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  • 這個產品很好用!
  • 安裝很簡單
  • 遠程控制功能很強
  • 深入瞭解另一半
  • 即時監控30+手機資料

2023-12-26 13:53:24

Such an easy-to-use app to monitor my kid’s iPhone. No problems at all.

By Sid


2023-12-26 13:53:24

Among the features I like is that one of the flexible installation modes where you choose to hide the app when installing it on the target device. The target user can’t be suspicious of anything going on.

By Jimmy


2023-12-26 13:53:24

The other apps I previously used required a USB connection. I was thrilled when I tried KidsGuard. I just remotely monitor iPhone via Wi-Fi.

By Ashley


2023-12-26 13:53:24

I have been using other parental control apps but I was always worried as the icon is easily visible. However, when I opted for this app, I realized the icon is 100% undetectable on the home screen after you have installed it. So, it works discreetly, without any suspicion from the target individual

By panqi


2023-12-26 13:53:24

Nice, but the steps are difficult

By Mahmoud


2023-12-26 13:53:24

The iCloud monitoring function on KidsGuard Pro for iOS is a boon for parents. Everything my kid upload to iCloud can be monitor.  The best thing is the places will be updated with the visiting time, latitude, and longitude. Very subtle and clever!!

By Nathan Winifred


2023-12-26 13:53:24


By Ayush Ghosh


2023-12-26 13:53:24

The iCloud monitoring feature is a very effective way of keeping track of my child’s iCloud account. The app is 100% discrete. No physical access needed to the target iPhone and no installation of the app is required as well.

By Bernice


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