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  • 這個產品很好用!
  • 安裝很簡單
  • 遠程控制功能很強
  • 深入瞭解另一半
  • 即時監控20+ iPhone手機資料

2023-12-26 13:53:24

I love KidsGuard Pro parental control app because it helps me keep an eye of what my kid is doing on his phone. And it is undetectable.

By Jordan


2023-12-26 13:53:24

Thanks to KidsGuard Pro I am able to see my child's time and the sites they go to. I have used all the features with my daughter. So thankful for this app to putting my mind at ease.

By Jane


2023-12-26 13:53:24

very good. I bought a subscription, installed the app, and then entered my panel. After a few minutes, I was informed about the messages, contact , WhatsApp chat & virtual apps, location, and everything

By ly jones


2023-12-26 13:53:24

I no longer have to bother with what my girlfriend does behind my back. Since I installed this app, I can easily record the phone calls of my girlfriend and the receivers. I recently realized she has started cheating on me. Thanks for this app!

By Anubha


2023-12-26 13:53:24

At first, I thought I couldn’t afford this app based on the level of its features. But I was amazed at its affordable rate. This app will surely give you value for your money. It is very pocket-friendly!

By Lindsey


2023-12-26 13:53:24

My daughter has fallen victim to cyberbullying on several occasions. I wanted an app that could help me give her protection even when I am away at work. I came across this app and my daughter’s life changed for the better. I can now keep an eye on her, check the sites she visits, and advise her accordingly. She can’t now keep any information from me. The app helps me monitor files from WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more.

By Praneeth


2023-12-26 13:53:24

I have been using other parental control apps but I was always worried as the icon is easily visible. However, when I opted for this app, I realized the icon is 100% undetectable on the home screen after you have installed it. So, it works discreetly, without any suspicion from the target individual.

By Rydell Hill


2023-12-26 13:53:24

English is my second language and when I downloaded the app at first, I didn’t understand much of the English. But when I approached the support team, they informed me that the app supports multiple languages and that I can try it on my ‘first language’. That’s what I did and Viola!  I am super excited because I can now understand every detail.

By Achal Mahajan


2023-12-26 13:53:24

Thumbs up to the customer support team. I was experiencing a problem with the download process and when I contacted the team, they came to my aid via live chat without hesitation.

By Deb Revere


2023-12-26 13:53:24

The installation process is on another level. It took me less than 5 minutes to install and set up this app on my daughter’s Android phone. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to operate it, the process is super easy.

By Renetha


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