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4 Effective Ways to Track a Lost Phone

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"Recently my smartphone was missing. I have checked everywhere it could be, but to no avail. Can someone tell me how can I find my lost iPhone?"

Nowadays, every person lives a hectic life, whether they are working professionals, kids or elderly, especially those living in cities. That's why; it is no wonder that sometimes people would lose some of their things, including mobile phones. There have been lots of cases people quoting the same problem on various forum websites asking how to find a lost phone. This is because if they can't find their lost phone, not only will they lose money on buying a new one, but all the data on the device will also be gone. If you are one of them and want to know how to find lost phone, then follow this article. Here, we will tell 4 different ways on how to track a lost phone.

Way 1: Using Lost Phone Tracking Services

All of the latest smartphones whether Android or iPhone come with device tracking services like Find My Mobile, Find My iPhone etc. Though, you cannot find your lost phone using these services always, unless you have first configured it on the lost device beforehand and it has internet connectivity. Below, we will tell you how to track a lost phone using these lost phone tracker services.

Apple: Find My iPhone

Apple was the first to introduce a lost phone tracking services in their iOS devices called Find My iPhone. It helps you find lost iPhone seamlessly, as long as you have configured the service on the lost iOS device. To know how to locate lost phone using Find My iPhone, follow the below steps -

Step 1: Log in to your iCloud account and go to Find My iPhone. After that, click on All Devices to view all the devices linked with your iCloud account.

login to icloud add devices

Step 2: Select the lost device from the list of devices and its current or last location will be displayed with some other features.

select lost iphone

Android: Find My Device

Android devices have their own phone tracking services called Find My Device, developed by Google. It helps users find their lost Android devices remotely. To know how to find lost mobile using Find My Device -

Step 1: Go to Find My Device website and log in with your Google Account.

Step 2: You will see all devices linked with your Google Account. Select the lost device and its location will be displayed which you can zoom in on the map to get the exact location.

track lost android device

Samsung: Find My Mobile

Samsung has embedded their device with their own device tracking service called Find My Mobile. It is similar in functioning to Apple Find My iPhone and Google's Find My Device, just it only available for Samsung customers. To know how to track lost mobile using Find My Mobile, follow the below steps -

Step 1: Go to and then sign in with your Samsung account.

Step 2: Then, select your Samsung device and track its exact location.

track lost Samsung device

Limitations of this method:

1. The feature needs to be enabled on the device in advance; otherwise, you can't track its location when it gets lost.

2. The lost device needs to be turned on and should have internet or network connectivity for you to track its location.

3. It may set the activation lock on the device.

Way 2: Use Lost Phone Tracker Apps

You can also use lost phone tracker apps to track the real-time location of your lost device. There are many apps available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store that allows you to find your lost or stolen device using location tracking. There are other tools like KidsGuard Pro that also allows you to track the real-time location of a device.

1. KidsGuard Pro

kidsguard pro

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Usually, KidsGuard Pro is a parental control tool that allows parents to track their kid's device activity including text messages, call logs, contacts, web browser history, and much more. It also has a location tracking feature that is mainly used by parents to track their kid's location and find where they are at a given time. But, if your kids lost their device, then you could use the location tracking feature to find the lost device. Besides KidsGuard Pro, there are other apps available as well that allows you to find the lost phone -

2. Prey Anti-Theft

It is a third-party app that allows users to find the location of their lost Android or iOS device. Like inbuilt-device tracking services like Find My iPhone/Device, you need to enable Prey Anti-Theft app on the device in advance to track its location. It is a 100% free app and you can track up to 3 devices with a single account.

prey antitheft app

3. Cerberus Anti-theft

Cerberus is another lost phone tracker app that offers a wide range of features like sound alarm, lock device, record audio through a microphone and other features to track lost or stolen Android devices. Though, unlike Prey, it isn't free. You get a one-week free trial period, after which you have to buy a license to use the app further.

cerberus app

4. Lookout

Lookout is another lost phone tracker app for Android and iOS device that is a hybrid of lost phone finder and security app. Once you set up this app on your device, you can use GPS location tracking to locate your lost device, push message to the device, sound alarm, initiate call remotely, and manage device remotely. It is available free at Google Play and App Store.

lookout app

5. 360 Security

360 Security is a mix of phone finder app, a security app, anti-virus and an App Manager for Android devices. It not only protects your device from virus, malware, adware, as well as provides anti-theft features like Erase device, locate, Alarm, Lock etc. You can trigger the anti-theft features remotely via 360 Security web interface.

360 security

Limitations of this method:

1. The app must be installed and configured before you lost the phone.

2. It can't work if the device is turned off.

3. It uses the internet to upload on location info, so, there may be a delay in receiving location data based on network traffic.

Way 3: Ask the Mobile Network Provider for Help

If you still can't find your lost device, then you could also take the assistance from your network carrier to track your device's location. Cell phone carriers can track the location of a device by tracking its IMEI number and cell phone number. But, not all people can use this method to track their lost phone. These cell phone carriers will only work if required by the police or other higher authorities for aiding in their investigations.

carrier locate cell phone

Limitations of this method:

1. This method is mostly used by police or investigation bureaus and it's hard for ordinary citizens to track their lost phone with the help of cell phone carriers.

Way 4: Call the Police and Report Your Lost Phone

You can also file a report to your local police to find your lost phone. If you lost your mobile, then you should report it to police as soon as possible because if your device is stolen and the thief uses your mobile for criminal purposes, then you would fall into great trouble. Moreover, if your device is really stolen, then the police can find it as long as the thief doesn't change its SIM.

call 911

Limitations of this method:

1. This method has low efficiency.

2. The chances of police finding your lost phone are very low and in most cases, police won't even work to find your phone.

Write in the End

Losing your phone can be a very big problem to an average citizen because you will have to spend more money on buying a new phone and you will lose data stored on the lost phone including contacts, messages, apps etc. That's why, in this article, we have given you 4 different ways on how to track a lost phone. In the end, we will also like to recommend KidsGuard Pro, as it not only allows you to monitor your kid's device activities, but it also has very decent location tracking features that can also be used to find a lost phone. Thus, you get a parental control app and a lost phone tracker in a single app.


  • Track the real time location and view location history

  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS

  • Monitor app activities and know which app is frequently used.

  • Remotely access the files on kid's phone, like contacts, notes, photos, keylogger, etc.


By Cody Walsh

Posted on Apr 16, 2019 ( Updated: Apr 16, 2019 )

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