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Top 6 Free Real-Time Gaming Voice Changers in 2023

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Annie Brooks

Updated: Aug 04, 2023 04:38 pm

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‍ In the world of gaming, where virtual realms come to life, players are constantly seeking ways to elevate their experiences. Most gamers would like to mask their voice or change their voice sould like male, female, loly, or others.

So do you want to change your voice to other voice fitlers while gaming? Actually, it's easy to do it. Just with a great gaming voice changer online, you can change your voice in various games, such as Discord, Skype, Fortnite, Space Marine and so on.

This article aims to introduce top 6 real-time gaming voice changer tools and explore their potential impact on the gaming community. With these gaming voice changers for gaming, you can easily change your voice from male to female or vice verse while playing games in real-time.

gaming voice changer

Part 1. Can I Change My Voice While Playing Games?

Yes, you can change your voice while playing games by using a gaming voice changer tool. There are various voice changer options available for you to modify your voice in real-time during gaming sessions such as Call of Duty, Space Marine.

These smart gaming voice changers including CleVoice, SoundBot, VoiceMod, MagicVox and so on, all of them can easily change your voice to every kinds of voice filters you want.

Thus, you can definitely convert your voice while playing games, but only if you have a magical voice changer for game app.

gamevoice changer

Part 2. Top 6 Best Gaming Voice Changers for PC [Win or Mac]

A better gaming voice changer can give you a much more amazing gaming experience, so you should be more careful to select a perfect gaming voice changer for yourself. The following has top 6 available gaming voice changers. Just keep reading and find a brilliant voice changer.

2.1 CleVoice

CleVoice voice changer is one of the best gaming voice changers which enjoys a great popularity among the users globally. It offer a large number of voice filter library, so that users can change their voice to any voice filter they want such as male to female, celebrity like Donald Trump, cartoon while playing games. That would be much more fun and joys.

Besides, CleVoice voice changer for gaming allows a wide compatibility, it’s available for both Win and Mac computers. And also it has release its voice changer app, which enables users to transform their voice on both Android and iOS devices.

CleVoice voice changer

CleVoice voice changer

CleVoice: Top Real-Time Gaming Voice Changer Online

  • Gorgeous Voice Filters: CleVoice offers 125+ voice filter to change your voice in various gaming platform including Fortnite, Discord, Space Marine, Zoom, and more.
  • Real-Time Voice Changer: CleVoice voice changer for gaming supports to change your voice instantly in real-time without any limitation.
  • Free to Use: CleVoice offers lots of free-to-use voice filters for all users, so that users don’t need to pay a cent to change their voice in gaming.
  • Customization: You can adjust sound effects and voice settings to your preferences. And also you can adjust parameters like pitch, tone, and speed.
  • Easy to Use: You are able to change your voice to any celebrity voice filter instantly without any restrictions.

How to Use CleVoice to Change Your Voice to in gaming programs?

Step 1: Install and Launch CleVoice Voice Changer

Step 2: Set the Output and Input Devices

Please select the Headphones as the output device and select your real microphone as the input device, so that you can make sure the device can run well while changing your voice in gaming.

Set the Output and Input Devices

Step 3: Select A Gaming Voice Filter

Go to VoiceBox, click Games option, then a list of voice filters you can choose.

Voice Changer for cartoon

Step 4: Change Your Voice in Game Program

Open the program you want and navigate to its voice settings. Select the Microphone in the Input device. Then you can change your voice in real-time in the target gaming program.

gaming voice changer

2.2 SoundBot

Though SoundBot is a new gaming voice changer, it enjoys a large number of voice filters. You can use SoundBot voice changer for gaming to transform your voice in many kinds of gaming programs like Fornite, Discord, Call of Duty and so on. This tool is also a easy-to-use gaming voice changer, use-friendly for newbie users.

However, SoundBot has a limitation, it'a just available for Win, not supporting for Mac.

