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Step-by-Step Guide to KidsGuard Pro

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Before You Start

  • Physical access to the device is required.
  • Do not use this product for illegal purposes.

If the target phone has not been jailbroken

Notice:Jailbreaking is to gain full control of the device and the highest management authority of all files, so that real-time monitoring of iPhone can be realized and more functions can be realized.

Video Tutorial: How to Install KidsGuard Pro for iOS RT

Step 1: Add source in Cydia

Open Cydia and follow the steps below to add the sources we provide: Cydia > Sources > Edit > Add:

open cydia arrow_img find KidsGuad Pro source
install kidaguard pro package arrow_img install kidaguard pro package

Step 2: Install KidsGuard Pro from the source

You can click the source to enter the details page to complete the installation or search for KidsGuardPro to install.

install kidaguard pro arrow_img install KidsGuad Pro package
complete KidsGuad Pro pinstallation arrow_img complete KidsGuad Pro pinstallation

Step 3: Configuration information

After the installation is complete, open KidsGuard Pro. Enter the purchase email and password to configure basic device information.

KidsGuard Pro installation

Step 4: Choose whether to hide Cydia

If you have not jailbroken and downloaded Cydia before, it is recommended to choose to hide Cydia.

You can also choose to skip the step of hiding Cydia.

hide cydia

Step 5: Hide the KidsGuard Pro app, the configuration is complete

After the configuration is complete, the app will be automatically hidden for you.

The plug-in will continue to work for you, you can go to the KidsGuard Pro dashboard to monitor the iphone now.

hide the app


Please pay attention to clear the browsing history and jailbreak tools of the target mobile phone.




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