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[2024 Full Guide] How to Make Jisoo AI Voice in Real-Time?

Discover the best Kpop AI voice changer to make AI Jisoo voice in real-time. You can make your voice sound like realistic Jisoo AI voice here.

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

Jan 12, 2024 04:34 pm

Introduction One such K-pop sensation is Jisoo, a member of the internationally acclaimed girl group Blackpink. Known for her enchanting vocals and captivating stage presence, Jisoo has become an icon in the music industry.

Now, with the revolutionary Kpop AI voice changer, you can bring the essence of Jisoo's voice into your creative projects. This article will explore how to generate Jisoo AI voice using the best Kpop AI voice changer and explain everything you want to know about her.

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Jisoo AI voice

Who Is Jisoo?

Jisoo, whose full name is Kim Ji-soo, is a South Korean singer, actress, and a member of the popular K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. She was born on January 3, 1995, in Seoul, South Korea. Jisoo is known for her vocal abilities, visual presence, and acting skills. As a member of BLACKPINK, Jisoo has been part of numerous successful music releases, including hit songs like "Boombayah," "Whistle," "DDU-DU DDU-DU," and "Kill This Love."

Jisoo BLACKPINK AI voice

Apart from her musical career, Jisoo has also ventured into acting and has appeared in television dramas. Jisoo is recognized for her charming personality and has gained a substantial fanbase in South Korea and internationally. She remains a prominent figure in the entertainment industry as a member of BLACKPINK.

The Best Kpop AI Voice Changer to Generate Jisoo AI Voice

When it comes to harnessing the power of Jisoo's mesmerizing voice, CleVoice is the ultimate Kpop AI voice changer. CleVoice offers an innovative platform that allows you to emulate and recreate the enchanting vocals of Jisoo and other K-pop idols like Jennie, LisaRosé, etc. With its advanced AI technology, CleVoice enables you to transform your voice to soubd like AI Jisoo voiceinstantly, opening up a world of possibilities for your creative projects.

CleVoice is also compatible with various platfroms, you can use this voice changer to transfrom your voice in chatting & calling, streaming and gaming. It would be pretty interesting if you change your voice to sound like BLACKPINK Jisoo AI vocal to prank with others.

CleVoice voice changer

CleVoice: Top BLACKPINK Jisoo AI Voice Changer

  • High-Quality AI Voice: CleVoice can make your voice sound like realistic Jisoo AI voice.
  • Real-Time Voice Changing: You can transform your voice into Kpop idol AI voice instantly.
  • Various Kpop Star Voices: CleVoice offers 600+ voice filters, including Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie (BLACKPINK), Kim Tae-Hyung (BTS), Sehun (EXO), etc.
  • Free to Use: CleVoice offers many free trial for every user.
  • Easy to use, without any limitations.
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How to Use CleVoice Voice Changer to Make Jisoo AI Voice?

Using CleVoice to generate AI Jisoo voice BLACKPINK is a simple process. Follow these steps to unlock the essence of Jisoo's voice for your artistic endeavors:

Step 1. Download and Install CleVoice 

Begin by downloading and installing the CleVoice application on your device. CleVoice is available for Windows and Mac platforms, ensuring compatibility with various operating systems

launch clevoice

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Step 2. Select Input Device

After installing CleVoice, select your primary microphone as the input device. This ensures that CleVoice captures your voice accurately and applies the Jisoo AI voice filter seamlessly.

Set the Output and Input Devices

Step 3. Choose Jisoo AI Voice

With CleVoice, you can access voice options, including Jisoo's enchanting vocals. Choose "Jisoo" from the extensive library of voice filters and witness the transformation of your voice into the essence of Jisoo's captivating vocals.

jisoo ai voice

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FAQs About Jisoo AI Voice Changer

As the popularity of Jisoo AI voice continues to rise, it's natural to have some questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Jisoo AI voice changer:

Q1.What Is Jisoo AI Voice?

A: Jisoo AI Voice refers to an artificial intelligence-powered voice technology that allows users to emulate and recreate the mesmerizing voice of Jisoo, a member of the popular South Korean girl group Blackpink. With Jisoo AI voice, users can transform their voices into the essence of Jisoo's captivating vocals.

Q2. Can I Use Jisoo AI Voice for Social Media Content?

A: Absolutely! Jisoo AI voice can be a game-changer for social media content creators. Whether creating videos for YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, you can use Jisoo AI voice to add a touch of Jisoo's charm to your content. Engage your audience with captivating voice-overs, entertaining voice memes, or even create unique character voices that stand out.

Q3. Which song is Jisoo's First Solo?

A: Fans around the world highly anticipate Jisoo's first solo song. Jisoo's first solo single, "Flower," will appear at number 10 on the list of songs that have sold the most copies in the United States. Unlike the Hot 100 and other rankings, which consider streams and radio play, this one does not. "Flower" debuts at number one.  

Q4. Will Jisoo Be A Singer or Actor in the Future?

A: Jisoo's talent knows no bounds, and she has already showcased her singing and acting skills. As for what the future holds, only time will tell. Fans can look forward to witnessing Jisoo's growth and evolution as she mesmerizes audiences with her captivating vocals and acting prowess.


In conclusion, the Kpop AI voice changer is a revolutionary tool that allows you to unleash your creativity and incorporate Jisoo's mesmerizing voice into your artistic endeavors. With CleVoice, the best Kpop AI voice changer, you can transform your voice into your perferred Kpop idol: Jisoo AI voice instantly.

Embrace the power of Jisoo's enchanting vocals and captivate your audience with the magic of the Kpop AI voice changer. Change your voice today and embark on a journey of limitless creativity!

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