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  • 這個產品很好用!
  • 安裝很簡單
  • 遠程控制功能很強
  • 深入瞭解另一半
  • 即時監控20+電腦資料

2023-12-26 13:53:24

With MoniVisor, you can take automatic screenshots of the target computer screen to monitor whether your employees are work or chatting with friends. What a superior app.

By Jessi


2023-12-26 13:53:24

I love the fact that I can view everything that is typed on the keyboard. I monitor my employees from anywhere and at any time. So convenient!

By Loucye


2023-12-26 13:53:24

Through this app I have managed to track down untrustworthy employees who send company data to private emails for personal gains.

By Peter Harris


2023-12-26 13:53:24

It has doubled up as my attendance register as I can monitor what time an employee starts to work on their computer and be able to tell if they reported in time.

By Norea


2023-12-26 13:53:24

This app can monitor social media conversions. I had a case where a staff was  harassing a junior through WatsApp messages, I took the matter up since the junior was too naive to report.

By Kores


2023-12-26 13:53:24

This app helps me a lot in monitoring staff productivity, I am able to see those engaging in non productive activities during office hours, like chatting on social media instead of winding on their project.

By Helen


2023-12-26 13:53:24

Such a perfect application at the right time, regardless of my location I can monitor the employees’ computers in the office.

By Maria


2023-12-26 13:53:24

Kudos, I can read both emails that my employees send or receive. I do these just from my web-based email platform.

By Jennie


2023-12-26 13:53:24

Good development, this software has enabled me to log in to a computer remotely from home and extract company data at any time.

By Gospher


2023-12-26 13:53:24

Thank you, I have turned in to a full-time spy and have knowledge of all the email conversations in the office.

By Balese


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