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How to Hack Facebook Password? Find 10 Effective Ways Here

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Cody Walsh

Updated: May 29, 2024 10:23 am

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Although, Facebook is one of the most secure social media platforms in the world. "Hack Facebook", still is one of the most searched topics on the internet. Let's just not get into the reasons why the users are looking for a way to hack a Facebook account but rather get straight into, how to hack Facebook password?

There are actually multiple ways available to hack a Facebook account. All of them may not be that effective or even safe but they come with the possibility. So, have a look, we have discussed them below.

10 Tips to Hack Facebook Password

Here are our top 10 tips to hack Facebook account password. The following methods that we are about to discuss do work but not in an efficient way. Most of them are very risky to implement when they are being used for getting someone's Facebook account password and other details. Although, we have also introduced a safe and effective method that is easy to implement for the users.

So, without further ado, let's look at the ways to hack Facebook password online;

Way 1: Guess the Password

It's quite right that we use the same password for multiple accounts. The probability to use a fresh new password for each account is low. So, if you just carefully try and guess the password you will be able to get into the account.

There are also a few common passwords and statistically, these are the most used password in the world. Implanting them properly may help with a successful Facebook hack.

  • [name]007

  • [name]123

  • [name]123$$ or 123##

  • [mobile number] $$$

  • old mobile numbers or current mobile number

  • Crush name

  • Girlfriend's name etc.

Most often the guessing does not work as efficiently as you may think.

guess facebook password

Way 2: Try Older Passwords

A lot of the times we try to think too deeply about the relevance of the password and what it could be. But most of the times it is not that deep when it comes to such things as people are very lazy.

Basically, they come up with a good strong password and use it everywhere. This is what most people do. Just think there are so many accounts to create a password for; Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, etc. Most often, they all end up being the same.

So, this is how to crack Facebook password. Think of any previously used password and use then to hack the account. Sometimes, the password may be a bit altered from the previous one but not totally different. You can try the target's Gmail password, most of the times it works. Unfortunately, this procedure is not very efficient.

Way 3: Remember Me

One of the best ways to acquire the password for the Facebook account is by letting the user use your device to log in. Just make sure that the "Remember Me" option is turned on. After they are gone, you will be able to get the credentials from the saved memory.

So, here's how to get someone's Facebook password;

Step 1. Open the Facebook page and view the saved credentials.

facebook log in

Step 2. Tap F12 and a panel will open on the right side of the screen. It is called the "Inspect Element Panel".

Step 3. Choose the password field. The option called "Password type=Password" will be visible; change it to "Password type=text".

inspect element panel

Step 4. Now, the secret password will be visible and you will be able to use it to unlock the account.

This is an effective method but all these users these days are very careful about this stuff. Most of the times when they are logging in, they turn off the "Remember Me" option manually.

Way 4: Use Keyloggers

Keyloggers are very effective in these situations. These particular programs are used to monitor the keystrokes on the target device and you will get the log file of which of the keys were pressed during the login of the Facebook account.

It is a bit tricky but can be effective if you do it right. The tricky part is the installation of the program on the target device. You will have remote access but the installation has to be done physically.

You will find several keylogger programs on the internet, there is a program called "Shadow". The program is designed for Android mobiles. It is quite effective and available on Google Play Store.

shadow keylogger

Way 5: Forget Password

Forget Password is a genuine option to get into someone else's Facebook account. You have to get access to the target person's phone or other digital devices and then using the email, click on the "Forgetten Password" option.

You will get the link or the OTP on that person's mobile and simply change the password to user convenience.

forget password

But beware; this is temporary access until that person notices the change. So the probability for this option to become successful is very short. And also there are certain conditions that need to be met for this method to become successful.

Way 6: Google Smart Lock

Google Smart Lock is a brand new feature introduced by the company. This feature saves passwords on the phones and laptop for the convenience of the users.

Basically, the credentials get auto-saved on Android mobiles and on Chrome if you are using a laptop. As the credential gets saved, automatically, you need to make the users use your mobile or laptop to login to their Facebook account. And the next time you open that account, the credentials box will get auto-filled.

google smart lock

Way 7: Cookie Stealing

Cookie Stealing may sound really funky but it is considered effective to access someone else's Facebook account without even getting close to their personal accounts.All you have to do is to steal the Session Cookies and you will get access to the Facebook account.

