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2024 Top Bulk WhatsApp Number Checker You Should Know

Discover the best WhatsApp Number Checker to check if your WhatsApp contacts are active or inactive in bulk. You can also delete your WhatsApp contacts in bulk.

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Megan Evans Megan Evans

Jun 01, 2024 10:12 am

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users from all around the wolrd. Each user may have 2 or more WhatsApp account. However, there will be bulk inactive WhatsApp account online. WhatsApp has policies in place to manage inactivity. For example, accounts that are inactive for 45 days or more might be recycled and made available for new users if the same number is re-registered.

Luckily, this article will tell you the best method to check if bulk WhatsApp is active on WhatsApp. Use bulk WhatsApp number checker, you can check if bulk number is active on WhatsApp seamlessly. Keep reading and find out the best WhatsApp number checker bulk here.

bulk WhatsApp number checker

Part 1. Can I Check WhatsApp Number in Bulk?

Yes, you can check WhatsApp number in bulk. But tipically, there is no official method to check WhatsApp number in bulk. You can use some trick to do it. For example, you can use a bulk WhatsApp number check to check if the WhatsApp numbers are active on WhatsApp.

Part 2. How to Check WhatsApp Number in Bulk?

If you want to know bulk numbers are active on WhatsApp, then you should use bulk WhatsApp number checker. This part will tell you best WhatsApp bulk number checker to help you out. WspSeen is the best bulk WhatsApp number checker, which can check limitless WhatsApp number at the same time.

You can check if bulk number is active on WhatsApp in no time. Just input the bulk number in WspSeen tool, you can check which WhatsApp numbers are active, and which are not.


Why Choose WspSeen?

  • Check bulk WhatsApp number without any restrictions.

  • Check bulk WhatsApp number with a high efficiency.

  • You can bulk deleted the inactive WhatsApp account in your contacts list.

  • East to use with seamless steps.

How to Check If Bulk Number is Active Using WspSeen:

Use this bulk WhatsApp number checker, you can easily check if the WhatsApp numbers are active on WhatsApp.

Step 1 Click the button below to have this WhatsApp number checker. You can get a tracking plan of this WhatsApp tracker. Click the Monitor Now button below to move on.


ClevGuard WspSeen

Best Bulk WhatsApp Number Tracker

Step 2 After buying a tracking plan, you can get WspSeen tool in this page. Click Start Monitoring to move on.

start using WspSeen

Step 3 Go to your WhatsApp Settings > Link Device, use your WhatsApp to scan the QR code below, you can access all your WhatsApp contacts on the screen. If the WhatsApp number are active, them they will be shown on the screen, or they will not. In this way, you can check all your WhatsApp number in bulk to know which WhatsApp number are inactive.

bulk whatsapp number checker

Step 4 You can also track all your contacts' online status and last seen on the screen. Enable the Online Notification on the upper-right corner, you can also get notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp instantly.

how to see when someone was last active on WhatsApp

Honestly, WspSeen is a professional WhatsApp online tracker for tracking any contact’s online status and last seen on WhatsApp. With this tool, you can know if someone is online or offline on WhatsApp remotely. Check the features below, you can know this WhatsApp online spy checker better.

Other Shining Features of WspSeen

  • Monitor WhatsApp online status and last seen of anyone.

  • Able to check and export someone’s WhatsApp online history to your device.

  • Able to spy on someone’s hidden WhatsApp online activity.

  • Allow you to get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp without opening WhatsApp.

  • Able to track and view all your contact’s online status and offline time at the same time.

Other Methods to Check If Bulk WhatsApp Numbers Are Active

To check if a large number of WhatsApp numbers are active, you can use several methods, but keep in mind that WhatsApp does not officially support or endorse bulk verification of phone numbers. Doing this manually for each number can be tedious and time-consuming. Here are some approaches you could consider:

1 Manual Verification One By One

This is a free method to check if a WhatsApp number is active. But you should check the WhatsApp number one by one. Save each number to your contacts. Open WhatsApp and refresh your contact list. Check if the number appears in your WhatsApp contacts.

2 Using WhatsApp API

WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to interact with their customers. However, it does not provide direct functionality to check the active status of phone numbers. You would need to send a message to each number and check the delivery status, but this can be impractical and intrusive.

3 Automation with Scripts

Using programming languages like Python, you can write a script to automate the process of checking bulk WhatsApp numbers. This would typically involve using a library or tool that can interact with WhatsApp Web.

FAQs About Bulk Whatsapp Number Checker Free

Q1 Does WhatsApp work with an inactive number?

WhatsApp requires an active phone number to register and use the service. Here’s how it works with inactive numbers:

Initial Registration To create a WhatsApp account, you must verify your phone number. WhatsApp sends an SMS or a voice call to the provided number to confirm that it’s active and belongs to you.

Account Inactivity: If a phone number becomes inactive (e.g., the SIM is removed or the service is discontinued), the WhatsApp account can still be used on the device where it was originally registered. However, you won't be able to re-verify the account or use it on a new device without access to the active number.

Q2 Can you call someone who has deleted WhatsApp?

If someone has deleted WhatsApp, you cannot call them through WhatsApp. Here's why:

WhatsApp Calls: WhatsApp calls (both voice and video) require both the caller and the recipient to have the WhatsApp app installed and an active internet connection. If the recipient has deleted WhatsApp, they won’t receive the call because the app is no longer available on their device to handle the call.

Unregistered Number: When someone deletes WhatsApp, their number might still be registered for a short period until WhatsApp detects inactivity or the user’s account gets removed. Even if the number appears in your contacts, the app won’t be able to connect the call since the recipient no longer has the app to receive it.

Q3 If a number is temporarily deactivated, will WhatsApp work?

If a phone number is temporarily deactivated, whether WhatsApp will continue to work depends on a few factors: SIM Card Removed or Phone Turned Off Service Temporarily Disconnected

Q4 How long can WhatsApp be inactive?

To ensure security, minimize data retention, and safeguard user privacy, WhatsApp accounts are typically deleted after 120 days of inactivity. Inactivity is defined as the user not connecting to WhatsApp. An internet connection is necessary for an account to remain active.


WhatsApp doesn’t offer any direct method to help you direct method to bulk check WhatsApp number, but this article does. You have learn the best bulk WhatsApp number checker -- ClevGuard WspSeen to help you check if bulk WhatsApp numbers are active on WhatsApp. It’s a smart WhatsApp tracker online, not only for track bulk WhatsApp number, but also check your contacts’ online activity without any limitation.


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