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[2024 Full Guide] Best WhatsApp Online Tracker for iPhone Online

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a smart WhatsApp online tracker for iphone -- KidsGuard for WhatsApp and other available methods to track your kid’s or someone else’s WhatsApp messages online on iPhone.

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

Mar 19, 2024 04:50 pm

In today's digital age, WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool for people around the world. With its popularity, comes the need for monitoring and tracking WhatsApp activity, especially on iPhones. Whether you want to keep an eye on your child's online behavior or need to track someone's WhatsApp activity for personal or professional reasons, there are various methods and tools like WhatsApp online tracker for iOS available for iPhone users.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a smart WhatsApp online tracker for iPhone and other available methods to track someone else’s WhatsApp online status on iPhone.

WhatsApp online tracker for iphone

Part 1: Can I See Who's Online on WhatsApp Without Them Knowing on iPhone?

No, you cannot see who is online on WhatsApp without them knowing on iPhone. Because WhatsApp provides users with the option to hide their online status, making it challenging to know if someone is online without their knowledge. However, there are methods and WhatsApp online tracker for iPhone tools that can help you track someone's WhatsApp online activity on an iPhone discreetly.

By utilizing these tools, you can gain insights into a person's WhatsApp usage, including their online status, message history, call logs, and more.

Part 2: How Can I Track Someone's WhatsApp Online on iPhone?

There are 4useuful methods to help you track someone’s WhatsApp online on iPhone. Just keep reading and find them out.

Method 1: Use WhatsApp Status Seen

When it comes WhatsApp online tracker, WhatsApp Status Seen should be your best choice. WhatsApp Status Seen is an all-in-one WhatsApp online status tracker, compatible with both Android and iOS device. This tool certianly can help you track someone's WhatsApp online activity on iPhone device.

Most importantly, WhatsApp Status Seen enable you track multiple WhatsApp contacts' online status simultaneously, you can monitor all your contact's online status at the same time. What a useful WhatsApp online checker!

WhatsApp Status Seen

WhatsApp Status Seen: Best WhatsApp Online Tracker for iPhone

  • Get WhatsApp online notification once someone is online on WhatsApp.
  • Track someone's WhatsApp online activity in real-time.
  • Track multiple contacts’ WhatsApp online status simultaneously.
  • Track someone's WhatsApp online status without logging in.
  • Easy to use, high user reviews.

How to Track Someone's WhatsApp Online Status on iPhone Device:

With WhatsApp Status Seen tool, you can know anyone's WhatsApp online status in a second. Follow the steps below, you can get this smart WhatsApp online checker.

Step 1: Create an account to use WhatsApp Status Seen tool. And then choose a good WhatsApp status checking plan for you.

set an account

Step 2: Click Member Center > My Products to find out WhatsApp Status Seen tracking tool. Press Start Monitoring button to move on. You can be navigated to the tracking page.

start use WhatsApp Status Seen

Step 3: Get your target WhatsApp number you need to track, click Start Monitoring button to move on.

WhatsApp online status tracker

Step 4: Input all the contact's number on the column, you can track their WhatsApp online status right now. Enable the Online Notification button, you can get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp.

whatsapp online notification

Method 2: Use KidsGuard for WhatsApp

There is another reliable and effective WhatsApp online trackers for iPhone called KidsGuard for WhatsApp. This powerful monitoring tool offers a wide range of features that allow you to track someone's WhatsApp activity without detection. What’s more, this tool can work for both iPhone and Android users, which is pretty useful for each user.

Here are some of the key features of KidsGuard for WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Online Tracker for iPhone

KidsGuard for WhatsApp -- Real-Time WhatsApp Online Tracker for iPhone

  • Real-time WhatsApp Tracking: KidsGuard for WhatsApp provides you with real-time updates on a person's WhatsApp activity, including online status, messages, voices, media files, and call logs and call recording.
  • Track GPS Location: You can track the target WhatsApp current location in real time.
  • Compatibility: This tracking tool is fully compatible with iPhones, ensuring seamless monitoring regardless of the device model or iOS version.
  • No Jailbreak Required: Unlike many other tracking solutions, KidsGuard for WhatsApp does not require jailbreaking the target iPhone, ensuring the device's security and functionality remain intact.
  • Stealth Mode: KidsGuard for WhatsApp operates in stealth mode, making it completely invisible on the target iPhone. The user will have no idea that their WhatsApp activity is being monitored.

