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How to Do a Verizon Phone Number Lookup Online?

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Cody Walsh

Updated: Nov 17, 2021 05:48 pm

4 min read

Verizon phone number lookup is a very interesting and important service which helps you to identify someone on internet through his phone number.

For example, you want to know about the details of an unknown number who is continually disturbing you and you are getting irritated, you can identify him through this app.

Moreover, it can be used for several other purposes like to know whom your child or any concerned person is talking to.

Do A Verizon Phone Number Lookup Online via SpyDialer

Verizon Wireless Phone number lookup has been made possible and very easy by the use of this famous and highly recommendable application. SpyDialer just asks you the phone number and provides you accurate and valuable information of the person using that number.

It can be his email, address and any other such unique information. You can even get the criminal record of any person by using this application. SpyDialer provides you 10 searches a day.

Although it is enough for a normal person but a person running a business or a company may need to get records of his employees more than 10 per day. They are offered to buy its features and avail the offer more than 10.

SpyDialer also provides you complete background of any person you want to search. It is totally legal as it collects data from already public databases.


Steps Of Using

  • Download it in your device and install the application.
  • Go to Home Page. Simply add the number against which you need the information.
  • After adding the number press “Search” and you will get the desired results.
  • Pros

  • It is free to use.
  • Its interface is user-friendly.
  • You can also search by address, email and name etc. other than phone number.
  • It is accurate.
  • To get more details than the normal ones. You can get its paid version and enjoy its special features.
  • It is a legal application.
  • Cons

  • It only provides 10 searches a day.
  • You have to pay when need more than 10 searches a day.
  • It can only be used with internet access.
  • If you want to do background search on a person, you will pay some amount.
  • Do A Verizon Phone Number Lookup Online via Instant Checkmate

    Instant Checkmate is one of the best applications used to find out the details of people online by using their phone number or any other specific detail.

    By searching out the number you can find the address, educational background, criminal record, email and other personal details that are already publicly available somewhere on database.

    Instant Checkmate offers you to also buy its paid account to enjoy all its features and extract more and deep details of someone. The amazing this which makes it different from other applications is that it also provides customer care service for its users.

    In case of any issue, the person can contact the customer care representatives and they will provide you the best solution for your problem.



  • Instant Checkmate has proved itself to be user-friendly as its interface is well designed and clear.
  • It can be accessed through both whether your Pc or smart phone.
  • You can get unlimited background reports with complete details when you become a member of this application.
  • Easily accessible like if you do not have complete details about the person, you can mention what details you have, rest work will be done by the application and provide you the accurate reset of your query.
  • It is compatible with both Android and the IOS mobile phones.
  • Cons

  • Instant Checkmate is a little bit slow, as it takes some time to generate results for the search being made.
  • It’s customer service is not the best, they are slow in responding. For example, you applied to cancel the membership, they will respond you late even you will be charged after the end date of your service.
  • How Do These Methods Work?

    The working of these methods is very simple and quite understandable. These applications just have fast servers and when user enters any query, they fetch the results from public databases that match the required information and provides the results to its users.

    For example, I enter a number of a person who is continually calling me and irritating me. As I will enter the number, the server will look into data bases and show the results in few seconds that are available in the database.

    It may include information like email, educational background, criminal record, and address and also the social media accounts etc.

    What Kind of Information Can You Get?

    Verizon phone number lookup service helps you a lot in getting information of several kinds. These applications provide you all the possible and maximum information available on the internet.

    You can not only search the phone number but also the find a person by entering his email address or any other information that is helpful is finding the person.

    From email address, you can find the real name of that person, phone number of that person, location history and many more things available.

    Searching a phone number you can get the email id, address, complete background, family details, criminal record, social media accounts and activities, many other things available online related to that specific person.

    Is There a Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service?

    Absolutely yes, there are a number of applications providing totally free reverse cell phone lookup service. Although, most of the applications provide trial-based service or some applications provide limited services for free.

    A normal person looking to get data of a number can easily get freely. Just like spyDialer provides a limited service for searching only 10 numbers a day and if you want to exceed that number you have to buy an account for it.

    Moreover, there are many other applications and each application has its unique features due to which they are preferred as per the need of user.

    How Can I Trace a Person by Mobile Number?

    There are several ways to trace a person by mobile number. It can be through hacking, or by using some applications that helps tracing a person by mobile number.

    Way 1

    There are several applications available which helps you trace a person. Like you want to trace your child by his mobile number or any of your employee.

    For that purpose, the decent way is to use several applications available online that provide you the access to trace anyone.

    KidsGuard Pro for Android is an application that can track the location of any person you want. Other than location, you can also view phone call logs, read the messages of targeted person and also the social media activities.

    Step 1. Click Monitor Now button below to sign up an KidsGuard Pro account.

    Monitor Now View Demo

    Step 2. Log into your account and go to My Products page, click on Setup Guide button and follow the instruction to install KidsGuard Pro for Android onto target phone. This step needs to take 5 minutes.

    my product

    Step 3. After correct setting, the icon of this app will disappear from target phone's home screen, it's 100% undetectable, now you can view target phone's activities from dashboard on your own device.


    Way 2

    Another way to trace someone by his phone number is with the help of legal proceedings. The system of law enforcing agencies is very advanced and very experts are available to control all activities.

    Cyber security is one of the specific departments dealing with such cases. You can take help from them and they have a very advanced technology by which they can easily track any person and watch their activities on internet.

    This is a legal method as state is itself involved in it and provides you all the support you need.

    Can Verizon Pull up Deleted Text Messages?

    Verizon has the amazing feature by which you can easily retrieve the deleted text messages from your phone.

    It is a best application for restoring messages and also very easy to restore without any headache. Verizon provides backup facility by which you can restore the deleted messages.

  • Simply open the Verizon messaging app.
  • Then open up the menu icon.
  • Tap to open the "Settings".
  • Click on "Account".
  • Then click on the "Restore messages" button.
  • In this way you can easily restore your deleted messages from phone. There are many other ways also available but it is the simplest one without any complication.
  • Conclusion

    From all above discussion, it is very clear to answer if someone asks a question that how do I look up a Verizon number? There are several applications available on internet that are providing this service online free and also with some paid features.

    Professionals may need these kinds of applications with more advanced features. So, they must prefer paid accounts to get data more accurately and more precisely.

    These applications are totally legal and fetch data from only public data bases. You can get all possible information available on internet related to any person within a minute time.


    By Cody Walsh

    An experienced technology blogger and editor who has spent more than a decade writing about software, gadgets, and computing etc all over the Internet.

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