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10 Top Child Locator Watches for 2019

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Parenting comes with a wide range of challenges but probably the toughest one is to ensure the safety of your kid when they are out of your sight. They are very young and unable to comprehend the dangers of the world. But now you can worry a little less as child locator devices are available. These extraordinary devices come in the form of designer watches, implanted with GPS chips. These chip enabled bracelets are able to track your child when you are not with them, physically. We are here with our handpicked top 10 choices of GPS watches for the parents, have a look.

1. The LG GizmoPal 2

LG GizmoPal 2 is the successor to the original GPS tracking watch developed by the company for young kids. It is not really a budget-friendly gadget but at the same time it is not over-priced as well. It comes with a companion app which can be opened and checked by parents any time to find out their kid's location. You can even set the watch in "Safe"; it is boundary feature around your house and school, play-ground etc. If you your kid goes out of that boundary, the watch will alert you.

lggizmopal 2

The Drawbacks

  • This watch does not come with an automatic location update feature.

  • You can get notification if your kid gets out of the set boundary but there are no SOS alerts available.

  • The watch supports Verizon Network only.

The Cost

Different versions of the watch are available on Amazon, the price starts from $69.95.

2. Wonbo GPS Tracker Watch

Wonbo is an extremely stylish tracker watch for kids. Your kids will love that cool look and you will love its features. This kid's location tracker is also a functioning watch; so, your kid will be able to keep track of time and the emergency call function will help to beat any unforeseen situation.

wonbo watch

The Drawbacks

This tracker watch comes with very fascinating features; unfortunately, in 2019 it only supports 2G network.

The Cost

Wonbo GPS Tracker Watch is available at Amazon, at $21.99.

3. Verizon GizmoWatch

Those little ones are your life and you wouldn't want to compromise with their safety; so, Verizon GizmoWatch is one of the best tracking watches for you. You will be able to stay in contact with your kid even when they are not around. This child location tracker has a very simple design and also user-friendly, so even your kids will be able to use it. Pre-set GPS boundary function is also available.


The Drawbacks

This watch comes with the Verizon network and you will be able to use all the features provided by the network but it comes with a two-year contract. So, you will not only pay for the watch but also the monthly fee for using their network. It gets very expensive.

The Cost

The price starts from $179.99 with 2 year contract.

4. AmbyGearSmartWatch

There are a lot of smart watches available in the market but it has to come with good features, but this one comes with an attractive design; so, your kid will love to wear them. AmbyGear does more than just tracking your kid; it keeps them busy with interactive games and activities which are meant for their learning.


The Drawbacks

Well, you can say the only issue with this watch is that, there are too many fun things that come with this watch; it could make them lose focus.

The Cost

The watch costs $119.95 but you also have to pay for the cellular service with is $14.95 each month. There is also a onetime service activation fee which is $12.95.

5. dokiWatch

The dokiWatch makes it possible to make a video conversation between the kid and their parents. There is no such thing to reassure a kid than seeing the face of his/her parent. There is a built-in camera that makes this feat possible, the tracking feature is also effective as well.


The Drawbacks

There is "Add a Friend" feature comes with the device, if your kid is friends with another dokiWatch user then they can be friends with them. You will be able to monitor the friends list but it can be pretty distracting.

The Cost

The dokiWatch is available in several colours and the price starts at $179.00.

6. The Filip 2

The Filip 2 is an effective GPS locator for kids. It is a recently updated smart watch with new and exciting range of features. This watch comes with a dialling service; so, you can call your kid directly and there is also a text feature available as well. One of the most amazing features of the watch is its "Emergency Mode" feature. If it gets activated the watch call the primary contacts from the list and keeps calling until it receives an answer.

fillip 2

The Drawbacks

  • The watch is expensive.

  • The location readings are off sometimes.

The Cost

This watch will cost you $199.99.

7. Xiaomi mi Bunny Watch 3

Xiaomi mi Bunny Watch 3 is a well-built GPS child locator that comes in 3 colours. The watch comes with both the Wi-Fi and 4G GPS and A-GPS in order to receive the exact location of your child. There is a 2Mp camera that comes with the watch and the battery life is 30 hours.

xiaomi mi bunny watch 3

The Drawbacks

Unfortunately, this watch is not available in every country.

The Cost

The price is close it $88.

8. The Gator

The Gator is the UK version of a Chinese smartwatch for kids. If you are looking for communication then you will find this watch one of the best. It comes with a 12 month contract for a multi-network plan and you get to use the network you prefer the most. Basically, you will always be in contact with your kid. The GPS locating is also good and it comes with geo-fencing. It is available in 3 colours blue, natch and pink.

gator watch

The Drawbacks

  • The battery is poor, it runs out very fast.

  • The watch is a bit too big for little kids.

The Cost

This watch will cost you $131.34.

9. TickTalk 2.0 Touch Screen

TickTalk 2.0 Touch is an outstanding smartwatch. This smartwatch not only provides the real-time location of your kid but also comes with an anti-lost function. It provides accurate results and also provides 2-way communication via phone.

tick  talk 2.0

The Drawbacks

The battery life is poor.

The Cost

TickTalk 2.0 Touch Screen Smartwatch is available at $129.99.

10. The HereO

The HereO is also deserved to be in this list. It is a great kid locator but not a very obvious one. When you take a first look at it, it will look like a normal watch to you. The watch provides accurate location of your kid until it runs out of battery. There are a wide range of varieties available.


The Drawbacks

The form factor is very limited.

The Cost

It is available at Amazon for $199

KidsGuard Pro - Best App to Track Child's Location, Calls, SMS, etc

Well, you are probably thinking that the tracker watches were the best thing to keep track of your kid but not all of them will be really interested to wear a pink or blue watch on their wrists and there also needs to be some sort of tracking when it comes to their mobile activities so as to keep them safe from unwanted situations.

But don't worry, there is a solution! As they are using smartphones; so, you can use tracking apps instead of watches, these are more convenient. One of the best parental control apps is KidsGuard Pro, without a doubt and it comes packed with features.

kidsguard pro tracker

Try It NowView Demo

  • Of course it has a location tracking capability, which works really well. Provides the real-time GPS location of your kid's device.

  • The parental control is superb; screen-shots and monitoring mobile activities are also available.

  • You can even monitor calls. texts and web-usage.

  • You can also check browser history, photos, videos, calendar, and notes with the built-in keylogger.

  • Monitoring of independent texts apps like WhatsApp, Viber or Kik is also available.

  • The app works inconspicuously, it won't get detected.

Overall, this is an excellent parental control app. You can check out its 3-day trial period for free where you will be able to use all of its over the top features.


This is one of the best collections of smartwatches available for your kids which can double up as a child locator device. You can choose any one, all of them are excellent in their own right. There are a few flaws but as long it is providing the location of your kid continuously and accurately you could overlook a few drawbacks.


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