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11 Best Snapchat Monitoring Apps of 2020

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Oct 14, 2019 02:12 pm tips_icon Device Monitoring

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms these days, due to its unique story feature at the time of release. Using Snapchat, you can send picture messages to your friends, which can be edited using various filters available and disappear automatically once they are viewed. Teens specifically like to use Snapchat due to this feature.

But while Snapchat isn't bad or dangerous in itself, improper usage can lead to a lot of problems. Cyberbullying is the most common problem on social media regardless of platform, and this also includes Snapchat. Moreover, there are other dangers like cyber predators, who are ready to pounce at any chance they get to extort money from unsuspecting teenagers. That's why parents across the world want to know "can Snapchat be monitored by parents?" It is important for parents to monitor Snapchatactivities of their kids so that they can protect them from these predators. So, in this article, we will tell you how to monitor Snapchat on iPhone and Android devices.

Top 11 Snapchat Monitoring Apps

1. KidsGuard Pro

Of all the apps to monitor Snapchat, KidsGuard Pro stood out in our tests.This is a powerful mobile monitoring app designed for parents. You can use it to check all the sent and received Snapchat messages. Besides, the daily Snapchat usage is also visible, which can help you understand how much time has been spent on it. As this app offers photos tracking and remote screenshot feature, you will be able to check the images saved from Snapchat or even capture a real-time screenshot when your child is using this app. Another important point is that the price of KidsGuard Pro is cheaper than its competitors, which will only cost $8.32 per month.

kidsguard pro snapchat monitoring

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2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is an ideal app to monitor Snapchat for both iPhone and Android devices. Aside from monitoring Snapchat, youcan also monitor other social media as well as using Hoverwatch. It also offers other monitoring features like text and calls monitoring, tracking web history, location, WhatsApp, emails, block websites and much more. It is available in three subscriptions- personal starting at $24.95/month, professional starting at $49.95/month and Business at $149.95month.


3. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is a very useful Snapchat monitoring app available in the market that offers excellent Snapchat monitoring. FoneMonitor allows parents to examine what their kids are doing on Snapchat and what kind of messages, photos, and video they share from their Snapchat account. It is available at just $ 39.99 per month for the Premium version. Keep in mind, the Premium version is equipped with Snapchat tracking and not the basic version. The basic version only includes text and call tracking, GPS, checking browsing history etc,

fonemonitor tracker app

4. Pumpic

Among the top apps for monitoring Snapchat on your child's device, Pumpic is another that will take you by surprise. It allows you to access all of your child's Snapchat messages, including the ones already deleted. It offers two packages from which you can choose from as per your requirements. Pumpic is available at a price of $14.55/month for iOS and $7.33/month for Android users.

pumpic app

5. WebWatcher

WebWatcher is another application that will help you monitor Snapchat activities on your child's device. Using WebWatcher, you can easily retrieve all Snapchat information discreetly without alerting your kids. WebWatcher for Android and iOS smartphone starts at $10.83/month.


6. iKeyMonitor

If you have been looking for a way onhow to monitor Snapchat for free, then iKeyMonitor is the best solution. It offers excellent social media monitoring features and can also monitor call logs and block apps. iKeyMonitor is available for free and you can purchase add-on features later at $9.99/3-days or buy the premium pack at $49.99/month.


7. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is also a great tool to monitor Snapchat on your kid's device. It allows you to track all activities on a Snapchat app like messages, images or videos send/received. It is very easy to use TheTruthSpy and even someone without much technical knowledge can use it without much difficulty. It also comes in three packages - Standard ($21.99/month), premium($25.99/month) and Gold($30.99/month).


8. Mobile Tracker Free

It is yet another wonderful and reliable app to monitor Snapchat on iPhone and Android devices. It not only tracks Snapchat activities of your kids but it also has other monitoring features like text messages tracking, call logs monitoring, web history tracking and much more. A free version with limited monitoring features is available aside from basic subscription starting at $4.53/month and Premium subscription starting at $7.92/month.


9. SpyFone

If you have been asking how to monitor Snapchat, then SpyFone is another solution available to you. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and offers you various monitoring tools that will help you monitor your child's device activities including Snapchat text, photos, and videos. It is available in two packages - Premium package starting at $16.66/month and Extreme package starting at $24.99/month.


10. CocoSpy

CocoSpy is a reliable tool to monitor Snapchat activities on your kid's device. It allows you to view the photos or videos your kids might be sending to others on Snapchat as well as read messages that they send/receive. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. It starts at $49.99/month for the Premium version which is the only subscription available with Snapchat monitoring and other parental control features.


11. MobiStealth

MobiStealth is another great addition to this list. Using this app, parents can easily track messages, photos and videos attachment shared from your child's device. Moreover, it also provides other monitoring features like location tracking, text messages, call logs, contacts, etc. MobiStealth for Android starts at $59.99/month while iOS users need to spend $69.99/month.


So, here are the top picks with the help of which you can monitor Snapchat on your kids' phone easily. These are all potent parental monitoring apps which can be very helpful. Each of them has their own unique features and advantages, choose the one that suits your requirements.

KidsGuard Pro - Providing Overall Protection for Kids' Online Safety

Snapchat isn't the only app that you need to monitor in order to ensure the online safety of your kids. But, you also need to track their texts, call logs, web history as well as real-time location. Though, most of the Snapchat monitoring apps mentioned above also provide you with these monitoring features, if you want a specialized parental control tool for your kids, then KidsGuard Pro is the best choice.

As the name sounds, KidsGuard Pro is a parental control and child monitoring tool designed specifically for parents who want to monitor their growing kids. This helps them make sure that they don't view something inappropriate online like pornography, violence, drugs, and gambling, and also how and who they associate with others through texts and calls.

Other Features of KidsGuard Pro

  • KidsGuard Pro allows parents to get free access to their kid's text messages, call logs, contacts and media files like photos and videos.

  • Parents can also monitor other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, WeChat, QQ, etc. using KidsGuard Pro.

  • KidsGuard Pro allows parents to track the real-time location of their kid's device so that they can know where they are at the moment.

  • Parents can also capture a screenshot of their kid's device screen in real-time to know what app or what are they doing on their device at that time.

  • It is also possible to view the app used and keystrokes typed throughout the day.

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