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Why Does My Location Keep Turning Off? How to Fix

Megan Evans Megan Evans

Apr 10, 2024 03:39 pm

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Location services on our devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it's finding directions, discovering nearby attractions, or connecting with friends, location plays a crucial role. However, you may have experienced moments when your location keeps turning off unexpectedly. This article aims to explore the reasons why does my location keep turning off issue and provide possible solutions to resolve it.

Part 1. Common Causes for Location Turning Off

Battery-Saving Settings

Battery-saving settings on your device can have an impact on location services. These settings are designed to optimize battery usage by limiting certain functions, including GPS. While they can help extend battery life, they may also cause your location to turn off unexpectedly.

To adjust battery settings for location, go to your device's settings menu and look for the battery or power-saving options. Depending on your device, you may find different options such as "Battery Optimization" or "Battery Saver." Ensure that location services are exempted from any restrictions imposed by these settings.

App Permissions

Apps installed on your device require specific permissions to access location services. If you have denied or limited the location permission for a particular app, it may result in your location turning off when using that app.

To check app permissions, navigate to your device's settings and find the "Apps" or "Applications" section. Look for the app causing the location issue and review its permissions. Ensure that the app has the necessary location permissions enabled.

If you find that an app's location permission is disabled, you can grant it access by toggling the switch next to the permission option. Be cautious and grant permissions only to trusted apps.

GPS Signal Interference

GPS relies on signals received from satellites to determine your precise location. However, certain environmental factors can interfere with these signals, causing your location to turn off intermittently.

Factors like tall buildings, dense vegetation, and adverse weather conditions can weaken GPS signals. If you are experiencing location issues in such areas, try moving to an open space or restarting your device to reestablish the GPS connection.

Part 2. Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Location Keep Turning Off

If your location keeps turning off, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

Restarting the device: A simple restart can resolve temporary glitches and refresh the device's system, potentially fixing the location issue.

Resetting location settings: Resetting the location settings can help eliminate any misconfigurations that may be causing the problem. To do this, go to your device's settings, locate the "Location" or "Location Services" option, and choose the "Reset" or "Reset Location Settings" option.

Updating device software: Keeping your device's software up to date ensures you have the latest bug fixes and improvements. Check for any available software updates in your device settings and install them if necessary.

Using Wi-Fi and network-based location: If you experience frequent GPS signal issues, you can rely on Wi-Fi and network-based location services instead. These methods use nearby Wi-Fi networks and cellular towers to estimate your location, providing a fallback option when GPS signals are weak or unavailable.

Switching between high-accuracy and battery-saving mode: Most devices offer different location modes, including high-accuracy mode and battery-saving mode. High-accuracy mode utilizes GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks for precise location, while battery-saving mode relies on Wi-Fi and network-based estimates. Switching between these modes based on your needs can help conserve battery while maintaining location services.

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FAQs: More About Location Keep Turning Off

1. Why is it important to keep location services enabled?

Keeping location services enabled allows you to enjoy various location-based features and apps such as navigation, weather updates, and personalized recommendations.

2. Can a weak GPS signal affect other apps besides navigation?

Yes, a weak GPS signal can impact any app or service that relies on location information, including social media check-ins, ride-sharing apps, and fitness trackers.

3. How often should I update my device's software?

It is recommended to regularly check for software updates and install them as they become available. This ensures your device has the latest bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvements.

4. Can location services drain the device's battery?

Location services, especially when used with GPS, can consume a significant amount of battery. However, modern devices are optimized to balance functionality and battery life. Adjusting location settings and using battery-saving modes can help minimize the impact on battery.

5. Is it possible to turn off location services completely?

Yes, it is possible to disable location services completely. However, keep in mind that doing so will prevent you from using location-based features and apps that rely on accurate location information.


In conclusion, encountering issues where your location keeps turning off can be frustrating. By understanding the common causes and implementing the suggested solutions, you can regain consistent and reliable location services on your device. Remember to check your battery-saving settings, review app permissions, and troubleshoot any GPS signal interference. Also, you are suggested to try ClevGo. With these steps, you can ensure that your device accurately pinpoints your location whenever you need it.


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