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How to Fake WhatsApp Last Seen and View Others Real Last Seen?

You contacts can fake WhatsApp last seen without letting you know if they are online on WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp last seen tracker to view fake last seen on WhatsApp. This article will show you full guide about tracking fake WhatsApp last seen.

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Megan Evans Megan Evans

Jun 12, 2024 02:49 pm

In today's hyper-connected digital landscape, the concept of "last seen" on WhatsApp has become a double-edged sword. WhatsApp allows you to view all your contacts’ WhatsApp last seen under their WhatsApp name. You can know if someone is online or offline by viewing their WhatsApp online and last seen. However, someone can fake WhatsApp last seen to not let you know if he is online or offline on WhatsApp.

How to fake last seen on WhatsApp and how to check someone’s fake WhatsApp last seen? Don’t worry, this article will tell you full guide to fake last seen on WhatsApp and how to use a smart WhatsApp last seen tracker to track somone's real last seen on WhatsApp.

fake WhatsApp last seen

Part 1: Can Someone Fake Their Last Seen on WhatsApp?

Yes, someone can fake their last seen on WhatsApp. WhatsApp settings provides official method for all users to fake WhatsApp last seen for personal privacy. You can fake last seen on WhatsApp to not let other contacts to check your real WhatsApp last seen.

Or you can also use the third-party tool to fake WhatsApp last seen. In this case, nobody can check your WhatsApp last and know if you are online on WhatsApp.

Part 2: How to Fake WhatsApp Last Seen?

There are top 2 useful methods to fake WhatsApp last seen. Check them out and pick your favourite method to fake your last seen on WhatsApp.

1 Fake WhatsApp Last Seen Using WhatsApp Settings

The primary method involves leveraging the built-in privacy settings within the official WhatsApp app. By adjusting the "Last Seen" and "Online Status" options, users can effectively freeze their last seen timestamp, creating the illusion of being offline even when actively using the platform.

Step 1 Open the WhatsApp application on your device.

Step 2 Tap on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and navigate to the "Settings" menu. Select "Account" and then "Privacy."

Step 3 Under the "Last Seen" option, choose "Nobody" to completely hide your last seen status. For the "Online Status" setting, select "Same as Last Seen" to ensure your online presence is also concealed.

fake WhatsApp Last Seen

After applying these settings, your last seen timestamp will be frozen at the moment you made the changes, effectively creating a fake last seen status that your contacts will see. Nobody can view your WhatsApp online and last seen updates and know if you are online on WhatsApp.

2 Fake WhatsApp Last Seen Using GB WhatsApp

The official WhatsApp app only allows you to hide your last seen and online status on WhatsApp, which can show nothing under your name when you are actually online. But the modded version of WhatsApp -- GB WhatsApp can help you fake your WhatsApp last seen.

These modded apps typically include a dedicated "last seen" manipulation feature, allowing users to not only hide their own online status but also view the true last seen timestamps of their contacts, even if they have been concealed or faked.

Step 1 Download and install a modded WhatsApp version, such as GBWhatsApp, from a trusted source.

Step 2 Open the modified WhatsApp app and tap on the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.

Step 3 Navigate to the "Settings" menu, then "Account," and finally "Privacy." If you wish to completely hide your last seen status, set the "Last Seen" option to "Nobody."

Step 4 Return to the three-dot menu and go to "GB Settings," then "Privacy and Security." Activate the "Hide Online Status" feature to freeze your last seen timestamp.

By following these steps, your contacts will see your last seen status as the time you enabled the "Hide Online Status" feature, even if you continue to use WhatsApp actively.

Part 3: How to See Someone's Real WhatsApp Last Seen?

If you want to see someone’s fake WhatsApp last seen, you need a smart WhatsApp last seen tracker. The best tool is WspSeen that can check anyone’s fake WhatsApp last seen without being detected. Whatever somene fake their WhatsApp last seen or block you on WhatsApp, you can use WspSeen to view their WhatsApp last seen and online status.


WspSeen: Track Fake WhatsApp Last Seen Remotely

  • You can view anyone’ fake WhatsApp last seen and status without opening chat.

  • You can view numerous contacts’ hidden last seen on WhatsApp simultaneously.

  • You will get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp at once.

  • You can check and view your contacts’ online history and export it to excel.

