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3 Different Ways to Track Cell Phone Location for Free

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Nowadays, there is widespread application of GPS in our day to day lives. If you just think for a second, you will find two or three applications in seconds to none. GPS has made it easier to track a cellphone, find exact road locations, find out a lost phone, or protect your kids etc. In business and legal applications, they are also used to make sure the employees are where they should be or to track cell phones of criminals by police etc. Here are a few such legal ways in which you can track cell phone location along with the other activities on it. Check it out!

Way 1: Track a Cell Phone Location by Number

Tracking a cell phone by using the number is generally employed by police and government officials. The technique employed by them is GSM localization. A mobile phone can be tracked by just using the number only when the cell phone is on. The triangulation principle is used here to communicate with the carrier signal and this is how the location of the cell phone is given out. However, there are two main problems related to this way of tracking a mobile device:

1. A normal civilian would not have access to using the position of the carrier signals; hence it is mostly used by the government officials.

2. Some of the carrier signals do provide the service of cell phone tracking, but this would involve certain extra charges and along with this you would also need to provide a valid legal reason to do this.

location tracking

Since, this method to track a cell phone location by number cannot be used by everyone to track a cell phone device. Let us check out the other easy ways which tell us how to track a cell phone.

Way 2: Track Cell Phone Location by 3rd Party Apps

There are several third party applications which are available online to find phone location legally. Most of the popular ones are parental control applications which can be effectively used to keep your child safe by monitoring their day to day activities. One such application is KidsGuard Pro. It is an excellent parental control application which even allows you to track and locate your child through the GPS.

This real-time location tracking of KidsGuard Pro is basically provided by two methods:

Track down the cell phone with inbuilt GPS and give the real-time location.

Analyze the Wi-Fi logger that the target device is connected to and show the location info.

You can use KidsGuard Pro application to safeguard your children and know how to track a cell phone location by following the steps below.

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Step 1: Go the main website and sign up for a free KidsGuard Pro account. Choose a valid email address for the same.

Step 2: Now, open any browser from the target phone and download the KidsGuard Pro assistant from

download assistant

Step 3: Before installation, you need to navigate to Settings and toggle on the Unknown Sources option from Fingerprints & Security. If there is Google Play installed in the kid's phone, you also need to turn off Scan device for security threats and turn on Block in Google related settings.

turn on unknown resources

Step 4: After that, install the downloaded app and sign in to your account.

install apk file

Step 5: Once the installation process is over, you can go to the web control panel and view the location info of your kid's device.

get cell phone location report

By using KidsGuard Pro you can effectively track all your child's activities. Some of the useful features of this application also include viewing call logs, videos, photos, browser history, notes, contacts, messages, WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, WeChat and more.

Way 3: Find Phone Location Using Lost Mode

Sometimes you may lose your cell phone or it may get stolen. During such a scenario you can use the inbuilt location tracking features on your phone to track the location of the device. These services are free of cost and easily accessible. For example, iOS device users can access Apple's "Find My iPhone", Samsung mobile users can access "Samsung Find My Mobile" and anybody with a Google account linked to their cell phone can access Google's "Find My Device". As long as you have the exact account details, you can easily login to the required feature of the cell phone and track its location.

One of the most commonly used applications for location tracking is Google's "Find My Device". You can use the "Find My Device" feature of Google in the following way to know how to track mobile phone location. The only requirement is that you should have synced you cell phone with your Google account.

Step 1: Navigate to on any other device and login using your Google account details.

Step 2: Click on "Accept" when a prompt window appears asking permission to allow the app to use the location data.

Step 3: You can now see the location of your phone on the screen along with three options. Other details like where your phone was last spotted along with the battery level details will be displayed on the screen.

google find my device


There may be many scenarios in which you would need to track the location of your cellular device. You may need to keep a check on the activities of your child to keep them safe and protected, or to find and track your mobile device if it has been lost. Among the 3 solutions mentioned above, the best choice for location tracking would be KidsGuard Pro as it provides both real-time location tracking and location history viewing. Besides, it has many other attractive features. The 3-day free trial is now available for everyone.

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Posted on Jan 25, 2019 ( Updated: Feb 21, 2020 )

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