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The 6 Best Geofencing Apps Available Right Now for Android/iPhone

author_icon Cody Walsh time_icon Last updated Jul 12, 2019 04:08 pm tips_icon Geofence

Geofencing has been a very useful location tracking feature for many. It can basically notify you if someone crosses a virtual border on the map made by you in the first place. So, if you want to know about what your loved ones are doing while they are outside, Geofencing can be of great help. In this article, we are here with a detailed guide on Geofencing and some of the best Geofencing apps that you can go for.

Part 1: What Is Geofence and How Does It Work?

what is geofence

So, what is Geofencing? In simple terms, Geofencing is an all-in-one virtual fence that is set up around a specific physical location. It can also be explained as a particular area where the Geofence is set up virtually to get instant notification whenever the user enters or leave that area. It is a location-based app that uses GPS or in some cases RFID technology to create a virtual boundary.

To make it work you must establish a Geofence, it can simply be a circle of 100 feet around a location. After setting up a Geofence whenever a user moves around with their phones and devices, their position is calculated with the help of Wi-Fi and cellular data, EPS and Bluetooth trackers. It will check if the user entered or left any of the Geofences and in that case, it triggers a push notification.

Geofences does not require installation of any hardware or sensors but Bluetooth trackers can be used to improve the accuracy of the Geofences especially for indoors. Mobile phones detect their location using native positioning: Wi-Fi, cellular towers, and GPS. You should keep in mind that the location will also play an important role if you are placing a Geofence in a densely populated urban centre, where the accuracy level will be much higher than when it is placed around a road area with very few Wi-Fi signals.

The most important feature of Geofencing is that it can be used as a security app on your kid's device. Thus, you can always keep track of their movement.

Part 2: Top 6 Best Geofencing Apps for Android and iPhone

Here are some of the best geofencing apps for Android and iPhone that you can go for.

1. KidsGuard Pro

Among all the well knownGeofencing apps, KidsGuard Pro is recently bagging the hall of fame. It's one of the best Geofence apps till date. KidsGuard Pro is a simple way for parental control and cell phone monitoring. It helps access all the information on the target device and you always know what is happening. No need to worry for your children as you can track their current whereabouts on the map and view location history in details thus you can now enjoy your peace of mind.

kidsguard pro geofence feature

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Just like other apps, KidsGuard Pro requires one-time physical access to the target phone. The best part is that you do not need to root the device for using KidsGuard Pro. And it is invisible on the home screen after installation on the target's phone. Devices with Android 9.0 Pie to Android 4.0, be it phone or tablet are compatible to run this app. KidsGuard Pro is among the well-known Android geofence apps that has been ruling the market since its launch. It has the following Geofencing capabilities.

  • You can select an area on the digital map and the radius can be set up to 1km.

  • The working time of the Geofence can be customised or adjusted. E.g. allowing Geofence to work from 9am to 9pm daily.

  • You can receive timely Geofencing alerts by email.

  • You can check all the enter and exit events from a place with a particular time and date stamps, wherever Geofence is active.

  • The tracking features in KidsGuard Pro are also powerful as it provides the real-time location, location history, social media monitoring, calls and SMS tracking etc.


  • Easy installation, easy to use and the interface is very user-friendly.

  • Invisible on the home screen after the app is launched

  • Best in class Geofence features.

  • Price is on the cheaper side.

  • Real-time location tracking by GPS and Wi-Fi logger.


  • No iOS support as of now.

2. Pumpic

Pumpic is a reputed app for parental monitoring. It is indeed a great app to keep track of your young ones as it offers Geofencing and other comprehensive location tracking features like location history, real-time location tracking etc. It can be installed in five minutes and requires no rooting. One can track down from remote locations with the help of Pumpic. The app is compatible with Android, iOS and Microsoft PC and Mac OS.

pumpic geofence feature


  • Very detailed reports about your child's online activity.

  • Accurate Geofencing and other location tracking features.

  • You don't need to root or jailbreak your child's phone to monitor it with this app.


  • This program is tricky to install and a bit slow overall.

3. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky has been serving the industry for about 20 years and helps in monitoring and tracking phones. It can protect your dear one from any type of online risks and provides child's location, and many other related features. It also lets you define a safe area for kids to stay in and alerts you instantly if they step out of it. It also sends alert notifications if your kid tries to access any type of bad websites & related apps and many more. It can be installed on your PC, Mac, Android tablet or Android smartphone.

kaspersky safe kid


  • Sends alert notifications.

  • Easy to use and intuitive.

  • Cross-platform.

  • Define a safe area for your loved ones.


  • Features are limited in iOS

4. Spyzie

The application of Spyzie is equipped with various kinds of tracking features make your experience easier and convenient. One of the best features of Spyzie is the remind notification every time the target device crosses the virtual fence while Geofencing is active. It is compatible with devices running on Android and iOS operating system.



  • Real-time GPS tracking

  • Very powerful phone monitoring features

  • Cross-platform compatibility


  • Highly priced

5. GizmoControl Family

GizmoControl is a company that mainly provides exclusive security solutions for Android. Apart from Android parental control, it is also equipped with antivirus support for Android. It also comes with a Geofencing feature which is quite accurate and easy to use. If you are a parent, you can use such Geofencing software to protect your family especially kids from various harmful threats. This application consists of various features such as child internet/device supervision, family locator and Geofencing, family device management, security against unseen threats, etc.

gizmocontrol family


  • Accurate location tracking features.

  • Geofence can be easily set up without previous knowledge.

  • Useful parental control and it protects the entire family by using certain geofencing software.


  • Some lagging encountered while tracking location.

6. Sygic Family Locator

Sygic helps to view the location of your family members live on the map and you can also stay in touch with them with the help of the instant messaging function. In case your kid's get lost, there is an SOS button which can inform you about his exact location. You can also set safe zones and unsafe zones on the map for your family and get notification whenever your kid enters or leaves that area.

sygic family locator app


  • Let's your family be in touch

  • Easy to use and offers accurate location tracking.

  • See the real-time location of your family


  • Does not offer real-time tracking.


The Geofencing technology has gained momentum and it is one of the most useful location tracking features in the parental monitoring world. Among all the apps available in the market, KidsGuard Pro has made its name visible among the other Geofencing tools and competitors due to its extensive feature set. We highly recommend this app because of its easy to use interface and effective working formula. Go for it!


  • Set up Geofence on the digital map and get instant alerts

  • Track the real time location and view location history

  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS

  • Monitor app activities and know which app is frequently used

  • Remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, call logs,keylogger, etc.

  • Monitor social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WeChat and more


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