Start Monitoring on Dashboard

Now go the ClevGaurd website on your own computer and login with the license account, then you will get into the online dashboard to check all the monitored data from the target computer.

Try the Free Online Demo to Experience all the Wonderful Features

To better understand MoniVisor Windows monitoring software and what it monitors, you can check out its free Demo below.

See the order and device info alongside summary reports such as the latest browsing history on the monitored computer.
Web Activity - Chrome
Check all browsing history details including the visited URLs and the timestamps of each visit through the Chrome browser.
Download Activity - Chrome
Find out anything that has been downloaded to the computer from the Chrome browser.
Web Chats - WhatsApp
Access all the conversations as well as exchanged media files and emojis on the web version of WhatsApp.
Web Mail - Gmail
Read all e-mails sent or received including the body text, subject and date/time from the Gmail web version.
Supervise every keyboard stroke on your child's or employee's Windows computer.
Capture Screenshots
View all the screenshots automatically captured on the monitored computer at specified intervals.

What You Can Use Computer Monitoring Software For

Employee Monitoring:improve workforce productivity
Employee Monitoring - improve workforce productivity
Using our PC tracking software to monitor your employee's computer activities can help confirm when they are most productive. Then, you can make adjustments accordingly to boost overall productivity.
Remote Team Management:full tracking from any place, anytime
Remote Team Management - full tracking from any place, anytime
After installing this software on the employees’ work computers, you can also remotely check what your team members are doing every minute of the day on their computers when they are miles away from the office.
Parental Controls:supervise kids' computer activities
Company Privacy Protection - Get Employees under monitoring
Company privacy and confidential files is vital to business development. And the monitoring in workplace is necessary to ensure the good running of your company. To monitor your employees is a correct approach for company privacy protection.

Discover Why MoniVisor for Win Is Different

MoniVisor for Win is one of the best pieces of PC monitoring software for various reasons. You will get an overview of why it stands out below.

Multiple Features

A variety of Windows monitoring features are offered by this comprehensive tool, including social media chats, mails, etc.

Stealth Monitoring

Our software will perform activities monitoring on the target computer without the user's knowledge.


MoniVisor Windows monitoring software is completely virus-free. Meaning you can safely download and use it.

Easy-Access Console

You can check all recorded data from the monitored computer by simply logging into the portal at any time and on any browser.

Data & Privacy Protection

We protect every user's data and privacy with high-security standards. Nobody else can access your data.

Stable to Use

Our PC monitoring tool is stable enough while running secretly, delivering the best computer monitoring experience to you.

Clear Guidance

We provide clear and understandable instructions about how to use the software so that you can easily follow.

Free Update

Yes, you can upgrade the software and get the latest features with no extra cost when updates are available.

What Users Are Saying About Us


“Thanks to MoniVisor, I was able to monitor my son's computer. It has made things easier and clearer for me as a parent. Now, I can keep an eye on my son's activity on his computer from anywhere. And, he doesn't even know about it.”

Alice Mother

“It is wonderful as employee monitoring software. After using it, we have discovered some employees playing online games during work hours. Since then, we have been able to take accountable action and adjusted work schedules to suit.”

Fred Employer

“I was looking for a tool to monitor my employees during work hours. And, MoniVisor was exactly what I needed. Ever since using this software, our employee productivity levels have improved. I would recommend MoniVisor to all employers.”

Charles Employer

Here is What Most Users Choose

3-Month Plan
$26.65 / Month
You will be billed at $79.95
Monitor 1 PC
20+ Computer Monitoring Features
Auto Renew. Cancel Anytime

You May Still Be Wondering...

1. Do I need physical access to the target computer?

Yes. MoniVisor for Win is a computer-based software, so you need physical access to the target computer and install it for data monitoring.

2. How does MoniVisor for Win work?

MoniVisor for Win operates through hidden computer-based software which is designed to capture data activity and sync it to the dashboard for your viewing.

3. How does MoniVisor for Win keep incognito on the target computer?

Our MoniVisor PC monitoring software will disappear from the target's desktop and task manager immediately after activation. The user will not find out about the software and no notifications are sent to the user during this period.

4. How to install MoniVisor computer tracking software?

After purchasing a plan for MoniVisor, you will be led through to the 'My Products' page. Here, there is a step-by-step setup guide option. Following this guide, you can easily download and install the software onto the target computer.