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  • 這個產品很好用!
  • 安裝很簡單
  • 遠程控制功能很強
  • 深入瞭解另一半
  • 即時監控對方WhatsApp活動

2023-12-26 13:53:24

The other day I managed to download and print several files in pdf, doc, and Excel formats. I was even surprised that the app recovered some files that had been deleted. KidsGuard is a smart app.

By Juli


2023-12-26 13:53:24

As long as my kid’s WhatsApp is in use, the app is able to take screenshots and display them on my dashboard. Nothing is no longer a secret from my kid’s phone.

By Katie


2023-12-26 13:53:24

The app required no login alerts to start monitoring my kid’s phone. Neither did I need any WhatsApp password. It is super easy!

By Nuh


2023-12-26 13:53:24

It's owesome I can know more about my kid

By Elizabeth


2023-12-26 13:53:24

It's very good and it works

By Zak


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