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A Great Tool for Couples to Stay in Love and Deepen Relationship

Sharing & viewing location to ensure safety of both sides

Would you worry about partner's safety when you don't stay together?

What Can We Do:

  • Share location with your partner.
  • Locate location in real-time.
  • View location history.

Remeber the little things that matter

Do you remember the promises that you made for your partner? Do you still remember how long have you been together?

What Can We Do:

  • On Vowly, you can sign a love contract to help you remember your commitment.
  • Vowly helps you keep track of the days you and your partner have been together.

Make relationship better than it was yesterday

Love can grow in the little everyday moments. Show your love to your partner with fun interaction on Vowly.

What Can We Do:

  • On Vowly, you can have fun interaction with your partner to strengthen relationship.
  • For example, tap on partner's profile picture to send your .

How Vowly Works


Step 1. Download Vowly

Download and install Vowly on your and your partner's phone.

Step 2. Register an Account

Sign up accounts, and finish the profiles.

Step 3. Pair with Partner

Send a "Pairing Code" to your partner, and confirm the connection.

Step 4. Start Love Journey

Sign the love contract and then start love journey with your partner.

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What are the Users Saying

"If you are looking a fun couple app, it would say Vowly is your answer. I would recommend this app to anyone!"

"It is a great experience on Vowly, my wife and I are very satisified with the funcition of sharing locations. So we can make sure both of us are safe."

"My girlfriend and I don’t get to see each other in person much. I'm always looking for new ways to make our relationship better. Thanks to Vowly, the fun interactions bring happy to our relationship."

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