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2020 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Expectant Moms

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You are expecting and having a stressful time with the pregnancy but the doctor's appointment is still a week away? A pregnancy tracker app can help you!

When for the first you find out that you are pregnant there are tons of emotions that go through your mind, like excitement, nervousness etc. But it gets even scarier if it is your first time, you don't really know what comes next and you will have lots of questions. So, in these uncertain conditions, pregnancy tracker apps are very helpful.

These apps come with various features that guide the user through this difficult process. The tracking tools monitor the mother's body like the weight gains and growth of the foetus etc. Some of the apps also provide several articles regarding the situation which are very helpful and eases the worry. The following list consists of 8 of the best free pregnancy apps available on the internet. These apps are exceptional in their respective fields. So, without wasting anytime, let's follow the listed pregnancy apps below, they are discussed in detail.

1. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Over 15 million moms have selected this particular pregnancy tracker app which makes it one of the most trusted brands in the world. This app guides the moms day by day or week by week on what to do when they are expecting. But first you have to enter the due date and only then you will be able to track your baby's growth properly. So, based on the provided date you will get updates, tips, and even articles. All of these things are personalized only for you and your baby.

app for tracking pregnancy

Key Benefits:

  • It is one of the best-personalized trackers that show the baby's growth on daily basis.

  • More than 15,000 medically accurate articles are included in the database that covers every aspect of pregnancy.

  • Special and daily tips are also provided to keep the baby's health in check.

  • Pregnancy videos are also available along with the week by week development information.

2. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Due Date Calculator

This app provides detailed pregnancy calendar for every week during your pregnancy and provides information on what you are facing and the development of the baby. Basically, every woman who is expecting wants to know about the growth of the baby, its well-being. They also want to know what happens to their body during this time, until she gives birth. These pregnancy apps, including this one,provide accurate and detailed information on the said topic, which helps the new mothers.

pregnancy tracker app

Key Benefits:

  • You will get information on your pregnancy on a daily basis.

  • You can track your pregnancy and even calculate the week of your pregnancy.

  • Weight managing, belly growth and how to manage BMI is also available.

  • You can also learn what changes will come to your body further down the road.

3. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown

While looking for the best pregnancy tracker app, Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown app comes close. It is the modern form of care for you and your baby. The app is obviously backed by data derived from extensive research on the subject, and every detail is very accurate. These positive feedbacks from the users pushed this app to the top. The app is available for free; it even recommends pediatricians suitable to the new parents.

pregnancy tracker and baby countdown

Key Benefits:

  • Track everything from the baby's health to its growth with informative charts.

  • There is also a medical log that tracks every visit to the doctor when you are pregnant.

  • Everything is customizable from your due date to your nature of pregnancy.

  • There is a mirror pregnancy tracker available for your partner and support is always available.

4. Pregnancy Week by Week

As one of the best pregnancy app, Pregnancy Week by Week provides new tips and supports for the new mothers. The tips are related to the health of the growing baby, feelings, experiences and even a questioner session is also available. The daily activity tracker is great and it also explains the changes you are going through.

week by week pregnancy app

Key Benefits:

  • This is a free pregnancy app that tracks your progress every week.

  • You can get detailed information about your baby and even calculate the present week of your pregnancy.

  • You can also track your weight gain and monitor baby kicks.

5. The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

This is a very stable and reliable pregnancy tracker app that comes with various pregnancy and baby editorial columns that covers every aspect of your pregnancy. It also has a catalogue for the best available baby products which will be very useful after the baby is born.

baby bump pregnancy app

Key Benefits:

  • This app tells you how big your baby is.

  • Provides daily contents regarding your baby bumps and even specified for the week of your pregnancy.

  • The app contains a lot of baby and belly photos.

6. Pregnancy +

Another excellent app! Pregnancy+ comes with a dashboard that is filled with very personal and delicate information on pregnancy. Even scanned images are included. The app can also be personalized for other family members.

a pregnancy tracker app

Key Benefits:

  • Daily updates on pregnancy with color and scanned photos.

  • There are also other features like Pregnancy Weight log, Doctor's visit etc.

  • A contraction timer and a list of essential products for babies are available.

  • A week by week information pregnancy is among the contents.

7. Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker is for iOS users! It is not completely free and comes with in-app purchases. Though the features are very similar to other pregnancy tracker apps, this one provides a 3D generated image of the womb and the whole app is very interactive. It will feel like having a cup of coffee with a close friend. It comes with various tips and tricks to tackle everything related to pregnancy.

hello belly

Key Benefits:

  • You will get updated every day along with several practical tips and tricks regarding pregnancy.

  • You can monitor the size of the womb with the help of a 3D generated image.

  • It also has a 3D or AR mode that will generate an image of the baby.

  • There are also other essential pregnancy tools available like tutorial guides, experts, yoga classes and informative videos etc.

  • All the information received is completely customized for your type of pregnancy.

8.Ovia Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown

This app provides the users with a very personalized tracking approach on the growth and the health of the baby. It is available free of cost and it comes with several updates and important articles regarding the health and growth of the baby.

ovia pregnancy  monitoring app

Key Benefits:

  • From the baby size comparison to due date calculator, every feature is available.

  • It is an exceptionally good tracker, tracks the health, growth of the baby and the weight of the mother.

  • Weekly videos and safety lookup videos are also available.

  • You can also get customized themes and other pregnancy tools.

All of the discussed apps are very efficient pregnancy tracker apps and each of them come with lots of additional features like weight monitoring, time scheduling, articles regarding pregnancy etc. Basically, all these apps provide more or less the same things but the final decision depends on you and simply which one suits you the most. So, all you need to know about pregnancy will be available to you via these modern apps.

Best Cell Phone Monitoring App for Every Smart Mom

It's important to know that your pregnancy tracking app is incomplete without the KidsGuard tracking apps. Although this app may not seem like the other pregnancy apps available in the market or discussed earlier but it's the best tracking app for expectant mum to stay connected with your partner or loved ones.

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Having the best pregnancy tracking apps and KidsGuard tracking apps installed on your device is the best and super helpful way for all couple expecting a baby to stay connected, track their baby's growth, manage their pregnancy and stay organized throughout the period.

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