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Cody Walsh

Updated: Aug 12, 2021 05:54 pm

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As the days pass by it is evident that the Internet is definitely becoming an unsafe place not only for the children but also for the youth and beyond. It has become very important that you are able to keep yourself and people around you safe. This is what brings us to the need of having a way to monitor our social media or in this case SnapChat. A lot of people have a thought that, is it possible to monitor someone's SnapChat? The answer is yes, you can monitor the actions on Snapchat using several free as well as paid applications.

There are few applications which are free whereas the remaining apps are paid versions. But you don't need to worry as the paid version apps provides free trial depending upon which app you have installed. Some of the apps are mentioned below, have a look and choose the one that you feel is good and also we will discuss how to monitor Snapchat for free.

Part 1: What Conditions Must be Met to Monitor Snapchat

The following conditions should at least be met in order to successfully monitor Snapchat.

1. Access to the target device: You need to make sure that you have access to the target device and know the passcode if there is any. This is required in order to install the monitoring application on the target device.

2. A steady Internet connection on the target device: Make sure the target device has a proper internet connection in order to install the app from the play store or Google. Besides, the network is necessary to upload the data/details on the monitoring application.

3. A powerful Snapchat monitoring app: You need to make sure that you have a good Snapchat monitoring application. It is important to take note that a better application helps in better results. Youshould choose an application that is suitable for your smartphone as well as suits your convenience and requirements.

Another aspect for which we should make a note is that, most of the Snapchat monitoring applications mainly work on Android smartphones, as it is hard to acquire data from an iPhone.

Part 2: 7 Best Free Snapchat Monitoring Apps

There are a lot of paid and free Snapchat monitoring apps to choose but sometimes it is hard to know which one is the best. To make your work easy, we have listed 7 best Snapchat monitoring app. Read all of them carefully to know which suits your preference.

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1. KidsGuard Pro  [Editor's Pick]

Price Per Month:  Only cost $8.32

Compatibility:  iOS & Android Devices

KidsGuard Pro is one of the best apps to monitor Snapchat on the market, for it comes with many amazing features in Snapchat tracking, such as, photos checking and remote screenshots. What's more, KidsGuard Pro can be installed easily in the target device and it is capable of running in complete stealth mode without the owner knowing.

kidsguard pro snapchat

Features in Snapchat Monitoring:

  • Track all the sent and received Snapchat messages.

  • View the daily Snapchat usage like how much time has been spent on it.

  • Check the images saved from Snapchat.

  • Capture a real-time screenshot when your child is using Snapchat.


  • No need to root for using this app.

  • Works in hidden mode and 100% undetectable.

  • Accurate real-time data syncing and great data protection.

  • Can also monitor other social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Kik and more.

  • Extremely easy in installation and setup.

  • Has competitive price compared to other similar apps.


  • Monitoring Snapchat feature is not available in the current iOS version.

  • Photos can only be uploaded in wifi connection.

2. FoneMonitor

Price Per Month:  $39.99 for the Ultimate version

Compatibility:  iOS & Android Devices

FoneMonitor is an app that has a wide range of users as it is not only use on Android phones but can also be used in iPhones/iOS devices The user can not only use it for monitoring Snapchat but also for viewing call logs as well as texts on the targeted device. One can even monitor the WhatsApp and Facebook using this application. Users also get the option to preview the photos, videos, calls and other data of the targeted device. It can be preferably used to monitor one's Snapchat through you own device.

fonemonitor tracking app

Features in Snapchat Monitoring:

  • View call logs as well as texts on the target device.

  • Preview the photos, videos, calls and other data.

  • Check browser history of the target.


  • Can work on both Android and iOS devices.

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

  • No need to jailbreak or root the target device.

  • Easy to install and setup.


  • You need to purchase the paid version for more facilities.

  • Real-time activity monitoring is not too accurate.

  • Need to disable Google Play Protect for stable performance.

3. mSpy

Price Per Month:  $29.99

Compatibility:  iOS & Android Devices

mSpy is one of the best monitoring application or as its name suggests it's the best free Snapchat spy tool. It not only helps you to monitor Snapchat but also offers other features along with a wide variety of tools to choose from.

mspy monitoring app

Features in Snapchat Monitoring:

  • Read all sent and received text messages from Snapchat.

  • Check sent photos on the target device on Snapchat.

  • View outgoing data remotely from the control panel.


  • Easy to use.

  • mSpy icon is not visible to the target.

  • Has a good customer care team.

  • Intuitive control panel provided.


  • The jailbreaking of the target iOS device is required.