  • Track all your contacts’ including your boyfriend’s WhatsApp online activity simultaneously.

Video Guide to See Hidden WhatsApp Last Seen

How to See Someone’s Fake WhatsApp Last Seen using WspSeen:

Step 1 Click this link to get the tool WspSeen.

Step 2 Navigate to ClevGuard Memeber Center page, click My Product column. Just tap on Start Monitoring icon to get WspSeen tracker, click Start Monitoring button, you will be located to the tracking page.

start using WspSeen

Step 3 Then you will get a QR code on the screen. Use your WhatsApp to scan the QR code, you can input all your contacts' WhatsApp online history.

add Contacts WhatsApp

Step 4 Now all your contact's WhatsApp online history will be shown on the screen. You can check and view their real WhatsApp last seen and online status. Click the button below, you can get this smart WhatsApp last seen tracker.

track boyfriend's WhatsApp last seen


  • No limitations to use this tool.

Part 4: Why Do People Fake WhatsApp Last Seen?

The motivations behind faking one's last seen status on WhatsApp are varied and often deeply rooted in personal or professional needs. Understanding these underlying reasons can provide valuable insights into the broader implications of this practice.

Privacy and Control: One of the primary drivers for faking last seen is the desire to maintain a greater sense of privacy and control over one's online presence. By obscuring their actual activity, users can create boundaries and avoid the perception of being constantly available or monitored.

Avoiding Distractions: In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the constant stream of notifications and the pressure to respond immediately can be overwhelming. Faking a last seen status can provide users with a respite from these distractions, allowing them to focus on other tasks or priorities without the perceived obligation to engage in conversations immediately.

Maintaining Boundaries: Faking last seen on WhatsApp can also be a means for individuals to build and maintain boundaries within their personal and professional relationships. By controlling the information they share about their online availability, users can manage expectations and set appropriate boundaries with contacts who may otherwise make assumptions or demands based on their last seen status.

Avoiding Confrontation: In certain situations, individuals may opt to fake their "last seen" status to avoid potential confrontations or conflicts. This could be particularly relevant in cases where relationships are strained or sensitive topics are being discussed.

Pranks and Mischief: While not a primary motivation, some users may engage in faking their "last seen" status purely for the sake of pranks or mischief. The ability to mislead others, even temporarily, can be seen as a form of harmless entertainment for some individuals.

FAQs About WhatsApp Last Seen

Q1: How do you know if someone is checking your WhatsApp last seen?

There is no direct way to know if someone is actively checking your WhatsApp last seen status. However, if you notice changes in your contacts' behavior or receive messages shortly after your last seen timestamp, it may be an indication that they are monitoring your online presence.

Q2: How to see last seen on WhatsApp without opening chat?

To view a contact's last seen status without opening their chat, you can simply tap on their profile picture or name within the WhatsApp contacts list. This will display their last seen timestamp without the need to enter the conversation.

Q3: How to tell if someone is online on WhatsApp?

There are a few ways to determine if a contact is currently online on WhatsApp: Check their profile picture or name in the contacts list - if it displays "online," they are active on the app. Look for the "typing" indicator in the chat window when you're conversing with them. Use a tool like FamiGuard WhatsApp Last Seen to monitor their online status in real-time.

Q4. Why would someone's last seen not updated?

There are many reasons that can cause someone's last seen not updated.

  • Someone hides his WhatsApp last seen. Someone's last seen will not update if he choose to hide it or block you on WhatsApp.
  • Someone uses GB WhatsApp to fake their WhatsApp last seen.
  • Your WhatsApp version is too old to see others WhatsApp last seen updated.
  • Your poor network connection lets you not seen someone's WhatsApp last seen update.


WhatsApp Users can fake their WhatsApp last seen to not let you know if they are online on WhatsApp or when they are offline on WhatsApp. It's pretty easy to fake WhatsApp last seen. However, here's also a trick to help you see someone's fake WhatsApp last seen without being seen. Using a Smart WhatsApp last seen tracker like WspSeen, you can track and view anyone's WhatsApp online status and last seen even if they fake them.

Just click the button below, you can have this tool to see someone's fake last seen on WhatsApp.


By Megan Evans

A certified content marketing specialist with great passion for Internet and online safety. She is bent on educating the audience about cyber safety tips and tricks.

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