Unfortunately, the method is not as efficient as it sounds.

Way 8: Phishing to Hack Facebook Password

Phishing is a method to get the username, password, and other credentials by imposing as a trustworthy app or a website. This is fraud! The attempt to get the sensitive information of a person via electronic communication is not recommended.

You simply, have to create an account and send the link to that person via WhatsApp, Facebook or Email. The moment they log in to their account you will get the credentials.

phishing to hack facebook password

The name of some effective Phishing tools are:

  • Z-Shadow

  • Shadow Wave

  • Anomor

Here's how to hack someone's Facebook password;

Step 1. Simply, create an account on these websites and use face email ID.

Step 2. Generate a Facebook Phishing link, which is fake.

Step 3. Now, use it trick the users use that link.

The password will be available on the dashboard. But this is a double-edged sword. This method is very risky.

Way 9: Mitm

MITM or Man in the Middle is a specific way to access a person's credentials. You have to get close to the target and you have to use a trick to make them connect their device to a fake Wi-Fi account created by you.

There are tools available for creating such a network. After the connection is established, you will be able to get the credentials by scrutinizing the traffic.

You can use ZantiPentesting for Android mobile to do the said.

Here's how to hack Facebook account without password using Zanti app;

Step 1. Install Zanti app on your mobile.

Step 2. Then, run the app and allow it for everything. It requires Superuser access.

Step 3. Now, connect to the Wi-Fi and also choose the IP.

 choose the ip

Step 4. Now, conduct the Man in the Middle attack.

conduct the attack

After executing the procedure properly, you will be able to get the necessary data to access that person's Facebook account. But it is not very effective, there are several risks and these apps are not very trustworthy.

Way 10: Reset the Password using a Particular Link

The link you are going to use is the following:

This link was created to help the users recover their Facebook account. This intention may be right but this link can also be used to reset the password of another person if they are logged in, already.

But it is very crucial for you to do some form of social engineering and figure out key details about that person. If you are unable to provide the correct answer, the procedure may end up in failure.

facebook hacked link

Also Read: How to Hack Facebook Account without Password

Previously, we told you about there is a a method which includes safely hacking a Facebook account without using a password. Unlike the above metioned solutions, this is almost a hassle-free method that can be executed without any risk or complication. This procedure doesn't involve the use of any Facebook password cracker software. Instead, you just need to get a Facebook spy app and activite it for working, then it will collect all the related data for you.

After due research, we settled on using KidsGuard Pro. This is an excellent application with enormous capabilities that is designed specifically to monitor the target device and all its data. The app can monitor several types of data and the list includes Facebook too.

The app requires to be installed physically on the target device. After the installation, the device will start working immediately but in stealth mode. You will start getting data from the target device as it will be uploaded to the dedicated web-based control panel of the application.

So, this way you will not be required for the Facebook account and password to access to all the incoming and outgoing messages; you will be view the screenshots of Facebook that are automatically uploaded as long as the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. There are also other functions as well as you will be able to view Facebook notifications and media files as well.

Nonetheless, KidsGuard Pro is an amazing monitoring application and equipped with several advanced features. Here are the steps to use KidsGuard Pro;

Step 1. First of all, you need to register an account with KidsGuard Pro and select its pricing plan.

Monitor NowView Demo

Step 2. Now, you have to install the app on the target device. Rooting is not required for using this powerful app. . So, simply visit on the target device and download KidsGuard Pro Assistant app there.

download the app on the target device

Step 3. Now, you have to install the app by tapping on the APK file. Then log you're your account and follow the on-screen instructions to configure the app.

complete the configuration of kidsguard pro

Step 4. After all is done, log in to the web-control panel of the app and check all the phone activities from the target device. Here you can select Facebook from the left menu.

start monitoring facebook


Therefore, if you look for the ways to hack Facebook password, multiple ways will be available to you to complete the task in hand. Unfortunately, all these methods have a low success rate and they are very risky. So, we do recommend using KidsGuard Pro, a top-class spying app to hack the Facebook account on the target device. It will be easier and the targeted Facebook monitoring is guaranteed.

Monitor NowView Demo


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