To use KidsGuard for WhatsApp as your WhatsApp online tracker for iPhone, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Sign up ClevGuard account with your email account and set a password. click Try It Now button to buy a monitoring plan track other's WhatsApp messages on iPhone.

 hidden whatsapp Status viewer

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Real-Time WhatsApp online tracker for iPhone

Try It Now

Step 2. After the purchase, you can find KidsGuard for WhatsApp tool on My Product column. Click Start Monitoring button , you can go the Dashboard page.

download kidsguard for whatsapp application on target device

Step 3. Click iOS options on your PC, then you can get the QR code on the PC.

choose ios

Step 4. Go to the target WhatsApp Settings > Linked Devices, then tap on Link a Device.

link a device

Step 5. Then use the monitored iPhone to scan the QR code on the screen, you can bind your girlfriend's WhatsApp successfully. Now yo can start monitoring all the WhatsApp messages, including chats, calls, voices, photos, doucuments and all WhatsApp activities on the target device.

whatsapp online tracker for iphone

Method 3: Check Someone's WhatsApp on iPhone with WhatsApp Web

Another method to track someone's WhatsApp online activity on an iPhone is by logging into their WhatsApp account through WhatsApp Web. This method requires physical access to the target iPhone and is suitable for situations where you can use the person's phone for a brief period. To track someone's WhatsApp online activity through WhatsApp Web, follow these steps:

Open WhatsApp Web: On your computer, visit the WhatsApp Web website (

choose ios

Open WhatsApp on the target iPhone, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop.

choose ios

Scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen.

Track Activity: Once the QR code is scanned successfully, you will have access to the person's WhatsApp account on your computer, allowing you to track their online activity.


  • You need a stable internet connection or strong WIFI environment.
  • The target person will recieve the notification if you log in his WhatsApp on WhatsApp Web.
  • You cannnot check the WhatsApp calls and call recording on the target WhatsApp account.

Method 4: Check Someone's WhatsApp on iPhone with WhatsApp Backup

If you have access to someone's iCloud account, you can check their WhatsApp backup online to track their WhatsApp activity on an iPhone. This method provides you with valuable insights into their messaging history, including chats, media files, and more. Here's how you can check someone's WhatsApp backup online:

Access iCloud: On your computer, go to iCloud's website ( and sign in using the target person's Apple ID and password.

choose ios

Open WhatsApp Backup: Once you're logged in, navigate to "WhatsApp" in the list of available apps and click on it to access the WhatsApp backup stored in iCloud.

View WhatsApp Activity: Within the WhatsApp backup, you can view the person's chat history, media files, contacts, and other relevant information.


  • You should have the target iCloud ID and password.
  • You need to ensure the target person has backed up his WhatsApp to iCloud.
  • You cannot monitor the full WhatsApp data on the target WhatsApp account.
  • You cannot track someone’s WhatsApp in real-time.

Part 3: Why You Want to See Who Is Online on WhatsApp?

Knowing who is online on WhatsApp can be beneficial in various situations. Here are some common scenarios where tracking someone's WhatsApp online activity can be useful:

choose ios

Parental Monitoring: Parents can track their child's WhatsApp activity to ensure their safety, monitor their contacts, and protect them from potential online risks.

Relationship Concerns: Tracking a partner's WhatsApp activity can help address trust issues and provide insights into their online behavior and interactions.

Employee Monitoring: Employers can use WhatsApp online trackers to monitor employee communications and ensure compliance with company policies.

Personal Security: Tracking someone's WhatsApp activity can help in situations where personal security or safety is a concern. By knowing their online status, you can be aware of their availability and take appropriate action if needed.


Now you have learned the top 4 useful methods to track someone’s WhatsApp messages on iPhone in an easy way. Among them, using the top WhatsApp online tracker for iPhone -- WhatsApp Status Seen is highly recommended, because this WhatsApp online tracker for iOS online can monitor someone’s WhatsApp chats without being knowing, and also allows you to listen to someone’s WhatsApp call recording.

Hope this article is helpful for you, you can use these methods to track others WhatsApp messages right now!


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