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What is the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids in 2020

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With the rise in the electronic gadgets and the number of exciting apps available on them, kids these days are becoming more and more addicted and prefer spending time playing games on their phones rather than going out to play. This way their physical activity has almost come to a pit stop due to which there are an increased number of health issues in children including obesity, back problems, addiction, and several other such ailments. By introducing a fitness tracker into their lives, you as a parent would be able to push your kids to cultivate healthy habits which would keep them away from the deadly diseases. Here is our selection of some of the best kids fitness trackers which can do wonders to keep your kids active, agile and healthy.

1. Garmin Vivofit Jr 2

Garmin is a well known name in the fitness world and produces some of the finest fitness trackers. This is the best fitness tracker for kids which comes with a colorful screen and the design of these bands are inspired by the several famous Disney characters making it highly appealing for the young kids. This fitness tracker comes with a variety of other advanced features as well which work very effectively in maintaining a healthy fitness regime for your kids.

vivofit jr 2


  • Educational mobile adventures

  • Step challenges for the entire family

  • Features adventure trail and fun facts which get unlocked when your kid reaches the activity goal of 60 minutes

  • Mover bar which reminds the kids to stay active

  • Monitors sleeps

  • Parents can assign chores to their kids which can be daily or weekly

  • In-app rewards on completing chores

  • Waterproof

Ages: 4+ years

2. KidFit

This fitness tracker comes in colorful variants of straps which can be removed and changed as and when required. This is one of the low cost options of the fitness trackers which can be used for tracking the fitness level of your child. The design of the silicone band is in the form of strap button which ensures that it sits snugly on your kid's wrist.

kidfit activity tracker


  • Battery life of 7 days

  • Splash resistant

  • LED indicator to signify sleep mode, active time mode and the sync mode

  • Sets daily activity targets for kids

  • Tracks steps as well as distance

  • The feedback on child's progress can be easily viewed by the parents.

Ages: 5 to 13 years

3. Fitbit Ace ½

Ace is a version of the popular fitness tracker Fitbit which is exclusively designed for the young kids. It is the perfect kid's fitness tracker watch to provide the much needed encouragement for kids to move and stay active. It comes in a range of vibrant colors which instantly attracts the kids. This comes in single size which fits all wrist sizes of kids.

fitbit ace


  • Track steps

  • Counts active minutes

  • Measures sleep

  • 5 days of battery life

  • OLED tap display to see progress in real time

  • Lets parents manage the connections of their kids

  • Water resistance

  • 1-hour active goal

  • Virtual badges

Ages: 8+ years

4. iBitz Kids Activity Tracker

This is another low cost fitness tracker which acts a pedometer to measure steps of your kids. This tracker features a visually appealing space wherein the character depicting your kid would move and explore the entire space. As and when they progress in their daily step goals, the character would move to explore more.

ibitz kids activity tracker


  • Parents can set goals

  • Can add real world rewards

  • Time and adventures can be customized

  • Set up passwords for different zones

  • Water resistant

  • Durable clip

  • Lightweight

  • Shows calories burnt and steps taken

Ages: 4+ years

5. LeapFrog LeapBand

This is one of the top fitness trackers for kids and it acts by turning the physical activity and the eating habits into a game which encourages the children to get more active and develop long term healthy habits. The colorful screen along with the visually appealing designs makes this a favourite gadget among the kids. It uses a similar motion tracking technology as that of the adult fit bands which measures the activity of your kid throughout the day.

leapfrog leapband


  • Counts steps

  • Measures distance covered

  • Tracks sleep

  • Can set fun physical activities for your kids

  • Virtual points on finishing a task

  • Features energy bar which lets the kids track their progress

  • Every activity unlocks new rewards

  • Can choose from a variety of pets

Ages: 4 to 7 years

6. VTech Kidizoom DX2

If you want a smartwatch for your kid which not only acts as a fitness tracker but as a smart phone as well, this gadget is perfect for you. This kids fitness tracker with GPS features a stylish and sleek design with customizable display which can include analog or digital watch. It features two cameras which can be used by the kids to capture whatever they want.

vitech kidizoom


  • Customizable display

  • Assortment of interesting games

  • Motion sensor

  • Can upload the photos and videos through a USB port

Ages: 4 to 12

7. Adidas Zone

Zone is an excellent fitness tracker which is developed by Adidas in collaboration with Interactive Health Technologies. This fitness tracker is very durable and is designed for use by children in their physical education. This fitness tracker works with the idea of just your kid moving at constant intervals and not sitting idle throughout the day.

adidas zone


  • Digital display

  • Real time feedback

  • Tracks heart rate

  • Sends the data to IHT system through which the activity of different kids can be measured

Ages: 5+ years

8. Nabi Compete

This is one of the first bands which emphasis on competition between the kids. It works like a normal tradition fitness tracker and makes use of a battery which lasts for three months. It comes as a pack of two identical bands and the activity recorded on each band can be tracked through a smartphone.

nabi compete


  • Features several collaborative tasks and contests

  • Measures food burn

  • Challenges kids to participate in different activities

  • Can choose from a range of real life challenges

  • Can set food goals

  • Features reward system

  • Kids can grow a number of virtual pets through Go Points

Ages: 6+ years

9. Kid Power Band

The international organisation of UNICEF has teamed up with Kid Power to give out an amazing fitness tracker which works by encouraging the kids to move and be more active and at the same time feed the undernourished kids in the world. It works just like a pedometer and records the activity of your kid throughout the day.

kid power band


  • Records steps

  • Helps finish missions to get funding for the undernourished kids

Ages: Any age

10. Sqord Activity Tracker

This fitness tracker is more than a traditional pedometer and acts by motivating and encouraging the kids to compete in challenges and earn more points. The effectiveness of this fitness tracker is incomparable to its competitors. Kids can challenge their friends as well as their parents in completing several everyday tasks to earn more points and establish their position in the leaderboard.

sqord activity tracker


  • Tracks every type of movement

  • Virtual rewards

  • Weekly leaderboard challenges

  • Parents can set goals

  • Parents can create their own unique rewards

  • Battery lasts upto 9 months and is very inexpensive to replace

Ages: 8 to 14 years

KidsGuard Pro - Track Kid's Online Activities and Habits

With the above mentioned fitness trackers you can provide that much-needed motivation for your kids to remain active. The only thing which holds the kids back from being active and indulging in other activities are their phones. So to tackle the problem as a whole, along with these fitness trackers, you can make use of a third party tool to manage and monitor your child's activity on their phones.

KidsGuard Pro is a highly recommended parental control app which provides the parents with essential tools and features to effectively manage the activity of their kids on their phones. This app has several advanced features which make activity tracking possible. With this app, you can view all the incoming and outgoing messages and calls on the target phone and can also access the images, videos, audios and other types of files stored in there. With the feature of real time location tracking you can put your mind at peace by knowing where your child is at all times. The several social media platforms which are quite addictive can also be managed including WhatsApp, Kik, QQ, Viber etc.

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kidsguard pro<

This app is highly recommended for all the Android users and it is advisable that the parents check out the unique features of this app with the 3-day free trial version and see for themselves how great this app works as a parental control measure.


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