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When Should You Choose KidsGuard for iCloud?

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud is an easy-to-start iPhone monitoring solution. As the name suggests, you'll need to first obtain the relevant iCloud credentials. It is a perfect solution if you have the following needs:

To track an iPhone's real-time location

Location Location

If you want to know where your children are and the places they've been, KidsGuard Pro for iCloud can help you see current locations in no time. All visited places are recorded alongside the visited time, longitude and latitude.

Learn how to track iPhone location

To achieve remote monitoring online

Remotely Remotely

For someone who want to monitor iPhone remotely, KidsGuard Pro for iCloud is always the best choice. No need technic skills and no need to jailbreak. Only simple clicks help you know everything on iPhone remotely and secretly.

Learn how to monitor iPhone remotely

To access iCloud Drive files

Files Files

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud helps you access to other's iCloud Drive to check their files on your own phone step by step within minutes.

Learn how to access iCloud drive files

Satisfy All Your iPhone Monitoring Needs

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud offers a long list of useful features to satisfy your needs for iOS monitoring. With this app, you'll be able to see what's happening on any target iPhone or iPad remotely and secretly.

Contacts Contacts

Check each existing or new number from the monitored iPhone’s address book.

Photos Photos

View or download all photos taken, recently deleted and saved in the iPhone/iPad's albums.

Videos Videos

View or download all videos stored or recently deleted on the target Apple devices.

Locations Locations

Track the real-time GPS positions on the map and show location history in detail.

Calendars Calendars

Show every calendar activity including date, time and locations.

Reminders Reminders

Check the contents, events and plans added in Reminders discreetly.

Notes Notes

View any text and download any attachment recently deleted or stored in Notes of the target iPhone.

iCloud Drive iCloud Drive

Access everything stored in the iCloud Drive of the target iOS devices.

Data Export Data Export

Generate comprehensive data records depending on your needs.

KidsGuard Pro for iCloud Monitoring Pricing & Plans

Remotely track iPhone & iPad now. No app installation!

1-Month Plan

$29.95 / Mo

You will be billed at $29.95 / $49.95

Auto Renew. Cancel Anytime.
The license will be automatically renewed in a month. You can cancel it at any time on the product Settings page.
Renew Here >>

3-Month Plan

$16.65 / Mo

You will be billed at $49.95 / $69.95

Auto Renew. Cancel Anytime.
The license will be automatically renewed in 3 months. You can cancel it at any time on the product Settings page.
Renew Here >>

1-Year Plan

$8.32 / Mo

You will be billed at $99.95 / $139.95

Auto Renew. Cancel Anytime.
The license will be automatically renewed in a year. You can cancel it at any time on the product Settings page.
Renew Here >>

Start Monitoring An iPhone Remotely in 3 Easy Steps

There is no need to jailbreak the target device, and you can easily start monitoring your child's iPhone in 3 simple steps without installing any app on the target iOS device.

Step 1: Get the Plan You want

Choose and purchase a subscription plan. Activate a multitude of monitoring features for your child's safety.

Step 2. Verify iCloud Credentials

Enter the same iCloud account and password of the monitored iOS device.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Start monitoring the target iPhone or iPad remotely from web control panel.

Full Guide

A Bit More About KidsGuard Pro iCloud Monitoring

KidsGuard Pro iCloud monitoring solution provides a reliable and effective way of keeping track of any iPhone you want, and it's the best app for parents to monitor kids' iPhone.


Real Time Data Syncing

Sync new data from the monitored iPhone/iPad in real-time.


Never be Found Out

No any physical access to the target iPhone and no need to install the app.


Privacy & Data Protection

100% virus free, and the user data is also encrypted.


Competitive Price

Only $0.27 per day! KidsGuard Pro is worth every penny you spent.


Multiple Languages Support

Support multiple languages to cover different users.


Timely Customer Support

24/7 customer support team (via email & live chat) is always there to help.

Hear The Voices from Trusted Tech Sites


KidsGuard Pro is new and different, discreetly providing location and usage information without the person knowing they’re being monitored. It provides real-time data synchronization so there’s no delay in knowing if your child, spouse or employee is doing something wrong.

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iOS Hacker

After testing out the KidsGuard Pro I have to say it is a must have tool for parents and guardians looking to protect their kids online. In today’s world where exploitation and online bullying is rampant, every responsible parent needs tools like this to make sure their kids are safe online.

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KidsGuard Pro para iOS muy útil. En primer lugar, no es necesario hacer jailbreak. Tampoco necesitas instalar ninguna aplicación en el teléfono de tus hijos, ni siquiera tocarlo físicamente para. Otro aspecto importante es que la información que deseas consultar se actualiza en tiempo real.

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Con le giuste ed obbligate premesse e la necessaria cautela e delicatezza nel suo utilizzo, KidsGuard for iOS può invece diventare molto prezioso nell’evitare un utilizzo sbagliato del telefono e persino per prevenire situazioni che potrebbero creare danni di immensa portata alla vita dei propri figli. L’app giunge in aiuto anche quando sorgono sospetti sulla necessità di risolvere situazioni che il minore non può o non vuole affrontare.

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KidsGuard Pro 是一套相當出色的監控軟件,透過 iCloud 即可存取用戶所有資料,對於有子女的朋友,相信它是一套好軟件!KidsGuard Pro 能夠對 iOS 裝置進行遠端偵察,無須越獄,無視 iOS 版本,監控者甚至完全不用接觸要監察的裝置。

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KidsGuard Pro 是替家長所推出的安全性監控產品,能夠即時監控小孩目前位置和去過哪些地方,甚至還能夠知道設備中所儲存的照片、影片、行事曆、備忘錄、訊息、通訊軟體對話等等,都可以藉由遠端監控和查詢。

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Thing to Know before You Using The App


Device Compatibility

Available for all the iOS devices running iOS 9.0 - iOS 16.

Jailbroken and non-jailbroken device.


Requirements of Using The App

You need to know the iCloud ID and password of the iPhone to be monitored.

If Two-Factor Authentication is on, you will need access to the target device to get the verification code.


How to Access Online Dashboard

From any browser, including Safari, Chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.

From Windows, Mac and other mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android phones.

Still Want More iPhone Monitoring Features?

If you want to monitor social apps chat history, SMS, call logs, and more on iPhone/iPad, then KidsGuard Pro for iOS can fit your needs best. Using it, you will be able to enjoy more features. Find the comparison results below and decide which solution you prefer.

Points of Comparison iCloud Monitoring KidsGuard Pro for iOS
Supported File Types 8 Types Contacts, Photos, Videos, Real-time locations, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, and iCloud Drive 20 Types Messages, Call logs, Contacts, Locations, Photos, Videos, App photos, App videos, WhatsApp, Wechat, Line, Viber, Kik, QQ, Notes, Voice memos, Safari history, Safari bookmarks, Reminders,and Calendar
Need to jailbreak the target iPhone?
Have to physical access the target device?
Need to install an App or software to target's iPhone?
Will I be detected by the target user?
Can I check the data remotely online?
Need to have the target's iCloud credentials?
Can I track the iPhone location?
Can I track the social media chats from target iPhone?
Can I view the deleted data?
Pricing $29.95 /1-month $39.95 /1-month
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