SoundBot gaming voice changer

2.3 MagicVox

MagicVox voice changer is also a kind of gaming voice changer. This voice changer offers various voice filters to support users change their voice on different platforms including Zoom, call of duty and more. With MagicVox gaming voice changer, you can select 100+ voice filters, which can make much fun for you while gaming.

gaming voice changer for gaming

2.4 VoiceMod

VoiceMod is a popular gaming voice changer tool widely used by gamers, streamers, and content creators. It offers a range of features and functionalities designed to enhance your gaming experience. It is also compatible with many popular games, including Discord, Space Marine, and offers outstanding sound quality.

VoiceMod offers both free and paid versions, with the paid version unlocking additional premium voice effects and customization options. Whether you're looking to add a touch of humor, role-play as a character, or simply entertain your audience, VoiceMod can be a valuable tool to elevate your gaming experience and unleash your creative voice.

gaming voice changer for PC

2.5 Clownfish

Clownfish voice changer is a popular voice changer software that provides real-time voice modulation for gamers and other users. The benefits of Clownfish voice changer include an easy-to-use interface, a wide variety of built-in sound effects and professional sound quality. However, some users have reported compatibility problems with certain systems.

gaming voice changer for gaming

2.6 NCH Voxal

NCH Voxal gaming voice changer allows you to alter your voice in real-time while using any application or communication platform. You can transform your voice during gaming, voice chats, or even while recording audio. Voxal voice changer works with most applications and communication platforms, including games, voice chat programs, and recording software.

It integrates seamlessly with these applications, allowing you to use the voice changer during your gaming sessions or while interacting with others.

gaming voice changer for gaming

Part 3. Why Do We Use A Gaming Voice Changer During Gaming?

People use gaming voice changers during gaming for various reasons, including:

Privacy : Some players prefer to remain anonymous and protect their real identity while gaming. By using a voice changer for gaming, they can alter their voice to sound different, making it difficult for others to identify them.

gaming girl voice changer

Fun and Entertainment : Voice changers for gaming can add an element of fun and entertainment to gaming sessions. Players can experiment with different voice effects, such as robotic voices, cartoon character voices, or celebrity impressions, to make the gaming experience more enjoyable for themselves and others.

Role-playing and Characterization : Voice changers allow players to immerse themselves more deeply in the game world. They can modify their voice to match the personality and traits of the character they are playing, enhancing the role-playing experience.

change voice in game

Trolling and Pranks : Unfortunately, some individuals may misuse voice changers for trolling or engaging in pranks during online gaming. They may use voice changers to deceive or annoy other players by pretending to be someone else or by using disruptive voice effects.

Streamers and Content Creators: Many streamers and content creators use voice changers to add uniqueness and entertainment value to their streams or videos. It can help them create distinct characters, comedic moments, or enhance storytelling during their gaming content.

Part 4 . How to Choose the Best Game Voice Changer Tool?

Choosing the best game voice changer tool can greatly enhance your gaming experience. To help you make an informed decision, here are some key factors to consider when selecting a game voice changer tool:


Ensure that the gaming voice changer tool you choose is compatible with your gaming platform or software. Whether you're gaming on PC, console, or mobile, check if the voice changer supports your specific platform.

Real-Time Voice Changing:

Look for a voice changer tool that offers real-time voice modulation. This feature allows you to instantly modify your voice as you speak, ensuring seamless integration with your gaming sessions.

Voice Effects Variety:

Assess the range of voice effects provided by the tool. Look for a voice changer that offers a diverse selection of effects, including robotic voices, creature sounds, celebrity impressions, and more. This versatility allows for greater customization and entertainment value.

Ease of Use:

Choose a user-friendly voice changer tool for gaming that doesn't require advanced technical skills. The interface should be intuitive and straightforward, enabling easy configuration and adjustment of voice settings.

Customization Options:

Consider the level of customization offered by the gaming voice changer tool. Can you create and save your own voice presets? Can you adjust parameters like pitch, tone, and speed? The ability to personalize your voice effects adds a unique touch to your gaming experience.


In short, voice-changing tools like CleVoice voice changer can be a great way to add a new dimension to your gaming experience. However, it's important to choose a high-quality gaming voice changer tool that offers a wide variety of features and outstanding sound quality. With the 6 best gaming voice changer tools for PC presented in this article, you're sure to find the perfect tool for your gaming needs.


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