  • Does not support those older versions of Android.

  • Keylogger is not available.

4. Spyera

Price Per Month:  No monthly plan and minimum  $189 for 3 months

Compatibility:  iOS & Android Devices

After mSpy comes the Spyera. It has a bit of similar features in regards to mSpy as you can even monitor the calls and messages and other information's needed. With the help of this application you can easily get to know about the messages received or sent by the target on Snapchat. It gives you a proper detailed report of calls, messages made through the targeted device or application.

spyera monitoring app

Features in Snapchat Monitoring:

  • Track messages received or sent by the target on Snapchat.

  • Monitor Snapchat chats including date and time stamps.

  • Check the images saved from Snapchat.

  • View basic information of every contact like profile pictures and names.


  • Easy to install and setup.

  • Works in stealth mode.

  • Free updates during the subscription.


  • No monthly plan available and the price is very expensive.

  • No customer care available.

  • Only one supported payment method.

5. MobiStealth

Price Per Month:  Minimum for $59.99

Compatibility:  iOS & Android Devices

MobiStealth comes in handy when you want to monitor your child's actions and activities. This application has created quite a number of users due to its caliber and effectiveness in monitoring not only Android but iOS devices too. Last but not the least it even helps in monitoring other social networks along with Snapchat such as Line, WhatsApp and Instagram.

mobistealth monitoring app

Features in Snapchat Monitoring:

  • Track all the pictures, videos, and text messages on the Snapchat.

  • Transport the recorded data to the online dashboard.


  • The app offers a free update feature.

  • Can also track the Gmail activities of the target's phone.

  • Works in stealth mode.


  • The customer service of this app is not available 24/7.

  • No free trial for testing the software.

  • Required to get access to the control panel with monthly payment.

  • The price is expensive.

6. WebWatcher

Price Per Month:  $39.95

Compatibility:  iOS & Android Devices

Another Snapchat tracker free monitoring application is WebWatcher. It can be used both on Android and iOS devices effectively. With the help of this application it only makes spying on Snapchat easier but one can even monitor other networking sites, whether it is WhatsApp or Facebook.

webwatcher monitoring app

Features in Snapchat Monitoring:

  • Monitor the text messages and other data present on the target's device.

  • Track the web browsing of the target device.

  • Check the images saved from Snapchat.


  • Easy installation.

  • Stealth mode is available.

  • Has in-built security options to ensure the safety off the data.


  • Snapchat monitoring doesn't work on iOS devices.

  • Need to disable some security features like some antivirus programs.

  • Not very intuitive use-interface.

  • A little bit expensive.

7. Hoverwatch

Price Per Month:  $19.95

Compatibility:  Android Devices

Hoverwatch is one of the popular SnapChat monitoring applications out there in the market. It not only helps you to monitor SnapChat but also helps you to monitor the contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook, location, camera and many more. The unpaid version too has a lot of features which can be used time and again for a lot of different means of monitoring the targeted phone without them knowing about it.

hoverwatch monitor software

Features in Snapchat Monitoring:

  • Monitor all the chat messages ever sent over Snapchat.

  • Offer web history monitoring.

  • View pictures in Snapchat on the target device.


  • Monitor up to 5 Snapchat accounts simultaneously.

  • Also can track other social media such as Instagram, Telegram.


  • Does not have demo.

  • The installation is complicated.

  • Very hard to find the user guide on website.

  • Sometimes the location tracking feature is not accurate enough.

  • iOS device is not supported.

8. iKeyMonitor

Price Per Month:  $49.99

Compatibility:  iOS & Android Devices

iKeyMonitor is all-rounder parental monitoring app that makes it easy to track the kids device. It lets the parents to monitor social media including Snapchat with an ease. iKeyMonitor has many more features to offer it users.

ikeymonitor software

Features in Snapchat Monitoring:

  • Captures the screenshot when using the Snapchat.

  • View the date and time stamp on the app.

  • Monitor the deleted photos and messages of Snapchat.


  • Free trial available.

  • Supports multiple languages.


  • Need to root or  jailbreak the device to activate some features.

  • No direct user guide.

  • No GPS location tracking and geo-fencing feature.

  • The free trail is only limited to a few features.

  • Need to upgrade to premium version to use all the features.

  • No remote control features.


In the above article we have tried our best to show you how to monitor Snapchat for free. Several apps have been mentioned along with their advantages and disadvantages but if you really want to track your kid's activity then it is recommended to use KidsGuard Pro. It will provide you all the features beyond Snapchat monitoring.


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