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Never Miss a Notification Again: How to View Notification History on Android

Have you ever swiped away a notification too quickly and wished you could see it again? You're not alone. Many Android users want to know how to access their notification history. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to view your notification history on Android, ensuring you never miss an important alert again.

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Cody Walsh Cody Walsh

Jun 25, 2024 10:27 am

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Have you ever missed an important notification on your Android device and wished you could see past notifications? If so, you're not alone. Many Android users find themselves in situations where they need to view old notifications that have already been cleared.

This quick guide will show you how to see past notifications on Android devices. We'll cover built-in methods, third-party apps like KidsGuard Pro, and Samsung-specific solutions to help you access your notification history with ease.

How to Enable Notification History on Android [Free]

Android offers an inbuilt way to check notification history, but the premise is to enable this setting. To enable notification history on your Android device and view past notifications, follow these steps:

How to see full past notifications on stock Android devices

Stock Android refers to the version of the Android operating system as directly released by Google, without any modifications or additions made by device manufacturers (OEMs) like Samsung, Huawei, or Xiaomi. If your Android devices are stock ones, here’s the guide:

How to access notification history on stock android

  • Swipe up from the home screen to open the app drawer.
  • Tap the cog wheel icon to open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Notifications” > “Notification history”.
  • Toggle on "Use notification history" if it's not already enabled.

You can now dismiss notifications and access your notification history by swiping down the notification shade and tapping "History" at the bottom. This will show all notifications from the past 24 hours.

View disappeared notifications on other Android phones

If you're using a non-stock Android phone, such as Pixel, OnePlus, Moto, or similar Android phone, you can create a shortcut to the Notification Log by adding the “Settings” widget and selecting “Notification Log”.

For devices where the “Settings” widget isn't available, consider using Nova Launcher or Activity Launcher to access the notification log.

Notice: Keep in mind, Android retains only the last 24 hours of notifications in its history. Enabling this feature can help you effectively manage missed or accidentally dismissed notifications."

KidsGuard Pro: View Past Deleted Notifications on Someone's Android

If you want to view past deleted notifications on someone's Android device, you can use KidsGuard Pro - a powerful phone monitoring app. What’s the best about this app is that it’s totally undetectable. Therefore, no icon appears on the home screen and app library. Here’s what you should do to see someone’s past notifications:

Step 1: Sign up for a new account and check out the free demo to see if it meets your needs. Then opt for a suitable plan to access the full functionality;

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Step 2: When ready, navigate to the “User Center” > “KidsGuard Pro”. After you are redirected to the online dashboard, click “Logs” > “Notification” to view all the old notification history. By the way, you can adjust the time range to check the Android notification history as well.

How to check notification history in kidsguard pro

In addition to viewing someone’s past notifications on Android, KidsGuard Pro, as an all-rounder in phone tracking, is capable of the following tasks:

  • Screen time management: Manage and control screen time effectively. Set usage limits for devices or specific apps;
  • Location tracking: Utilize GPS technology to track the locations of a device or individual. Provide the location history on Android and set up virtual geo-fences
  • IM chat monitoring: Monitor message content and contact list. Set real-time keyword alerts for suspicious activities on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and other IMs.
  • Internet history: Track websites visited, search history, and browsing habits. Block or filter inappropriate websites based on content categories.
  • Gallery monitoring: View photos and videos stored on the child's device. Detect and filter out inappropriate images or videos.

KidsGuard Pro starts working when installed on the target phone. That means you can check cleared notification history after the app is already downloaded on the Android device. Otherwise, it cannot capture and collect any notification for you.

How to View Old Notifications on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung devices running Android 11 and above have a built-in Notification History feature that allows you to view old notifications for the past 24 hours, even if you missed or cleared them. To access it, navigate to “Settings” > “Advanced Settings” > “Notification History” and toggle it on. Here’s the detailed guide:

How to see notification history on samsung

  • Swipe up from the home screen and open “Settings”.
  • Scroll to “Notifications” and select “Advanced” settings.
  • Tap on “Notification history” and turn on the toggle.
  • Swipe down from the top to open the notification center. Dismiss any app alerts.

You can now check the Notification history menu to view your past notifications chronologically, with the most recent at the top.

Alternatives to Check Past Notification History

A few third-party apps also let you view old notifications on your Samsung device, and even sync them from another phone. Here are some popular options:

Notification History Log

This is a dedicated notification logger on Android which can easily manage, sort, and view all past notifications you received. Additionally, one is able to auto-lock the device, manage media files, and restore notifications to phone memory.

notification history log


NotiSaver is an Android app designed to log and manage notification history on your device. It auto-keeps notification logs, lets you group app notifications into categories for customization, and tracks read/cleared notifications from the notification bar.


In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to miss important notifications on our Android devices. Fortunately, with the methods and tools discussed in this guide, you can easily see your notification history and stay on top of important updates. Whether you prefer built-in solutions, third-party apps like KidsGuard Pro, or Samsung-specific features, there are numerous options to suit your needs.

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Q1: How do I access Google notifications on my device?

A: To check your Google notifications on an Android device, execute the following: Open the Google Admin app, switch to your administrator account if needed by tapping Menu followed by the Down Arrow, then select Menu again and choose "Notifications." You can tap on any notification to view its details.

Q2: What is the notification bar on Android, and where can I find it?

A: The notification bar, also known as the status bar, is a component at the top of the Android screen. It serves to display notification icons, battery status, the current time, and other system-related information.

Q3: Why Aren't Notifications Appearing on My Android Phone?

A: If you're not seeing notifications on your Android phone, ensure that notifications are activated for the apps you're interested in. Also, review your battery-saving settings since these can restrict app functionality or notifications when the battery level falls below a specific threshold. The Battery Saver Mode, in particular, is known to affect notification delivery.


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