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[2024 Full Guide] Top 4 Real-Time VTuber Voice Changer for Streaming

Discover the top free VTuber voice changer app, you can change your voice into other voice filters during streaming now. Keep reading, you can get the best voice changer for VTubers and the detatiled guide on how to change your voice during streaming.

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Annie Brooks Annie Brooks

Feb 19, 2024 02:12 pm

Does VTuber use voice changer?

Yes, VTuber use voice changer. VTuber used to create streaming videos to attracts more fans and traffic. With the use of a VTuber voice changer, you can make your own virtual Youtube streaming videos stand out and look unique amongst your competitors.

If you want to change your voice during VTuber streaming, you need a reliable voice changer for VTubers.

Now in today's guide, we will be showing you the best VTubers voice changer you can use and how to transform your voice into various voice filters during streaming. Keep reading and dig out, you can find out the best free voice changer for VTubers. You can be the most attractive VTuber.

Vtuber voice changer

Part 1. Best Real-Time VTuber Voice Changer

Here are the lists of best real-time free VTubers voice changers. We will be starting with the most recommended among all of them

CleVoice Real-Time VTuber Voice Changer

The CleVoice real-time VTuber voice changer is the number one VTuber voice changer due to its realtime AI vtubing streaming audios. The voice filters are unique and stand out while vtubing.

However, it comes with several audio filters you can use. From gaming voice filters to celebrity voice filters, to action movie stars and comedy voice filters. The entire voice library contains more than 600+ voice filters you can select from.

CleVoice is also a smart free voice changer for VTuber, which can offer many free voice filters for you to use during streaming. This voice changer can help you become a successful VTuber. You can create plenty of AI voice to attract a large number of audiences.

CleVoice voice changer

CleVoice: Free Voice Changer for Vtuber Streaming

Here are some common features of the CleVoice VTube voice changer:

  • Offer various realistic AI voice filter.
  • Change your voice during streaming in real-time.
  • It has over 600+ voice filters which you can select from, such as male to female, gamer girl voice, celebrity voice, cartoon voice, etc.
  • It enables users to personalize their audio projects
  • Free to use, CleVoice offers many free voice filters every day.

How to Change Your Voice During Streaming Using CleVoice:

CleVoice is the most popular voice changer for streaming. Most of VTubers online would like to use CleVoice voice changer to change their voice during streaming. Follow the steps below, you can convert your voice into many voice effects now:

Step 1: Launch the CleVoice vocie changer software on your PC

launch clevoice

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Step 2: Select the input and output device immediately.

Set the Output and Input Devices

Step 3: Open a streaming platform, such as YouTuber, Tiktok, etc. Go to its audio settings, select CleVoice as the audio input device.

Step 4: Go to VoiceBox in CleVoice app, you can see a list of voice filters, just choose your favourite one.

Voice Changer for Vtuber

Step 5: Now you can change your voice during the streaming. You audiences can listen to your changeable voice online in real-time.

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CleVoice is an excellent voice changer for streaming. If you want to be a succuessful VTuber, try to use CleVoice to change your voice into others voice effects, you can make much fun to attract your audiences andcreate attractive and unique streaming videos.

Part 2. Other 3 Useful VTuber Voice Changer Apps

There are many voice changer app for VTubers you can use. These voice change software also have their shining features. Here are listing 3 VTubers AI voice changer tool, which are different from CleVoice voice changer.

1. VoiceMod Voice Changer for VTuber

VoiceMod is a powerful voice changer for VTuber. This Vtube voice changer enables users to modify and alter their voices to that of the character in games and videos. It also allows users to customize and edit their audio projects such as the speed, the pitch, and the tone of the voice. With this voice changer app, you can change your voice into many voice effects during streaming.

Although this software has a lot of features in comparison with that of CleVoice voice changer app, but VoiceMod AI voice sounds very robotic. Besides, VoiceMod is not a free VTuber voice changer app, you should pay for any voice filters you choose.

Voicemod voice changer

Pros and Cons of VoiceMod Voice Changer for Streaming


  • Comes with various other tools like lip synchronization.
  • The interface is easy to operate.
  • You can customize the pitch, speed, and tone of your Vtube audio recordings.


  • Reported to crash in several cases.
  • Expensive to use.
  • It also has lots of feedback for having glitches or error problems.

2. Voxal VTuber Voice Changer

The Voxal voice changer can be used in streaming. This vtube voice changer software is beginner-friendly voice-changing software that offers its users fundamental AI Vtubing voice changer options. Therefore, it has an easy-to-use interface and is also compatible with popular voice skins of video game characters, movie stars, and famous people voice

However, when compared with the CleVoice VTuber voice changer, the Voxal voice changer only comes in handy when users are looking for cheap and less advanced tools. You cannot use Voxal voice changer during streaming for real-time voice changing while streaming a vtubing session or recording.

Voxal voice changer

Pros and Cons of Voxal Voice Changer for Streaming


  • High-quality voice filter and altering effects.
  • Simple to use interface and compatibility.


  • The free version has a lot of limited VTuber voice changer options.
  • It often hangs and is known to have glitches once in a while.
  • Some users and customers report a lot of technical issues with the software.

3. is the last optional VTuber voice changer during streaming. The VTuber voice changer is a free voice-changing software that works with any PC application, including games and communications software. You can use to change your voice into female to male voice, celebrity voice, character voice, etc.

Moreover, comparing it to the CleVoice VTuber voice changer, the voice changer doesn't sound real-time as CleVoice. That is to say, you aren’t allowed to change your voice during streaming in real-time. There is a delay.

Goku ai voice changer

Pros and Cons of Voice Changer for Streaming


  • Easy to use
  • Mobile friendly on all mobile devices
  • Compatible


  • The VTuber voice changer isn’t 100% realtime
  • Most get technical issues when trying to use it for multiple voice-changing purposes

Part 3.Why VTuber Use Voice Changer During Streaming

There are several reasons why VTubers use AI VTuber voice changer while streaming or recordin. With a right voice changer during streaming, VTuber can yield twice the result with half the effort. Let's see some of the most common reasons below:

To Hide their Voice/Identity: Many streamers especially gamers prefer to keep their identity private for safety and confidential reasons. Therefore, the best way to do just that is by using a VTuber voice changer.

To Make Their Voice More Scary, Fun or Interesting: Some VTubers prefer to use AI VTuber voice changers to make their voice sound more fun to listen to, just like something out of the movie. It could be a fun and hilarious vtubing voice, or a deep and serious voice depending on the kind of content the VTuber puts out there.

To Engage their Audience and Viewers: Voice changers for streaming in all ways help engage viewers more, most especially for anime lovers, video games, and comical-based vtubing streaming sessions and videos. Since it can help blend your voice into the kind of content you're producing, it helps create more resonating virtual video content.


As a VTuber, having a great VTuber video changer by your side can be a great way to kick start your vtubing journey. It will help your content stand out, and can also assist you in creating content that matches your true original audience.

You can know the best 4 voice changer for VTuber. To be a famous VTuber, you can use the best free voice changer for VTuber -- CleVoice voice changer. This voice changer app can help you transform your voice in real-time. You can be a attractive VTuber with various magical voice.

You should check it out for yourself right now.

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